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  1. Got my dang parts today and boy lemme tell ya what....... them spark plug wires smell funny (and strong). Opened up the box and nearly passed out.


    By the way. This crap ^^^ frickin $162.

    I should be cleaning up the car soon and taking pics since there's a chance it could be in S3 Magazine ( ).

  2. I have yet to see ANY compelling reason to shop Circuit City's closeouts. <_<

    Ditto. Checked our local Circuit City that was closing mere months after it opened before the company wide closing and nothing in there was a deal. Everything I could get cheaper at Newegg or even frickin Walmart. They had an EVGA GeForce 9600 GT there that I could get for almost half at Newegg, a 500GB external HDD was like $170 (I paid about $100 each for both of my 500GB externals on Newegg), laptops were overpriced as well. My dad went with me and we were looking in seperate parts of the store. We met back up and he said nothing was a deal. We noticed many people leaving the store with nothing.

    They sucked before, they still suck till the end. Best Buy (for DVD's), Electronic Express (for some electronics and car audio), and Newegg (for computer and other electronics) FTW!!!

  3. I figured out the tax problem. I had 2 W2's cause the place I work at was sold in June. My previous employer didn't have everything set up right so not enough of my check was taken out. My new employer had it set up right so all the money I was supposed to get out that W2 was lost paying for what wasn't taken out on the other. If I hadn't gotten a new employer, I think I might have had to pay.

    Anyway, my tune-up stuff was supposed to come in today. InLineFour is a great place to buy stuff from but they always have it set up to where you have to sign for your packages from them. UPS will probably come by while I'm gone at class today so I will probably have to wait till tomorrow to get my stuff unless they deliver it late enough for my parents to be home while I'm work (they called yesterday that it would be delivered between 8AM and 7PM).

  4. As bad as many say Vista is XP that looks like vista is great

    Just wanted to mention that it wouldn't be the same in my case (and I believe JSKY's case as well). XP on my main computer is terrible. Vista x64 is actually a very able performer and operates quicker and smoother than XP on my main computer. My old computer though, XP would be better but.... it has Linux on it now :P

  5. They are withdrawing from the Plasma market due to low sales. To the average consumer, looking at an LCD and a Plasma in a store under that bright lighting, Plasmas look dimmer than LCD's so people think the LCD is better so more people buy them. Plus I do believe LCD has a longer life span than Plasma anyway doesn't it? I've always heard that a plasma good pretty much for it's warranty but many fail as the warranty runs out. My experience with smaller LCD Monitors has proven their longevity to me. I've had my 19" and used it everyday for the last 2 1/2 years (I used it extensively for about 2 of those years) and it's still going just fine. My 24" is only about 6 months old so it's still gotta prove itself but since they are both Acers I expect my 24" to last too.

  6. That's great that they have 75 million users now but I think I'm good with the free version. It does it's job just fine. It has served me well since I switched from AVG. I was a loyal AVG user until it pulled a Norton on everybody and got bloated. When your software slows down a system with a 3GHz dual core 64-bit CPU and 4GB of RAM that much, you have screwed up. Avast is much more lightweight and has worked great in helping clean up the computers I work on for people (along with MBAM too).

  7. In my personal opinion, I'd rather have a 32-36" CRT TV over a bigger 45" Projection TV. I've never really liked them. if I want, I can get a Sanyo True Flat 32" CRT for free from the same friend I bought my Sanyo True Flat 27" from. He just bought a new 46" LCD and the 32" is taking up space. All I would need to do is degauss it since there has apparently been some form of magnetism too close to it. I'd just give my True Flat 27" CRT to my parents to replace their aging (and slightly messed up) RCA non-flat 27" CRT.

    BTW, that 46" LCD HDTV of my friends.... frickin' awesome but ridiculously expensive. Blu-Ray movies are incredible on it.

    Also, for me big screen HD video is replicated by sitting really close to my 24" monitor (which is 1920x1200, same width but slightly taller than 1080p which is 1920x1080) and playing HD video. Which I sit close to it anyway. It's my computer monitor.

  8. I just buy new TV's.... even when they aren't broke. I always want something bigger. Right now though, I'm still using a 27" Sanyo in my room. It's a few years old but the fact that it works fine ain't gonna stop me from buying a bigger LCD HDTV :P...... just the fact that I don't have money for one is stopping me :mellow:

  9. Yeah I know. But still i was looking forward to a good bit more than that. Last year I got a pissant $67 but I knew that's what I was expecting. This year I was expecting $400 or so.

    Ah well. I just gotta wait a coupla week and I'll have the money for the camber kits. It's not dire to have them now. I was told by the guy at the tire place I don't have to worry so much about tire wear but rather the back-end coming out. I think the guy was assuming I drive the car harder than I do. Right now the only kinda "hard" driving I do is when I get the feeling to do so, I wind out a gear or 2 down a straight (mainly just 1st and 2nd which only gets me 60-65 MPH).

  10. Boy I'm glad that 1. I don't live in an apartment and 2. that no one else is home right now cause I've been blasting music for that last 20 minutes that you can hear in the basement 2 floors down and my sub shakes the floor like crazy.

    My list so far:

    Tommy heavenly6 - PAPERMOON

    Tommy heavenly6 - Ruby Shoes

    Horie Yui - silky heart

    Kawada Mami - masterpiece

    Kawada Mami - jellyfish


    BOOM BOOM SATELLITES - What Goes Around Comes Around

    BOOM BOOM SATELLITES - Shut Up and Explode

    Kylee - VACANCY (I absolutely LOVE this song, one of the few that make me think back on the anime it's from)

    savage genius - JUST TUNE

    savage genius - Mizu no Wakusei

    ROUND TABLE featuring Nino - NAGARE-BOSHI

    Just about all of these except for maybe NAGARE-BOSHI are kinda bass heavy not to mention I have a SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Series sound card using X-Fi Enhancements outputting to a chambered Logitech Z4 sub. I can only imagine what it'd be like if I was using my brothers professional grade monitors (speakers not screens) and massive sub he uses for his recording. I could embarrass people with systems in their cars if I had my brother's stuff.

  11. Well, I'm getting screwed with my tax return so it's not even gonna completely cover my friggin tune-up parts so I'm gonna have to wait on my damn camber kits.

    I won't get my tax return in at least 8 days but I went ahead and ordered the tune-up parts. Honda OEM Distributor Cap and Rotor, NGK Spark Plug Wires, NGK Iridium Temp 7 Spark Plugs. Friggin $162 (my return was only $150).

  12. Man, I need to download the Xam'd of the Lost Memories singles. They are pretty good.

    Boom Boom Satellites - Shut Up and Explode (Xam'd OP)


    Kylee - Vacancy (Xam'd ED)

    Both are in English and that Kylee girl is obviously not Japanese. 1: The name 2: Perfect English. It was the same for the girl who performed the Kuroshitsuji ED song. Her name was Becca. I looked her up and she was American (and white to boot) but for some reason was on a Japanese label and her music doesn't seem to be available here.

  13. Many ISP's have torrent blocking and I read recently the Pirate Bay is in some hot water right now. I stay away from pirate sites like that any way. I only ever go to AnimeSuki and TokyoToshokan for torrents.

    PS: Not trying to be mean, but I cannot offer you any solutions since it appears some of the stuff you mentioned seem to be for pirated content. That's why ISP's have been blocking torrent traffic.

  14. Hmmmm, well since I'm in college, I think it's a tad different for me. I'm sitting in a room full of them right now in Programming II. Then my Computer Security Class right after this, same geek teacher, half the students from the Programming II class are in it, and many of the people from my Networking I class last semester are in here too. THEN, the RealSubtle Anime Club I'm part of at my college is also half full of computer geeks (the head of the anime club is one of the IT staff at the college).

    Outside of college is a different story but I'm lucky to have a manager at work who's willing to listen and learn (I mean heck, he actually listened when i told him NOT to use IE but FF instead). I'm teaching him new stuff every day and he even wants me to build him his next computer and he wants to watch how it's done.

  15. My ISP's email is annoying (they have their own little firewall). It kept blocking all kinds of crap that shouldn't be blocked. I have 2 Gmail accounts that I actually use. One I use for forum registration and shopping, the other I use for PayPal, important crap, resume, when I give my email to another person in person, etc. The Forum and shopping one has a goofy name while the other has a more normal name (but with a pun that I and very few others get). I also have my school email address (that I never check), as well as an AOL one to use for AIM.

    I typically don't check my email on the internet though. I usually go through Thunderbird on my main desktop and home but I HAVE TO check something I will check it through Gmail on the internet.

  16. My Recommended Free Software List

    Avast! Free Home Edition Anti-Virus ( ) - Good Detection and more lightweight than AVG.

    COMODO Firewall Pro ( ) - Great Firewall that keeps an eye on everything.

    CDBurnerXP ( ) - Contrary to what it's name suggests, it's compatible on both XP and Vista and does a great job burning CD's and DVD's. It however does not support Video DVD burning but I never burn them anyway.

    CPU-Z ( ) - A good app to keep on a thumb drive to identify the processor, motherboard, and RAM a system is using. It gives highly detailed information on the processor.

    Mozilla Firefox ( ) - Don't believe I have to mention this one really. Freakin awesome browser that is quicker and more secure than IE.

    Mozilla Thunderbird ( ) - Firefox's email counterpart. More secure than Outlook.

    FRAPs ( ) - A Framerate counter for games. It can also take screenshots and video as well (with limitations in the free version). I've paid for the full version to remove the limitations on video recording.

    3D Mark Series and PC Mark Series ( ) - Great benchmarking series but unfortunately the latest Vantage versions do not have full free versions available. You can only use them once for free. I however paid for the Basic version of 3D Mark Vantage since I did have intentions of using it multiple times (which I have). The older versions however, are still free for the basic versions.

    ╬╝Torrent ( ) - a lightweight torrent client.

    ObjectDock ( ) - Gives a Mac like bar to place shortcuts for various things on. I use it free up clutter on my desktop by leaving all my system apps and what not on there while leaving all my Game icons on the desktop. ( ) - a free alternative to Microsoft Office. It opens MS documents (except Office 2007 formats) and performs many of the same task. I would still be using it if I hadn't gotten a copy of Office 2007 Ultimate at a student special price.

    the GIMP ( ) - a free alternative to Photoshop. Not quite as powerful but can still do many of the same things.

    Audacity ( ) - A free audio editing program. Cut out bits of music, add in effects, and more.

    Winamp ( ) - Great Media Player for music. It's Media Library does an excellent job of organization. I recently purchased the full version however to rip CD's as MP3's so that they could work on my MP3 player.

    The Combined Community Codec Pack a.k.a. The CCCP ( ) - A codec pack that contains practically every codec you'll need to play just about any video. It's specialty is h.264 video. It comes with 2 free media players as well, Zoom Player and Media Player Classic Homecinema. I personally prefer Zoom Player because its controls are quite easy to understand and use.

    VLC Media Player ( ) - Another Media Player that plays all types of media. It too can handle h.264 video on its own since it has its own codecs but it does not handle soft subtitles as well. However it has the ability to play DVD's out of the box and that's what I use it for (primarily only on the laptop for mobile use).

    (as a side note, I use Winamp for Music, CCCP/Zoom Player for Video, and VLC Player for DVD's)

    StepMania ( ) - Probably my most used free program behind FireFox. It's a free DDR like game that comes with no installed songs. You have to download and install 3rd party songs. You play it with the keyboard's arrows or if you find a PC compatible dance pad, you can play it like DDR. I have hundreds of songs added to mine and this game is quite fun and a great time and boredom killer.

  17. in my case, the OEM seats will not hold you in place as well. Plus the Civic Type-R Recaros are more comfortable as well. Chances are, I won't have CTR Recaros but I will try to get some kind of (good) racing buckets for when I track it. If I were to even get Recaros it'd probably be new Password: JDM Recaros since they are cheaper and easier to get than used JDM Civic Type-R and Integra Type-R Recaros. Password: JDM is an American company and Recaro makes some just for them to sell here while the CTR and ITR Recaros come out of CTR's and ITR's that were sold only in Japan From 95-01 (97-00 for the CTR).

  18. I would advise against using msconfig to disable startup programs. It can cause issues disabling that way. If you do need to disable anything, go to the Control Panel, and underneath Programs, there should be an option to change startup programs. That's what you need to use.

    Now, I do not believe that is what needs to be necessarily since it apparently was functioning correctly before hand. I'm leaning towards either AVG is dragging it down or there may have been something wrong with the SP1 install.

  19. Here's what I want

    Complete suspension overhaul including:

    Tein Coilover System

    BLOX Rear LCA's

    BLOX Camber Kits (getting them)

    Neuspeed Lower Tie Bar

    Neuspeed Sway Bars

    Password: JDM 3 Point Front Strut Bar

    Password JDM: 4 Point Rear Strut Bar

    Possibly some other crap


    EK9 Civic Type-R or DC2 Integra Type-R 5-Lug Brake conversion

    Spoon Sports Rotors

    Spoon Sports Calipers

    Hawk Pads

    Goodridge or Earl's Stainless Steel Brake Lines


    If I build the B16A2:

    Buddy Club Valve Train

    Buddy Club Spec III Plus Cams

    Buddy Club Adjustable Cam Gears

    DC2 Integra Type-R Pistons

    Password: JDM Power Chamber Carbon Fiber Intake

    Toda Header

    Either A'PEXi N1 Catback Exhaust (Louder but more top-end Horsepower) or A'PEXi World Sport II Catback exhaust (Not as loud but provides more low to mid range torque)

    Chipped and tuned ECU or AEM EMS


    JDM DC5 Integra Type-R K20A Engine Swap with most of the same or similar crap along with a lightweight flywheel and racing clutch (my B16 already has a lightweight flywheel and racing clutch)

    Transmission (same on either motor):

    Spoon Sports Limited Slip Differential

    Team MFactory Gear Set


    EDM Civic Folding Mirrors (ones NOT from the UK so the curved mirror is on the correct side)

    J's Racing Front Lip

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Rear Lip

    Either a JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Wing or a Spoon Sports Spoiler

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R 97-98 headlights

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Grille

    JDM/EDM Civic Fenders (the same over all models)

    JDM Civic Thin Side Moldings

    ViS Carbon Fiber Hood

    AeroCatch Flush Hood Fastener Kit

    Wheels (actually there are many I'd like):

    Volk Racing CE-28N's

    Volk Racing TE-37's


    Work Emotion CR-Kai's


    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Red Recaro Front Seats

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Rear Seats

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Red Carpet

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Door Panels

    OMP or Takata 5-point Harnesses

    Skunk2 Short Shifter

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Shift knob (unless I do the swap, then i would get a JDM DC5 Integra Type-R knob)

    USDM EM1 Civic Si Gauge Cluster

    JDM EK9 Civic Type-R Steering Wheel


    Personal Steering Wheel with NRG Quick Release Hub

    That's all I can think of at the moment. Could be more. Chances are, this will never happen though. I plan on a very mild build to make it both trackable and streetable.

  20. We know you're kidding, no one else needs twenty-eight pages (so far) to explain the work their cars need done. :P

    Gotta remember, I'm restoring an abused car and building it to race on a track. :thumbsup: Just need something better than a minimum wage part time job to get more done.

  21. Then you'll fix the biggest problem with buying Honda, Toyota, or Nissan. That problem being the badge that's on it :P Just kiddin man.

    Got my parts priced out and goodbye tax return. It's gonna be like $430 or so for all the parts I need. I'm getting brand new OEM Distributor Cap and Rotor, NGK Iridium IX Temp7 Spark Plugs, NGK OE Replacement Spark Plug Wires (supposedly better than the OEM Sumitomo ones but my mechanic runs OEM ones on his 500HP Turbo Civic Si), and BLOX Racing Front and Rear Camber Kits (essentially adjustable upper control arms).

    My birthday is in just over 2 months so I think I'm gonna try and get some parts outta the parents. I think the most I may get is a Strut Bar. If I'm lucky I may be able to drag some shocks and springs out of them. I mean hell, I got a whole exhaust out of them last year. Granted it was cheaper custom one rather than a platform specific one like I wanted but I still made out alright.