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  1. I guess you haven't seen the stuff about some of their capacitors exploding then.
  2. It should have no trouble running at whatever they rate it at. If it does, get them to replace yours.
  3. You will need to partition the drive after it's physically installed.
  4. No, that is component video out. Completely different.
  5. 1. Yes, but the low resolution of most TVs makes for some challenges. 2. Only if the computer has a TV tuner or other device that can take video input.
  6. The first line off the chip should actually read AXDA2200DKV3C. Athlon XP Thoroughbred 2200+. More here.
  7. Chris Pirillo runs LockerGnome. He also keeps a blog and writes a monthly column for Computer Power User. Morgan Webb co-hosts X-Play.
  8. View -> Choose Details, and put a check by everything you want to be able to sort by. You can also right click and choose Properties, then go to the Customize tab and make sure it says "documents".
  9. American labor is increasingly expensive, though unions are only a part of that. But the core reason that companies are outsourcing is that other countries with large, cheap labor supplies (China) are now developing the infrastructure and relations to make it possible to outsource there. On average, cheap non-union American labor is nowhere near as cheap as cheap non-union Chinese labor. It's a side effect of having a dramatically stronger economy and higher standard of living. I wouldn't trade it.
  10. Fails in IE6 for me, works in Opera. Amazon is playing games with us.
  11. Then you probably set something up wrong. It happens.
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    Banking Help

    You have to go to the bank to make a withdrawal. It's not locked up where you can't touch it. Savings accounts typically offer better interest rates than checking, but are less convenient to take money out of. If you have any local credit unions, they sometimes offer better rates.
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    The people that use the site are the ones that make decisions there, most of the time. Most of the voters were ordinary editors. Yes. Sock puppets in general refers to one user creating multiple accounts, to skew a vote or discussion. Meat puppets are somewhat different: the term usually refers to different people brought in by one user to skew a vote on an issue. The logic being, that if the site were popular enough to warrant an article there would have been a decent number of established users that came out in support. Sucks to have your article deleted, but that's Wikipedia.
  15. Google Scholar happened. I find I get best results having a short list of specialized sites to search first (IMDB, Acronym Finder, etc.) and then Google for the remainder. I use Google mainly for search features like "site:", dictionary definitions, the calculator, and its ability to provide some things directly with the results (example, example). Their ranking algorithm usually doesn't disappoint. MSN's ranking system seems to be one of the more dysfunctional out there. For a few days, I was the number one hit for "summer of 69" (the Bryan Adams song), presumably because they give a lot of weight to .edu domains.
  16. It's warmish but not terribly so. Low 50s would be pretty ordinary for the Thoroughbred version, and slightly high for the Barton version. Unless it goes up dramatically under load.
  17. Since you don't really need the modem, why not remove it and see if that takes care of it?
  18. Printers, mainly laser printers, have very large inrush currents when they first fire up. If the UPS's inverter is asked to power that, it may not survive the experience.
  19. They are in cases that have UV-reactive components inside
  20. Cheap, but cheap for a reason