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  1. avast does the exact same thing without the slowdown. I had installed avast and MBAM on a system for a friend and ran an MBAM scan. Avast was scanning all the files MBAM was accessing. I could tell cause while MBAM was scanning avast virus warnings kept popping up. However, it wasn't slowing the system down like AVG.
  2. I know this but there's no reason for it take anywhere near as long as it did. avast is able to scan files in the background without the slowdown. AVG just made it ludicrously slow. There's no excuse to cause as much of a slowdown as it did on a system with that much power and resources to play with.
  3. Well, one thing I've heard with Bose is their speakers are pretty bad. $200+ set of Bose 2.1 speakers and $50-100 Logitech speakers sound better. Paid $50 for my Z-4's (normally, at the time, they were $100 most places) and combined with my Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Profess1onal, they sound great even to this day. I've had the speakers about 3-4 years and they always sounded great to me (I've only had the sound card almost a year, I used an Audigy 2ZS before it). The small speakers with their weird design provide surprisingly big sound and the chambered subwoofer shakes the whole house (hence why I bought the headphones for apartment life). Combine that with the X-Fi crystalizer, set the EQ to Rock, bam. Pure awesomeness.
  4. it crippled my system bad and slowed down a friends new laptop (I had originally installed 7.5 or whatever on t for him). I had him switch to avast and he reported that it was faster. My main problem was navigating my folders and a few other little things. It took forever for it to show files (it would take upwards to 20 seconds to show any files when I opened up a folder) and load image previews. I checked my task manager and spotted something chewing up power. It looked like something part of AVG. It had RS in the name. I turned off the Resident Shield and the speed came back for the most part. Removed AVG and installed avast and I've never since had a problem. BTW, this was on an Athlon X2 6000+ with 4GB of RAM in XP. I've long since switched to Vista and have no idea how it perform in it but my friend's laptop that had problems with AVG 8 was Vista.
  5. I had no idea my Creative ZEN X-Fi could produce sound that good outta MP3's with just some cheaper Sennheiser headphones. I don't like the in ear types. One my ears aren't that big so they aren't all that comfortable and two, they cause pressure issues in my ears that hurt. For sound quality, I prefer Circumaural headphones, and for mobility, I prefer Supra-aural clip-ons. The clip-ons are pretty comfortable for me and for work they allow me to still hear other people when they need me.
  6. The problem I had with 8 is that it turned into a resource hog like norton and was killing my system's performance. If 8.5 has corrected that, I'd like to try them again. I've since switched to avast. It's interface is a little irritating but it does it's job like a champ without hurting my system's performance.
  7. They do and they work great. They also make cheaper supraaural headphones and earbuds but most of their cirumaural (around the ear) are expensive. My only gripe is these are the kind that sorta sit on your ear a little. I've had some like these in the past and got used to them but with extended use they can get a little uncomfortable. Still the price and sound quality make up for it. Plus they are good and drowning out outside noise when there's sound going through them and they also keep the sound they produce from getting out so I didn't bother my parents while on this trip.
  8. Just got some Sennheiser HD-202 DJ Headphones and they are incredible. Got em on sale on and after tax they cost just under $28. Amazing bass and volume response. I expected for the size, they would require more power than my MP3 could produce (my MP3 player was all I had test them with at first). I was wrong. I'm glad I got them cause I would max the volume on my laptop with my old Koss circumaural headphones (and when I say old I mean OLD) and wouldn't be satisfied with the volume level when watching video. These ought to do the trick. I got them for 2 reasons. One, this trip I'm bout to go on. I wanted better than my little clip-ons but the Koss set was not loud enough. Two, I'm moving to go to a University and will be in an apartment. Can't crank my Logitech Z-4's or else I'll annoy neighbors so I wanted some good headphones. I'm quite happy for the price. I almost got a $100 Sennheiser set but it wasn't there when I decided to order. I'm kinda glad cause I need to quit spending so much.
  9. Naw, if you can find the game with the artbook and sound track, it was $120. Just the game by itself was only $62. BUT I can probably find the sound track and artbook by themselves for a relatively reasonable price.
  10. Got a sound track yesterday. Came with a game of mine but I'm not listening to it till I play the game. It's Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. I also have Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia but I don't have the sound track. I bought it used off eBay without the artbook or sound track. With the extras, it was $120 even for used copies so I got a one without the extra stuff used and it still was $62. Now I want that dang soundtrack cause I LOVED the music in it. BTW, I got Ar tonelico II new. It's only $40. The first one must be rare and sought after or something.
  11. I figure being an ATI fan, you'd go AMD though. Intel is starting to turn into total butt wipes recently. Again, AMD may make ATI chips but at least they haven't completely alienated nVidia like Intel seems like it's trying to do. Actually I'm an nVidia fan overall but I have say, I do prefer ATI integrated graphics over nVidia integrated graphics for laptops (I've just had better luck with them). But desktop video cards and mobo chipsets , I like nVidia. I'm no sound card expert but the X-Fi Titaniums are pretty good. Like I said, I have a Fatal1ty Profess1onal Edition and it's pretty sweet. A great upgrade for $120. It provided a few extra FPS in Crysis and had infinitely better sound than integrated. It actually gave about 5-8 extra FPS in Crysis over integrated. I had planned to go i7 before Intel decided to sue nVidia over something retarded. I mean heck, if anything nVidia coulda helped them make more money but they turn on them instead. So I'm gonna stick to AMD particularly since the newest PhenomII X4 955 Black Edition came out. For the money, it's not bad.
  12. I think even with a bad battery, the motherboard should still be getting power from the socket and be able to keep time so I think something is wrong with the BIOS or something else on the Mobo. The computer in the sound booth at church kept resetting it's clock for a while but only if we turned the surge protector off. As long as it was getting power (even while the computer was off), it'd keep time and BIOS settings. We replaced the battery and that fixed it. Yours, that didn't work so BIOS could be faulty or the power delivery to the BIOS could be screwed up somehow.
  13. I agree with MoNsTeReNeRgY22 on most of his parts decisions except a few. One I just like nVidia more than ATI. I'd suggest an EVGA GeForce GTX275. Storage, unless you really care that much about how fast your game loads, just stick to 7200RPM drives. I just think the the price isn't worth it to get a 10000RPM drive. The sound card, somebody commented that an Audigy 2ZS was better than what you posted, MoNsTeReNeRgY22. I'd get a Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium. I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional myself and going to that from an Audigy 2ZS was like night and day. Infinitely better sound and PCI-e interface. And that EVGA x58 board you originally mentioned would be my motherboard of choice for an i7 build. If I wasn't such a die-hard AMD fan that's definitely what I'd get. But at the same time I'm an nVidia fan and ASUS is the only company that makes an nForce980a SLI motherboard for the PhenomII's (or at least that's the only one newegg sells). Every last one of my builds has been AMD processor, nVidia chipset motherboard, video cards with nVidia GPU's (since the GeForce 5 series, I've bought EVGA cards), and Creative sound cards. I plan to continue that as long as it's possible. I don't wanna go Intel cause I'm more of an nVidia fan than anything. AMD may own ATI but at least they haven't tried to make an enemy out of them like Intel has.
  14. I love Eurobeat/Dance/Trance/Techno/House a lot and I found some some songs in my StepMania Otaku Dreams Anime Songs folders and right now: DJ Bouche - God knows... Euro Mix (God knows... is originally performed by Hirano Aya, which her vocals are left in the song)
  15. Nevermind, one of us finally figured it out. Apparently it's very little known if the teacher didn't make it up.
  16. Amazingly enough with the incredible storms we had a coupla days ago, there were no power outages, at least none where I went. The worst that happened was there was a lightning strike VERY close to work (I was off that day so I didn't actually see it but friends and co-workers saw it). It caused our door bell to screw up somehow. Now it rings lower and slower. BUT if the door is opened and closed multiple times, it'll get progressively higher and faster until it sounds normal. But after sitting a little bit, it'll go right back. Man that storm was insane... and I was out driving in it. Couldn't see 10 feet in front of my car at one point. Friggin amazing that there were no outages.
  17. Figured out how to rip the music from a game I was playing (Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia) so I've been listening to that. It's some of the best music I've ever heard in a game. Very pretty vocals (in the songs that have them that is). Unfortunately installing the .adx plugin for Winamp causes my Winamp to stop functioning so I have to use my .afs extractor to listen to the music. I can't seem to find a (free) way to convert the .adx files to .mp3. If I could find it for a reasonable price anywhere, I'd try to get the sound track but the places that I found it, it was outrageously priced.
  18. In my Programming II class, we are currently tasked as part of our final exam to write a program called the Zendarian Festival of Light. He explained it to us but his explanations are often kinda vague and were not exactly professionals so some of us are lost. We attempted a Google search to look up any info we could on it and well, we now think he made it up. There is absolutely NOTHING on this program. So has anyone ever heard of it or know how it works. If he made it up we'll just have to figure it out on our own but luckily our final doesn't count as much as our lab work and I have all my credit for it.
  19. We bailed on the Linux attack Windows idea and tried a Denial of Service from one Windows machine to another then multiple machines to another and just used the Linux computer to monitor network traffic. Results..... we failed miserably (we got a good grade but failed our objective). The best we could manage was disabling the computer we were acting FROM. The system we attacked was unaffected.
  20. any further specs on the MacBook? (Screen size, GPU, ports, etc.) I figure if I'm going into Graphic Design, I need to start getting familiar with Macs despite how much I loathe them. This looks like a good way to get one for a decent price. I got some other things to take care of first but if I have the cash soon and still think I could use one, I'll get it.
  21. Circuit City may comeback. Systemax, Owners of TigerDirect, have bought Circuit City's intellectual porperty and have plans to reopen it as an e-tailer and may bring back the brick and mortar stores. That's what Systemax did with CompUSA. They plan to completely retool Circuit City and make it, I guess, not suck.
  22. Got a new Toshiba laptop for my birthday. Didn't want it to begin with, got it, didn't like it, 35 minutes of operation it overheats and locks up. Take it back to the store, traded it for an HP Pavillion dv7-1260US. Love it. So here's it's screenshot.
  23. Wow, my preacher just told this joke the other day. Funny