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  1. Thanks for your time everyone.. I have a new laptop and I hope it works great for me... I really appreciate your comments and trying to help me.. I will tell folks I know about this site.. Thank you S.O.M
  2. Hello Sir... Well I did as you suggested and no go.. You must be correct, it must the motherboard. I bought a new battery and it didn't help.. I put it in and started up.. IT moaned and groaned about date and time being set wrong.. I set it, looked and seen the hard disk and the dvd drive was detected, they were.. After setting the clock I rebooted and it did the same thing, media check failure etc, looked in the bios and the hard drive and dvd burner was not in there.. Unfortunately I don't have a warranty (it is about 2 years old) I guess 1000 dollars out of my pension wasn't enough, they want even more.. I can understand mechanically rotating things to break down but a 2 year old motherboard after spending 1000 on the stinkin thing... I'm very angry and I guess it is no ones fault, this probably happens to 1 and a million laptops and of course, it has to happen to someone with a limited pension.. And so another day fades away... Take Care Sir and I kindly thank you for helping me resolve this issue. I will certainly tell everyone I know about this site... Thanks again S.O.M
  3. Well, what a morning.. Woke up, thought to myself...How much of my hair am I going to pull out today....haha Ok, I am going to go to the store now to buy a battery and check it out... Thanks so much for your reply sir.... I will get back to you as soon as I go to the store,... (in a few minutes) The model number is MS 1671
  4. Just wanted to say I'm off to bed, very late where I am right now.. Going to put my life saver (oxygen mask) on and call it a night.. Forgive my ignorance if I don;t get back to you until tomorrow morning... Good Night Y'all
  5. Hello wonderful Forums of Best Techie, I say wonderful because I was reading throw the forums and y'all seem so dang nice around here... I will introduce myself as a old man with thoughts of youthfulness in my mind... Here is my problem.. I have a MSI laptop, it is running windows 7, 4GB of ram, dual core AMD processor... I was getting hard disk errors and it was frequently shutting down. I took the drive out and tested it with a external encloser. Well it worked.. I took it out and put it back into the laptop and started up the laptop, it did not load windows or anything, said media failure. Well I looked into the bios and it wasn't showing.. I went and bought a brand new 320GB drive (the old one was 250) I put it in and tried to install windows 7..well when I got to the part to choose where to install no disk drives were showing... I went into the bios and it wasn't showing either.. so I put the old one back in and the same thing... Ok.. Here is the fishy part.... I did some reading up and decided to do a bios controller reset,.. I unhooked the laptop, took the battery out and let it sit for 10 minutes.. hooked it back up and walla, the drive was showing in the bios and when it asked what to boot from...I restarted with the windows disk in and tried to install. Well I got to the screen to choose where to install again and was no drive showing.. I checked the bios and no drive,.... Did the unhooking battery, let set for 10 minutes and all that again, looked in the bios and the drive showed.. restarted and looked in there again and no drive.. im so confused as to what is happening... I would like to think I am about a 5 out of 10 on the knowledge department tinkering around with these things all day but I must admit. This has me baffled.. Thanks for your time to look through my mess and trying to figure out what is wrong... Take your time, I'm sure there are other before me, I will patiently wait for some ones knowledge on this and hope for some help.. Thanks again and Take Care