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  1. Recently my computer's display became fuzzy with weird colors and dark bars across the screen... immediately i thought the monitor was dead, so i went out and purchased a new monitor. I received the monitor today, hooked it up, and found the same display problems as my old monitor...

    i was wondering if this could be a graphics card problem, or any other type of problem? Any information or help diagnosing would be greatly appreciated!



    What is the name of your video graphic card? Also have you right clicked a bare spot on the desktop left click properties, then settings tab..What is the resolution set at? Advanced monitor tab what does it show for monitor refresh rate? What version of Windows? Is this onboard video or a separate AGP or PCI video card?

    Is this a name brand PC & if so what make & model number, please..

  2. Chappy was posting on WorldStart early this morning Pacific time around 1am.

    So he`s still around & probably just popped in there for awhile to help while on line & found some members

    needing help with their PCs..

  3. Happy Birthday to you both. Hop it was a good one.


    Thank You and had a good day, youngest Daughter & Grandson treated me to dinner out @ Earls here.

    Celebrated also Saturday, with Son-In-Law whose Birthday was the 15th & My Grandaughter & I share the same Birthday, she turned big "19' and after midnight I am sure she would make her way with friends

    to a Night Club as now the legal age in BC.

  4. We are suppose to get 6-9 inches in the next day on top of the 5 we already have...

    Glad this house just sold, I'm going where it's warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    Keith, so glad to hear the house finally sold..What a relief.. Hope it went for a fair price..

    Where will you move to..Any plans?

  5. Lol...

    Ya, we have about half a foot here in Ontario!!!

    Burrrrrrr!!! Freezing cold and snow past my ankles so snow can get into my shoes....Burrrrrr!! I need to move somewhere warm all year round....

    Tyme what are you doing in Ontario? Thought you were in BC? Of course Surrey drivers & snow do not mix well at all..Instant panic..

  6. My Asus A8N SLI Deluxe motherboard came with a large software package and drivers. I noticed that it had an nVidia software firewall, which I never knew nVidia made. Should I use this firewall? Is it any good compared to the Windows Firewall or other free firewalls?



    You can try it and if it is hard to figure out then, uninstall & use Zone Alarm or

    as suggested Sygate Firewall.

    You are right there is a Nvidia Firewall

    NVIDIA Firewall

    A high-performance, hardware-optimized firewall, NVIDIA Firewall protects your PC from intruders by filtering unauthorized traffic. Integrated into NVIDIA nForce3 and nForce2 MCPs with NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet, it provides professional-grade traffic inspection capabilities, advanced management features--remote access, configuration, and monitoring--and is easy to use and setup via a user friendly wizard.

  7. Do you have the F10 partition? Tapping the F10 key after restarting should bring you into the recovery partition and be able to go to advanced and do a clean installation of XP.

    After the format and install, done barebones, no added hardware.

    Just mouse, keyboard monitor & tower. The way it came out of the box from the factory.

    Then to get your drivers and software after installation of XP.

    Should be in start- programs- HP- HP Tools- Applications- software and also hardware.

    Should also be the option to make recovery CDs

    What model number is this PC? If needing updated drivers- go to

    click on update drivers & software- next page- put Pavilion ???? model number

    next page choose XP and then will go to the drivers 7 software page.