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  1. hardware is better given u've got support for it - meaning u'r sound card must be supported to use it in the game
  2. repair install by booting xp cd ... choose repair when u see it. and a longshot ... pull all peripherals and boot.
  3. sounds good. i'd tell the admin that if they add userID for each, they'd save lots of $ on cams/tapes hehe ... but i hear ya on the ip vs locaiton point.
  4. maybe try to train them to NOT hit DEL? xp home does not support full file level permissions for what i'd do w/ xp pro but ... u MAY be able to use the 'windows shared computer toolkit' which offers some nifty preventative measures. it's avail from MS and u should read the docs before u attempt to do such as some prep work in terms of having to repartion might be necessary. even if u kill off the DEL key on the keyboard, they can still purge files. i think the best method here is 'if u DEL it, u don't get it back' ... that SHOULD be enuff to teach them. no offense intended but ... if they can't figure this DEL key thing out then ... maybe they shouldn't use a pc and i'd get a good backup routine or something like the xp sync powertoy or folderwatch which can make copies on the fly.
  5. u lost me ... but i don't really need to know. in any event, the admin would be able to help u. why u'r hooked on the IP is puzzling ... all u'r gonna get is a location. u want the userID i'd add that this is a direct responsiblity for the admin. that's my point here. u should direct this to them and ... i can't seem to get the idea of why u can't just ask them
  6. what os? check u'r file permisions and/or group memberships. u can't, in all practicality, prevent users from deleting their own stuff.
  7. shouldn't u ask the netadmin at u'r school? u'd need them for this anyway.
  8. it only appear to use Javascript. u should be able to add to u'r trusted zone and go. and the blockers should, of course, allow as well.
  9. change channels, repostion antennae, etc. wireless is wireless and it's going to vary on conditions.
  10. assume that u do have a modem and a seperate dialup setup? IOW - i'm tryin to figure out why u need the checkbox
  11. what os? have u tried safe mode /w networking if it's xp? is u'r account admin level?
  12. Whoa. It's probably an incompatibility between the player/ the video card/ the video drivers. Not much you can do if those three things can't play nice together except change one or more of those items. For example, use a previous version, or a newer one if available. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, is there anyway i can use the VLC Media Player to play the WMP videos online? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> turn off video excelleration in u'r vid control panel and test.
  13. what is the physical position of router vs lappie? move it close. real close. then do u still have issues?
  14. yes. .1 is the router. it's not the IP of the machine that u wanna handle vnc thru. u can't really setup to 'get to any machine' using this method. u CAN setup to get to ONE machine. and that machine's IP is the one should enter here and check. eg - u wanna reach PC1 at, u setup PC1 at static .10 and then setup the checkbox in port forwarding as such. u SHOULD setup all such machines as 'static' to do this. and i should add that the only protection u have here is the VNC password. make it a GOOD one since anyone can 'see' the service and they'll know what it is
  15. as to #2 - they may be available but they may not run IF the prog requires admin to RUN it ... some progs do not consider privs at all. u'll need to deal w/these on a 1 x 1 basis really