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  1. I like StatCounter, and for different reasons I also like Google Analytics. They are gradually re-opening signups. My traffic has been a little high this week, but nothing that raises any red flags.
  2. Surface color affects the mouse's ability to track, and if it tracks poorly you'll end up waving it around more and burning more battery power. So there's that, I guess. The only way I could see this making a substantial difference to battery life is if the mouse adjusted the intensity of its illuminating LED based on the surface color, which AFAIK none do.
  3. 1. Remove your email address from your post now, before a spambot crawls the page and picks it up. 2. GMail blocks exe attachments unless you rename them.
  4. A quick way to get several Google programs on people's computers. And to build goodwill by providing a nice, handy one-shot download of several useful third-party tools. Google wants to be where you turn to for nearly everything- that's why they provide so many specialized search tools (Google Calculator, anyone?). It's a very interesting concept.
  5. VIA Envy-based cards are good value for the money.
  6. ATX, Baby AT, microATX, mini-ITX, Flex ATX, and so forth are form factor standards covering motherboards, cases, and power supplies. MicroATX is basically the same as ATX, but the motherboard is cut shorter. Most of the time, this means dropping some PCI slots. MicroATX motherboards that comply fully to standards (which I believe but am not sure HP motherboards do) will fit in any old ATX case. There's quite an excess of related information here.
  7. Come again? Or better (much), a case and a separate power supply. Like this one.
  8. According to Ren and Stimpy, that's what killed off the dinosaurs.
  9. "Better" is extremely subjective. I can get both for free, and I use Office. Open Office has never offered any compelling reason for me to switch away from the suite that everyone on my campus uses.
  10. I would suggest shopping at Newegg. Their video card section lets you filter by GPU, AGP or PCI-Express, and so forth. It's a much nicer interface than Tiger Direct's. Their prices are also usually better, especially once you factor in shipping. The exception would be if you're outside the US, in which case your options would be fairly limited. AFAIK, the 6800GS is PCI-Express only.
  11. Difficult to navigate, no selection, and some prices are almost twice Newegg's. No thanks.
  12. That supply should be just fine. Fortron is a very good brand. If you are currently using integrated video, that would explain the discrepancy in your RAM.
  13. B110 will be crap for gaming. PCI slots greatly limit video card options. E310 only has PCI and a x1 PCI-Express slot (so no PCI-Express video cards will be compatible). Same problem as above. E510 is workable, but you're going to have to add a video card after purchase. Everything Dell offers with it is trash. The eMachines looks pretty decent. You're still going to need a video card after purchase. Here is a CNet review.
  14. The license is for one system. But I don't think it has any activation. If she's in college, she can probably get Office (which beats the pants off of Works) cheap or free through the school. The Office Students and Teachers Edition is $150 or less. As already mentioned, OpenOffice is always free. Allowing one computer per license is not "greedy". It's very normal.
  15. Any standard ATX power supply should be compatible. Do not under any circumstances buy the $20 clunkers. If it costs less than $40 and claims to be more than 300 W, it's almost always a lie. It's more important to buy a high-quality supply than a high-wattage supply. Good and cheap is a rare combination.
  16. Congratulations, you've found the one wireless keyboard I'm aware of that automatically stops sending a signal if you hold down a key for too long. It's a "feature", not a "known issue". I'm afraid I don't know of any particular fix other than buying a different keyboard. But FWIW, your keyboard is "supposed" to do what it's doing.
  17. DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) is a form factor for memory sticks. DDR (Dual Data Rate) is a class of memory. All DDR memory is in DIMM or SO-DIMM (which is smaller) format, but memory in DIMM format may not be DDR. A motherboard just labeled with "DIMM" may be using older memory. What is the older motherboard? If you don't know the make/model, look for the FCC ID that should be printed somewhere on it in white.
  18. Autopatcher will let you handle this in a time-efficient way.
  19. Timings don't make a huge difference, unless you're overclocking. And if you combine your existing memory with the new set, you're limited by the slowest memory. I've also heard it said that filling all 4 banks on an Athlon 64 system forces CAS latency to 3, though I don't know if this is true. Upgrading just for better timings, unless you overclock, would be a waste of money.
  20. Battlefield 2 seems to benefit from memory increases up to 2 GB, on otherwise fairly potent systems. Some applications (Photoshop) chew through RAM like mad. Otherwise, no.
  21. When I got an email from them, it was just a link here and a little filler text.