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  1. Aluvus

    Cuba To Embrace Oss

    Cue "open source is communism" argument.
  2. Aluvus

    Sell A Xp Disc Without Coa?

    So I don't end up paying microsoft a huge fine. You are more likely to irk them by charging for the disc than for simply giving it away. They don't care about the discs, they care about licenses.
  3. Aluvus


  4. Aluvus

    Pentium M Conductive Tape

    Did he break off the entire part, or chip it? What color is the part? How many contacts did it have connected to the motherboard?
  5. Aluvus

    Sell A Xp Disc Without Coa?

    Since you're not providing them a license anyway, why not just give them a copy of an XP OEM disc.
  6. Aluvus

    Ddr Ram In Ddr2 Slot?

    No. Won't fit physically, and wouldn't work anyway if it did fit.
  7. Aluvus

    Windows Vista Ultimate

    ATI disagrees. You heard wrong. Heck, Aero is based on DX9.
  8. Aluvus

    Thm File?

    http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=THM Relevant entry is probably the one that describes it as a video thumbnail.
  9. There is no 64-bit Windows XP Home. There is a 64-bit Windows XP Professional. Performance in some applications is improved a bit. Performance in others is degraded, and a few simply won't run. Driver support is still not good. There is no compelling reason for most users to move to it.
  10. Aluvus

    Short Or Shock My Mobo

    No, most foams used for ESD prevention are conductive. They still have a relatively high resistance, but they are conductive.
  11. Aluvus

    Short Or Shock My Mobo

    The foam is usually made of a reasonably conductive material. It prevents the build-up of localized charge on the board. Stand-offs are a better solution. Connecting them all to ground is not required (or clear acrylic cases would be fairly useless), but is preferable. Better grounding is better. For vertical mounting, yes, pulling the motherboard tray from a case seems like an easy and effective solution.
  12. SLI will complicate the issue quite a bit. Are you really sure you want to run SLI? What price range are you looking for?
  13. Aluvus

    Dvd Burners Compatibility

    Make sure the drive configured as Master is at the end of the cable, and the drive configured as Slave is in the middle of the cable.
  14. Aluvus

    Is Dsl Possible With No Phone Service?

    Technologically, yes. As long as other conditions (like you having phone line laid to your house already) are met. However, a lot of telecoms are not willing to sell such "naked" DSL packages. You need to check with the company.
  15. Aluvus

    Your Itunes Alternative