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  1. REALLY!?!?! tell me more ... was there a purpose to this comment???? thats a pretty vague response, so enlighten us as to what you were trying to say Big words for a big guy.
  2. REALLY!?!?! tell me more ...
  3. Sped

    Xbox 360

    meh i didnt get a xbox 360 i got a PSP pretty cool.
  4. Sped

    Xbox 360

    well I heard there going to get Xbox 360's at Best Buy Dec 18th. I'll try then prob be sold out lolz.
  5. Sped

    Extreme Pong

    WOW! i suck i couldnt win one round lmao
  6. I like Dreamcast still have one but I think N64 is 10x better then Dreamcast.
  7. Sped

    Xbox 360

    just cause i'm trying to understand this new fad, why do want one? Mostly because I can't get one lol.
  8. Sped

    Xbox 360

    thanks for the help and the book is called "Where the Wild Things Are"
  9. OMFG LKFJDS:LFKJSD:LFKJSD:FLKSJDF:SFK thats tooo funny LMAO!!!!!! wow what a good laugh LOL!
  10. Sped

    Xbox 360

    GOSH i want a xbox 360 LMAO!!!
  11. Get up w/e i want then do random stuff thats my day lol.
  12. YAY!!! lol ty all i feel soo old being 19 lol!