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  1. Thanks for the info Chappy! I was looking all thru foler options, and I hit the...Restore defaults for the folders. Then went in and changed the folders I wanted to show as thumbnails. I KNEW it had to be something simple. Seems to be OK now as I re-booted a few times, and they retained their settings. Thanks brother fireman! Gold68
  2. Hi again everyone. Whenever I go to my directory and open my folders for some of my pictures, I ALWAYS have to go to folder options and change them to view as thumbnails. I can set it as above, close out, and when I go back I have to do it all over again. What gives? Any ideas? I tried Mr 'G', but don't know quite how to type the question. I could not find any answers. Everything was geared towards....'Hey!...change the way your folder looks for your pictures!' As if I didn't know that already! I think it has to be something minor, but no idea. THANKS for any input on this. Gold68
  3. Hey there Aluvus THANKS for the reply. Contacted the sender,, and showed him your reply. Received a new file, and it worked great.....THANKS
  4. Hi all, I received a Publisher2003 file in my mail today, and I thought I could open it with Publisher98. Well guess what? Seems like you can't open files from a different version. Anyone have any suggestions on how to open it? Maybe I didn't look hard enough on Google, but I kind of thought there would at least be a viewer availible. Gawd, why do they make things so difficult?....heh heh heh
  5. What would happen if you uninstall the mouse driver and re-booted? and also take your mouse apart and clean it?
  6. I think Ms Taylor has not had the opportunity to work with 'SENIORS' who have just received a new hand-me-down computer from their kids! When they ask questions, they want the answers right NOW! They do not want to be computer illiterate in the eyes of their kids. Sooooooo, they want it all now!!!!! heh heh heh Gold68
  7. Again We THANK you! JDoors, I think that setting is in the dial-up properties in the set up of the modem. No need for that in cable. But I remember now when I did have dial-up, that's where it was. I have the 'SENIORS' 'Googling' for answers to their questions, but like some of the noobies, they 'prefer' their answers right now! heh heh heh I thought we got more patient as we got older! Gold68
  8. Arrrrggghhhh! Silly me. I just talked to my neighbour, and he said that would work great for just E-Mail. But it still leaves the matter of closing the dial-up applet when he goes online to sites that he uses for banking and such
  9. Thank you Pete, We never thought of that! Have always seen that little box to check in the options, but never paid any attention to it. Good grief a really easy fix eh? THANKS!! Gold68 pssst!....I KNEW we could do it.....heh heh heh heh
  10. Hey JDoors...Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately that idea didn't work for him. I think it is time to close this. Many THANKS to all that contributed their ideas for my hair-brained venture!! Stay tuned for more questions from me, as I have been duly delegated to help all the 'SENIORS' around my neighborhood! Oh woe is me!....heh heh heh heh heh Gold68
  11. Thanks JDoors, the icons will always be in the same spot. If they move for some reason JAWS will still read them. I kind of thought this wouldn't be so easy after I mentioned it to him. Oh how we tend to say things we shouldn't when we think we know a bit eh?! Thanks Liz, I don't know if it is facinating or not...heh heh heh I looked thru your links(thanks) and unless I missed something, they all go along the same likes as JAWS. What we would like to have, is just to hit a key, or series of keys, to shut the dial-up down, without having JAWS read thru all the text that is in the dial-up applet., and still leave the computer on. Like I said to and my big mouth!!!
  12. arrghhh is right When he gets on his computer, he gets his desktop read to him when the shortcut(icon) is read, he will hit enter and it will open. When he hits the shortcut for his isp, it starts his dial-up. When he is finished with the internet, he has to go thru the desktop reading back to him and then hit enter to bring up the dial-up applet. Then hitenter, and again the program reads what is on the applet he waits for it to say disconnect. What he(we) are after, is just one key to shut down the internet and the dial-up applet. Can anyone make sense of this? Just thought maybe there was an easy way for him. It is rather time consuming to have everything read to you. Thanks Gold68
  13. Thanks Stuptifiedgenious for the suggestion. But my neighbour doesn't use a's all with his keys.
  14. Thanks for the 'Bump' Parrotgeek! CurlingSteve, thanks for the link.He and I will look and listen to it a little later.As for writing scipts....well, that's a wee bit over our heads!...heh heh heh We are just 'Users' of these machines that make things easier for us! JDoors right now, when he wants to disconnect, he hits Alt-F4, and waits for the program to read everything that is open. He then waits for the Dial-up properties to "speak', before he presses enter. So you see, it would be a big help to him if we can find a simple way to come up with a key combo. Again thanks for the 'Bump' Parrotgeek, and the other replies. Has both of us thinking now. (can't ya smell something burning?...heh heh heh Gold68
  15. Hi all. My neighbour is blind and uses the JAWS program on a new Dell with XP Home. With the JAWS, evertime he hits a key, it reads it to him,and same with the applications that he uses. When I went there last night, he has to go thru a few functions to get his dial-up to shut down. I said I thought there was a way to make a hot key? to just close the dial-up connection without going thru 3-4 steps of the program reading back to him where he is at. I am not that familiar with writing commands or whatever to do this. Even tho I GOOGLED this, sometimes it just doesn't sink in the way it used to!(mmmm,getting old maybe?) Anyone know of an EASY way to solve this for him, and myself? Thanks Gold68