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  1. I agree with the Terroist about placing the plastic on top of the foam. While the foam might be made from insulated material, it is porous(sp). I use some surgical rubber matting I got from somewhere. Perhaps a plastic or rubber placemat would work


    The foam is usually made of a reasonably conductive material. It prevents the build-up of localized charge on the board.

    Stand-offs are a better solution. Connecting them all to ground is not required (or clear acrylic cases would be fairly useless), but is preferable. Better grounding is better.

    For vertical mounting, yes, pulling the motherboard tray from a case seems like an easy and effective solution.

  2. Do you have a volt meter? Are you sure that you don't have a 6 volt circuit? Any labels on the electronic box?

    You and your crazy logical solutions....

    Voltage is floating at about 3.2, Amps around 4.2. I guess the question is when I find an adapter do I need to worry about the Amps? As I understand it Amps measure merely capacity and when I switch to an AC adapter wouldn't the capacity essentially be infinite?

    The AC adapter will need to be built to handle however much current the device draws, otherwise it will either:

    1. Cut off (if it's well built)

    2. Catch fire (it it's not)

    Every adapter you're likely to see has a current limit stamped on it somewhere.

    Where are you getting 4.2 Amps?

  3. You need to FORMAT the hard drive to make the hard drive read on XP, but not PARTITION it. Partition means to break it up into logical divisons. For example, my 250GB drive has 20GB, 50GB, 50GB, and 100GB partitions.

    In short, just hook the drive up, run disk management and format as NTFS (or FAT32 if you have a need to read the data outside of XP). Don't bother breaking the disk up into partitions

    You partition it into one partition.

  4. Why must I partion? Also which HDD should I partion. I have one wiht all my data and xp installed the other has been formated already. That needs to be partioned??

    The drive with XP on it has already been partitioned (that's a required step for putting XP on it). You would need to partition the new drive for any operating system to make use of it (assuming it really is a completely new drive).

    You don't have to partition, and it wouldn't make sense since those drives are so small.

    Drive size has absolutely nothing to do with the need to partition.

    Aluvus said I would need to partion.

    Will the HDD be faster as a slave or if I get an external HDD case hooking it via USB?

    The drive will be much faster as a slave, and will probably stay cooler and therefore last longer, as well.