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  1. Hello, I have a lg 10.1 tablet, and I was wondering if I could customize the icons on the desktop. And if so what would be the best software to accomplish this.
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    Yes, the blackout last until, I unplug the power, and wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in. I have the DIRECTV"genie" so it takes a few minutes to reboot itself and then the TV works fine, the picture is great. I don't believe the electric went out when initially I started having this problem. It may be a good idea to call them, and ask if I can try another box, if the problem not with the TV, then it must be with the "Genie"
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    Hello, So, about two or three times a week, when I turn on my TV, it will not show a picture I can only hear the sound. I called "DirecTV" and they told me to switch to the dvd player, to see if it would play a dvd. The TV played the dvd fine, and had a great picture, so they seem to think it was the HDMI Cable. They told me to unplug it wait 10 seconds, and when I plugged it back up it worked fine. Last w/end I bought a new cable, and today the TV went black a again and I had to unplug it again. I was wondering if any of you guy's have any ideas, DirecTV doesn't think it's the TV because it played the dvd just fine.
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    I have been having problems with new cd-rw. I was wondering if I need to format them first before using them for the first time?. -Thanks