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  1. I would like to add an apology if I came off arrogant in my previous post. If you know people with a high IQ they usually tend to come off a little harsh in their wording. I know i sounded some what rude but all I wanted to do is make my point. You were expressing what you thought was my issue but I did take it a little wrong. I still have no issues now with anything like I was having. I truly and utterly hate having to wipe/install more than most do (mainly the massive amount of time required to "let" windows update) Not to mention the huge amount of updates windows did (over 100) and the last batch was 87 "updates". This is not the 1st virus that I have had either, just the virus designers should be glad I am not face to face with them or they would know what true terror is (which I am sure any one who has had a virus would like to be) I also had to change my "displayed mac address" on my router to get a new IP . Due to constant SYN packs flooding. Apparently I have someone or a zombie infected pc or network trying to get in again.. I could go after the attacking IPs but I highly doubt it is the hacker's personal pc doing it (as much as I would like it to be). After my post yesterday and down loading @ 5k on a 10 mb connection I knew something else was going on so I checked the router logs and saw a huge amount of incoming syn packets to my previous IP. Today my router only shows incoming packets from the sites I visit, I am also running a new Firefox add on called "TACO" that stops cookies but TBH it is annoying A **** so I do not know how much longer it will be installed. I also sent my router logs to my internet provider but I doubt that will even help the attacking IPs, since I used to work for them and know "how they run" their network..
  2. You are right Pete, it sounds as if the case side is to close the the fan to me. Before upgrading to water cooling I had an aftermarket cooler for my cpu that was too close to the case side. It was a slower speed fan so I did not experience noise as the OP is hearing but I noticed about a 9C degree difference with out the case side on. 2 options i see with this issue 1 mod the case side by adding a additional hole above the fan, or get a new case that will allow more airflow. Or go with a cooler that has a side flow fan not a top flow fan. Also Pete it is better to have more exhaust fans than intake. With more exhaust fans you get better cool air intake to the case (unless it is not a well ventilated case). If you get a positive pressure in the case it means more heat build up vs negative pressure which draws in more cool air in a well ventilated case.
  3. After a total wipe and reinstall everything is running slick as oil on glass. No missing keystrokes, no crashes or freezes etc. (my old dvd drive is still dead as a door-knob but it is a hardware issue not software related) I am not a NOOB to overclocking, I have overclocked every cpu I have ran that allowed it since my P2 800 mhz that I ran @ 1 ghz with no issues. Since I am OCed in bios I am still running the same cpu, north-bridge and memory speeds. I have a custom built water cooling solution so heat issues are not a problem and under load I do not even exceed 30C with 100%x4 usage (with a stressing program for testing stability) on anything but my video cooling block that runs @ stock speed since it gets buggy overclocking a already factory overclocked card even liquid cooling it). I also have a add on cooler for the liquid that even reduces the cooling fluid temp below ambient temperatures that I custom built using thermoelectric cooling made out of a block of 100% pure copper(gotta love knowing someone who lets you use their CnC machine for free & knowing how to use design software). Before the virus issue I had no issue for well over a year running as I do. SO I do not think it was a false positive or overclocking that caused the issue. AVG detected an infection and said it was healed (but it was not for the W32/Xor-encoded.A by the infected .pdf that auto opened). Afterwards is when issues started to happen, it started out with odd things happening here and there then missing keystrokes and the "dongs" when typing. Only after removing the virus is when the freezes and crashes started to occur. The W32/Xor-encoded.A is a virus that is designed to attack a windows based OS (per panda, nortons, and other sources). I had no issues before and was hoping to avoid a wipe and reinstall is why I posted here. Yet it did seem to damage the OS so i was forced to do the dreaded wipe/install (but atleast I got more space on my OS drive since I did not install XP and merged the partitions). If it had been a overclocking issue I am sure it would have showed up less than a year before this started happening and would continue to be an issue if it were damaged hardware and would continue to be an issue. Since everything is running like it was before the infection, it looks like the virus (and damage to the OS) was the issue. My previous post took a while to write since the missing keystrokes caused an issue, but this post has had none whatsoever. If it had been a purely hardware related issue (due to overclocking) my back up drive that has a totally different name than my "games and storage" drive would have read as my "backup all" drive like it currently is doing (and was reading correctly in bios before the wipe/reinstall just not windows). I have a removable HD bay since all I truly care about is is my data, the hardware is easily replaceable, just the data is not. I live in tornado alley and a HD is easier to grab in an emergency than the whole tower is. P.S. After reconnecting my "backup all" drive and running a full scan using panda it came up with over 50 infected files from the virus (which showed clean before the wipe). So i think that was the true issue.
  4. Well apparently this virus damages windows irrecoverably. (per panda and other sources it is a damaging virus) It is so bad that my Tb HD I use as a back up drive (that has been sitting on my desk disconnected since before this virus issue) is reading as the drive I use to store games and downloads on which is named something else, and the SATA cable is disconnected from,and the backup is reading as the disconnected drive. Not to mention the program failures I have been having where I open a program and it never opens a window, even though it is open in task manager. After removing it my pc ran fine for a while but the past 2 days it has been acting weird and programs have been acting up and my missing keystrokes issue has returned with a vengeance. Also the cpu is being eaten up (AMD 955 black edition that is OCed to 4 ghz) is slower than my my old single core AMD 2.8 ghz pc in the other room, and any program is slow, if I play a game the game pauses and freezes or totally locks up. Right now I am waiting on everything I want to save to copy over to my backup drive then I am going to totally wipe the infected drive and reinstall windows (which doesn't want to let the windows disk load to the format/install options). Afterwards now that I have a working DvD burner I am going to create a recovery disk (arconis or equivalent) so this process takes alot less time. Once the copy is done I will get windows updated and install AV software before this drive is even reconnected (I will disconnect the sata cable from the backup drive) Yesterday I loaded up windows XP (on a separate partition) and ran panda but it found nothing even a file I had that was not a virus but was a file that was a test file that was supposed to be detected as a virus. Which I found odd and today Windows 7 has been going haywire totally, it took firefox 15 minutes to load. Wish Linux would run my games or I would say goodbye to windows and run linux (/cry) I hate having to wipe out everything and have to reinstall but at this point it seems to be a unavoidable thing to do.
  5. Ran some anti-rootkits they only turned up the sysrestore points which have been flushed
  6. Panda showed it as W32/Xor-encoded.A (which i think I got from an infected ad that auto opened an infected pdf file, and why I now run adblock for firefox) As for the DVD already tried the normal lens cleaner. Disassembled it and cleaned all the lenses too but wont read any disks, this was an issue with this drive model apparently (LG GSA-H55N). It will accept a firmware update so the "brain" is still working but the read/write function seems dead, it also shows up in bios and windows but neither xp or 7 will read any disk. When I start up the pc if I have the drive apart I can see the laser through the disk trying to read but once it gets to windows it says no disk and will not boot from a disk either. I even put it into another computer and it would not read so it is not an OS or ide cable issue. Even tried a cd boot-able version of linux and still the same issue.
  7. I tried another AV (Panda) and it found a trojan that everything else could not. It had even infected trendmico's house call downloaded definitions. Now all I get is the normal every now and then few millisecond delay (and no beeps) vs keys not registering at all which is most likely just something using the cpu heavily. As for the dvd drive guess I will take apart the laser assembly and clean the 2 lenses. I doubt that is the issue though, according to the reviews on newegg that model had alot of issues with doa or dying quickly. The cd burner I have had for 6-7 years with no issues, 1st time a drive died without something like a power supply frying it when it died or lightning damage for me.
  8. I am having a strange issue even Microsoft can not answer with my keyboard. I have used 2 keyboards in testing and the issue persists. On occasions )fairly random) I am typing and I am not a super fast typist once in a while my keyboard stops responding for about 3-10 seconds. I type and nothing appears, if I have my headphones on I hear a beep and my keyboard responds, I have ran every free antivirus scan available and even changed to panda AV (which detected and removed a trojan) but the issue still persists. I have an older logitech keyboard that is a ps2 connection and have tried a microsoft usb keyboard and both still have the same issue of my typing not registering and a few seconds later a beep from the headset and it works. I have exhausted my knowledge any ideas? 2 I have a lg dvd dual layer burner (dont know model # off hand). It will read in bios but will not work in windows, Windows sees it, I disassembled it and I can see the laser through the cd/dvd but it will not read the disk ( i think it is dead imo) but if anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestions. On newegg people have reported similar issues with this drive and say it is dead. I tried to update the firmware and it did so without any errors so at least the brain of the dvd burner seems to be working, just the reading side seems dead. If any one has any ideas I am open to anything. I run windows 7 x64 with a amd 955 black edition, 4 gigs of ocz dd2 memory, xfx nvidia gtx 250.