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  1. i think i did it. LET THE pr0n d/l BEGIN! lol just kidding thanks ppl!!
  2. i'm not sure about the jumper, i think i did it right as long as the comp didn't boot to that drive right? and when i format it will erase the stuff on it?, do i want fat32 or ntfs? and do i do the quick one? 1 more thing, what is volume lable? the name of the drive? BTW, it's an old quatum fireball :\
  3. Alright, i have a used 30 gb HD, i don't want anything that it has on it now, so i want to erase all of the data on it. I want to use it as some extra storage, i only have 30 gb myself, so i can use the extra 30. First, where does the jumper go so it's a slave?( i'm not sure if that's the right word lol.) I don't know how to wipe it clean, help? and after it's wiped clean, can i just use it then? or do i have to do something to it?
  4. i just found out these boards were back up, i posted it earlier on G4 link i just want to know what YOU guys think,
  5. sorry typo, i meant hard drive not gard. when i boot the computer it gives me two options, boot "windows 2000", or boot "microsoft windows", when i choose windows 2000, it will boot "windows 2000 advanced server", and it WILL boot, when i choose "microsoft windows" it will ask me how to boot it, i'll choose normal and i'll get a windows ME loading screen, but the computer will shutdown right away, before it does something appears on the screen in orange font but the computer shuts down too fast to read it. i'll do what you said, thanks what is linux like? i've heard of it but never tried it out, is it hard? or how much diffrent is it from windows? and most importantly, is it freeee? =D
  6. #EDITED# ok i got the trashed(found in the trash) computer to work, after running adaware removers and an anti-virus, i'm on it right now, i got it to boot ,after several tries, and i got it connected to the internet. it's a gateway with Microsoft 2000 now all i need to do is fix and delete anything i don't need, mabye even run a hijack this log? problems: When i boot it up windows will run a disk check on it(doesn't this mean the gard drive is gonna die soon :\ ? ) after that i have to press ctrl+alt+delete to get the sign on box, it says administrator in the username all i do is press enter and it works, how do i get rid of that so it just boots to windows? an error message about some service or driver not working Serveice Control Manager At least one service or drive failed during system startup. Use event viewer to examine event for details. runtime errors when i use the internet-it asks me to debug... missing dll's- when i boot the computer it'll tell me certain dll's are missing those dreaded pop ups from the messenger service: the active desktop- i'll get an alert in the background asking me to restore my active desktop. that's what i know as of now... any help with some of these problems? BTW, i did finally figure out the jumper thing so i could use the drive as a slave... EDIT: i updated windows
  7. i'm not trying to use it on my machine, i'm trying to get it to work on a friend's machine, it is the same as the one that was trashed.
  8. Ok, so a while back ago i made a thread about how i was going to fix my friend's comp, i never got to it but he did let me have this computer he found(trash) i put the harddrive from the machine into mine as a slave(after a few tries) and finally XP started and then is did some kind of scan disk on the drive. the first time i tried to put the HD in my machine, nothing happened, it was just stuck on the DELL logo screen, after that it would tell me to strike F1 to retry and such i figured out how to make the drive a slave then XP did it's magic so i opened drive E: and it seemed ok, i found some music files and stuff, and it has windows ME on it. so what i want to do now is maybe clean it up as much as i can, so all i want left is what is really neccesary like just ME and what it needs to run, but i don't have a windows ME disc of anykind what i'm doing now is just running ad-aware, spybot, a2, and avg has found quite a few trojan horses :\ then i wanted to run hijack this on it, but i don't know how to make it scan that drive, i have it on my C: drive, can i run it from there like i am the ad-aware? in a nutshell, i want to clean the E: drive so it is use-able with windows ME =) any tips?
  9. lol, he has a gateway. i'll update with my finds as soon as i get my hands on it. thanks for the replies.
  10. ok, so my friend, he has windows ME, that's all i know about his computer so far, he asked me if i could fix it because i refuse to let him call geeksquad, i am going to borrow his PC and try to fix it, along with your help. his problem is that everything is really slow, his computer has never really been up to par, he himself doesn't know much about computers besides how to use the internet, he calls his computer a modem, lol. what should i do first, i know i should try to run virus checkers and spyware removers, but i don't know anything about windows ME, any tips on what i should do to revive his computer?
  11. thanks for the posts. i closed a program that did max out my cpu out to 100%, since then the clock has been fine. so if a program using the cpu a lot will then in turn mess with the computer clock? thanks.
  12. lately my computer clock has been going fast, today, i updated the time twice and the clock was more than 10 minutes fast each time. can this be fixed? and yes i restart my computer often, almost every morning. --> windows xp sp2