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  1. I'll give it two weeks and you'll be posting about how amazing your new laptop is. :lol:

    If the Toshiba hadn't overheated and locked up after 35 minutes I woulda said you're wrong. I really didn't like it (and I picked it out) and was kinda mad about the whole thing. I was glad it overheated. I took it back and had th chance to pick out a cheap laptop to give to my dad and use the rest of the money for my car but thinking of him wanting me to have a new one, I picked an HP that was $50 more and paid the difference.

    Yeah, I frickin love it. Hated the Toshiba, but love my new HP.

  2. Yeah, often the anime is why I like a song but singles usually have a second and sometimes a third song. Often I will like that song as well. Like the Charmmy Queen songs I listed. The first one was the theme but it's actually pretty goofy. I like it cause it reminds me of the funny anime it's from. However the second one, I don't think ya'll would like it but I found the flow of the song to be unique and interesting.

    One anime theme I have was actually part of an album. The group was called the Boom Boom Satellites. I actually really liked most of the songs on the album. I actually had a friend who doesn't watch anime listen to it and he loved it. It also helped that despite the fact the group was Japanese, they sang in English.

  3. What's wrong with Disturbed :)

    And my J stuff is all pretty different. A lot is kinda goofy and I probably never would have liked a lot of it if i had never seen the animes they are from but some of it is genuinely good. abingdon boys school, well if their English was better (they've done a few english songs) I bet they could gain some popularity in the US. They are a genuinely good rock band. Shimamiya Eiko, she has a damn fine voice (she's not high pitched). Kawada Mami just does really good stuff. KOTOKO has an very unique sound. There's a bunch of others that are just actually good. Some however, the main reason I like it is simply the animes they came from.

  4. and I still jump right back to the Jrock/Jpop. It's just better nighttime music:

    Charmmy Queen - Miracle Plan ga Dekichatta!

    Charmmy Queen - Lesson! Lesson!

    Little Non - Juicy Extacy

    Little Non - Dreaming, Dreaming, Smiling

    Kuribayashi Minami - sympathizer

    Kuribayashi Minami - Sora no Kotae

    Tommy heavenly6 - PAPERMOON

    Tommy heavenly6 - Ruby Shoes

    Diggy-MO' - Bakusou Yumeta

    Diggy-MO' - Challenger

    Diggy-MO' - Unchain

    abingdon boys school - STRENGTH

    abingdon boys shcool - Freedom

    Kawada Mami - masterpiec

    Kawada Mami - jellyfish

    my playlist for now.

  5. My mom got me a few CD's for my birthday. They were kinda random. My mom could only think of one band at the moment that she knew for sure I wanted something from and it was Disturbed. She got me Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists. Since I knew I'd like it, I decided to try the other two she got me first.

    I've heard of one of the groups and am unsure about the other. She was trying to see if I'd like them. Maroon 5 is the one I'm unsure of. The album was called "It Won't Be Soon Before Long". I popped it into the PC and listened to a few tracks. It was OK but since I was in a mood to rock out, it wasn't settin too well with me. The other I got was All-American Rejects - When the World Comes Down. It's OK too but still ain't quite settin with me either. They both are too poppish for me (yet I LOVE Jpop, go figure. Actually Jpop is infinitely different than Western pop). I get tired of both very quickly. I'm bout to pop in the Disturbed CD and I can almost guarantee you I'll love it.

    For western music, it's just gotta rock. J-music, well it's kinda random what I like.

    Oh, and just put the Disturbed CD in.... yes. I'm loving it. Metal has always been my main thing.

  6. Ha well, back to the laptop. It overheated and crapped out 35 minutes into operation. Oh well.

    Gonna call my mechanic real soon and see how much the camber kits will cost to be installed. Can't wait to get them installed an get an alignment. I'm tired of the steering wheel being turned to the right all the time.

  7. Codec packs allow for support of more video formats. CCCP works with Windows Media Player, DivX, Winamp, etc but it comes with it's own players which I feel work better. Zoom Player is my personal favorite (which comes with the CCCP) for video. I use VLC Media Player to play DVD's, and I use Winamp for Audio/Music.


    Combined Community Codec Pack (Has pretty much every video codec needed as well as a pair of good media players)

    VLC Media Player (Good for DVD but can also play many of the same things as CCCP but doesn't handle them as well)

  8. The best codec pack I've used is the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP). I comes with 2 media players, Zoom Player and Media Player Classic HomeCinema (I like Zoom Player). It can handle all the biggest video types and many others. It's considered by many to be a superior pack to K-Lite (CCCP is pretty much a must have amongst the anime community).

    VLC Media Player is another. It comes with it's own codecs but from my experience, it doesn't handle H.264 video as well as CCCP (particularly videos with soft subtitles) but it plays DVD's like a champ which is what I have it for.

  9. My group and I are working on a project for Computer Security and we have 2 Linux machines running Ubuntu 8.10 x64 and 2 Windows XP Pro SP2 x86 Machines. Our project involves using the Linux machines to carry out some form of attack. We are starting off attacking the Windows machines with just the Windows Firewall. Then we will start adding levels of security such as firewalls and what not. While we are attacking with the Linux machines, we will also be trying to defend on the Windows machines. We may also do an attack against the Linux machines with the Windows machines.

    Here's the problem. We have absolutely no clue how to go about doing this. And no I'm trying to hack anyone. I'm serious about this being a group project for my computer security class. We have to write a report on our theories, methods, and results afterwords. We just need a simple attack to satisfy our project needs.

    Thanks for any help.

  10. It's a great gift and I appreciate it but when I tried to tell him not get it and told him other things I'd rather have, and he still gets it anyway. C'mon. I'd rather having a timing belt kit or something so my sole means of transportation can stay operable. It's also cheaper, I was just saying with the cash he dropped on it, I coulda gotten a ton of suspension stuff for the same money. Really though I need a bunch of crap for the motor and other spots on the car too. The laptop is mainly for school. I have a desktop for play. I have one car that needs work too, it's more important. No car, i can't get to class to even use the laptop which isn't necessary to begin with. I don't want to be stuck without my car for 2 weeks or longer...... again.

    Oh and he's giving me "conditions" I have to meet to keep the laptop.....I already told him I didn't really want it. So that's what makes me madder than anything.

  11. Well, ya know my birthday coulda been a great chance to get some parts but for some reason my dad really wanted to get me a new laptop despite the fact mine still works just fine (though I've broken and replaced the LCD) and I have a spare battery and charger for it. In all honesty, I didn't really want it. I mean, now I'm gonna have to transfer all my crap over, I will no longer have a spare battery or spare charger, it's gloss covered just like the one I've already bought and sold (I hated that laptop), it's much heavier (bigger, more powerful beast of a laptop), I mean c'mon. I tried to tell him I didn't want it. Boy I tried everything in my power to hint that I'd rather stick to my old one. I mean with the $984 he spent on it, I coulda gotten new shocks, springs, rear LCA's, an ASR rear subframe brace, and an EK9 Civic Type-R rear sway bar. I can't even use the stinkin thing until Wednesday anyway (my birthday).

    I think he did it for himself more than for me. He wants a laptop and me having a new one means he gets my old one. I was gonna give him my old one after I fixed it when I bought that new laptop but I wound up hating it, selling it, and fixing my old one. He has conditions though that determine whether I get to keep that laptop too. I mean c'mon, do you think i'm gonna try that hard if I didn't want it in the first place? Yes, it's nice, has a bigger screen, more power, more RAM, dedicated graphics, and what not, but I already have this one the way I like and I have that damn spare battery. From what I read, this new one doesn't appear to get any better battery life anyway, even with a 9-cell. I've got two 6-cells that last just as long in my old laptop and one of them is 3 YEARS OLD (it came out of my first laptop) and the other is 2 years old (the one that came with my current one).

    Sorry, had to vent. I'm just mad cause my car needs some things as well as I want some mods for it, I have an older but perfectly functional laptop (that's still able to play 720p H.264 videos), and my dad buys me another laptop. My car is more important than a laptop to me. Way more important. I wish he would have waited till I left for a university like he originally said but NO.

  12. I have to wait a little while for my stuff from InLineFour since it's clear across the country but they are still pretty prompt. I ordered that crap on the 8th I think, it's scheduled to arrive the 14th, but there's a really good chance it'll arrive the 13th and that's with going through and adjusting the order.

  13. Yeah amazingly enough, it's usually the smaller specialty auto parts stores or other specialty stores (like the place my brother gets audio recording equipment and software from) have some of the best service (and strangely the best prices too). A lot of bigger places don't have that level of service except and other select few. Man, I'm probably gonna order a ton of my stuff from InLineFour. So far this is my third order with them. My first order (well actually my dad's order, it was a birthday present for me last year) was for the A'PEXi World Sport II Universal Muffler. Then after that it was the spark plugs, wires, and cap & rotor (that order was very strangely but ingeniously packed), and now my camber kits.

    I expect my next order will be in the very near future and it will be a timing belt kit (timing belt, belt tensioner, and water pump), along with some seals and gaskets so I can get my timing belt mess out of the way for another 60,000- 100,000 miles or however long you're supposed to go.

  14. I do all my main banking physically. I only check my balances online. I use that in the place of my checkbook. I monitor all transactions to make sure no unauthorized transactions happen, and to check how much money I have before ordering stuff online or really buying stuff anywhere. Otherwise, when I gotta transfer, deposit, withdraw, whatever, I do it at the bank.

  15. InLineFour is now officially my favorite online Honda parts store. I get an email quickly after my order stating something ordered is out of stock. They offer a better part at a discount. I reply accepting the offer while requesting an upgrade on the other item. Well, when I got home today after work. There's a message on the answering machine from the guy who emailed me confirming the order and informing me that it will be shipped soon and told me when it'd arrive. I sit down at my computer, check my email. There are 2, one from the same guy, again confirming my order and another from InLineFour's system with my order summary and tracking number.

    They are on the ball. I placed the original order for BLOX kits yesterday and today they ship out Buddy Club kits and provide a tracking number. That's what I'm talking about. InLineFour's level of service rivals Newegg.

  16. Well, now it appears I won't be getting those BLOX camber kits but instead stronger Buddy Club P1 Racing Cambet Kits instead. The rear BLOX kits were out of stock and they offered me a discount on the rear Buddy Club kits and I asked them to upgrade the front kits to Buddy Club too. I don't mind paying the extra. I didn't even know they carried them. All Buddy Club, JUN, Competition Clutch, Mugen, TODA Racing, and Spoon Sports parts are in there own categories separate from the rest on InLineFour's site so that's how I missed it. I'm kinda excited now cause I'm gonna have more bigger badder brand parts on my car. Right now, the A'PEXi muffler is the only truly high end (Japanese too) part that I have. I consider the AEM intake and H&R Springs sort of in the middle.

  17. That's what I was talking about a while back. My port is apparently missing so a diagnostic reader would be useless. But now my car is running as it should so my focus is on repairing the Camber problem my rear disc brake swap created.

    The kits should be in sometime next week and I figure that I should have them on the car within a week or 2 of getting them, then I'll run the car over to the tire place and have another alignment done. Man alignments are so cheap in this area that it's not a pain in the wallet to get them done. I know up north of here in Cool Springs it costs $125+ while down here, it's only $50 and at the same chain no less (Gateway Tire). After that though I probably need to order a timing belt kit and have that done. Not sure if my car actually needs it but since the history of the car isn't well known, it wouldn't hurt to just go ahead and do it instead of waiting till the old one snaps and destroys the head.

  18. Didn't even know when exactly Earth Hour was until today. I was at work and headed home from work during the whole thing I think.

    But like jcl, we're on Hydroelectricity here.

    And the Compact Florescent bulbs, they don't seem to last as long as they say, but we use them in our basement and they do last quite a while. It's probably been a couple a years since we last changed them. We also have old school florescent lighting down there too over the washer and dryer and in front of the cars and those bulbs have NEVER been changed since my dad installed them over 14 years ago.