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  1. They came to fix just as soon as I told them about it. Apparently it was low on freon and the coils froze up.

    They are also fixing a bunch of little things right now. they gave us a sheet and asked us to list all the problems we find. Boy they weren't kidding on that review site. They said they come to fix crap fast and whaddya know. Not but 10 minutes after I turn in the sheet, he's working on all the problems.

  2. Not quite so yet.

    I think our A/C pretty much gave out today. It was hotter than Hades upstairs the whole day. I figured I'd shut the downstairs vents to cool off the upstairs. I realized, barely any air was coming out of any vent and the A/C had never stopped running the whole time but sounded weak. I also noticed that you had to run the thermostat up to about 84 to get the A/C to shut off. So I think I'll need to talk to maintenance and ASAP.

  3. My dad rocks. Went back to the store and met him there (he had to go for something else). We talked to the guy who sold him the phones and I got a phone similar to my old one without paying those fees (It's kinda like an updated version of my old phone). Just had to pay the small price difference. Now I have a phone that's familiar and comfortable.

    Now I just need a desk and I'll be set. :thumbsup:

  4. Ahhh crap, to trade, I'd have to pay some outrageous fee I can't afford right now. I'll have to wait till I have a job to do it. I'm not ungrateful or anything. Heck at least I have a phone that'll frickin work now, I hope. Just using this style of phone is irritating. It's highly uncomfortable for me. I had trouble answering it earlier.

  5. Actually I'm sleeping pretty good. I guess it's cause I have the same bed.

    I just got home and got my new phone and am getting ready to go to the Verizon store and see if they'll trade it cause it's a slider messaging phone. I don't text and hate sliders so this phone is worthless to me. I'm gonna see if they'll trade me for a good ole clamshell. I forgot to mention to my dad I hate slider phones and wanted a clamshell. I remembered to tell him to get one with MicroSD and he did so that's cool but I just forgot the other part.

  6. First grocery trip....... frickin $100. OK, mom is going next time. She somehow manages to get twice as much as we did with the same money.

    So far... I hate it. Mostly, I just hate this town and having to pay for stuff :P I liked not paying for anything and living in a smaller less crowded town.

    Plus, I'm having to get a new cell phone, cause mine won't work right out here. My parents just switched carriers altogether. We had AT&T and mine was the only 3G capable phone. Back home I had no trouble. Actually there weren't even any 3G towers out there but in every other town that I'd been that did have 3G I still didn't have probs. My parents old 2G phones didn't have problems and my roommate's Verizon 3G phone and my brother's Verizon 3G phone worked fine too out here but not my 3G AT&T phone (of course mine is older too.... actually mine is the very first cell phone model to support 3G). SO my parents just switched to Verizon cause my dad's work had discounts with them anyway. It's a bummer cause I liked my phone. Now I have to drive back home tomorrow AGAIN (just went back yesterday) to get it cause I need it. My job apps all had my cell number on them.

    Also, Office Max is looking kind of promising. I hope I get a job there.

    *PS, why driving home sucks right now. It's an hour one way with no A/C or Cruise Control. Plus the gas usage when I'm jobless at the moment.

  7. alright, now I'm really confused. My laptop seems to be doing it now too. I haven't run any games but I did watch some TV in Media Center (tuner card). It's doing the exact same crap. So now I'm starting to think it isn't video card related on my desktop. It certainly can't be cause my laptop uses an entirely different GPU (ATI Radeon HD3200).

    I can't think of anything that'd cause explorer to crash like that.

  8. Well got some of my crap moved in today and got the electricity changed over to my dad's name. I'm already back home. I have more stuff to take tomorrow. I also have to buy a new desk. My old one, the keyboard tray keeps falling off. Amazingly, Comcast is going to get my TV and Internet hooked up tomorrow. The apartment manager was right. You call the guy on the sheets in the office, he'll get ya setup quick.

    Man I'm tired though. Moved a lot stuff. I gotta get up, get a haircut at 8:30 in the morning then bolt it on over to the Boro and let the Comcast guy in.

  9. Alright, this computer has had a GeForce 8800GT since I installed Vista and has had the same hardware for the most part the whole time (it's been over a year). I finally spotted a sale on an EVGA GeForce GTX275 (which I've been wanting since it was released in April) on newegg. So I got it. First I uninstalled the old nVidia drivers I had in Safe Mode(they had released some new ones recently that I hadn't gotten yet). I then shut the system down and did the swap. Start it up and installed the then current drivers. It was OK for a while but then it started acting strange.

    Sometimes I'd boot the computer and my main Monitor would be at the wrong res. Then it seemed if I would run a game like GRID, Crysis, or Team Fortress 2 (didn't seem to matter what game) later, while navigating my folders Explorer would just crash and restart. I could go right back into my folders and it'd do it again over and over. BUT if restarted the system, it'd be fine. It could run for a long time no prob unless I ran a game. Then afterwords (but not always immediately) Explorer would start crashing again. Oddly, nothing else is affected. Firefox is fine, Thunderbird is fine, games will still load and run perfectly but Explorer will crash quite often. I installed new nForce drivers for my motherboard and that fixed the wrong res on start up problem. Then I tried doing an update to Vista SP2, still I get the Explorer crashing problem.

    So I tried using I think Driver Sweeper in Safe Mode to completely wipe any remains of the older nVidia drivers. Then I rebooted and installed and even newer driver that was just released but the problem still persists. This install has been on here for well over a year with no problems until now. I'd really prefer not to reinstall Vista due to the fact I have CRAPLOAD of stuff to reinstall and another bunch of crap to back up like bookmarks, emails, and game data (I've got the Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos folders on another drive though, thank god).

    So anyone got any clues as to what's wrong or do ya'll think it'd be best just to bite the bullet and go through the monstrous PITA it is to reinstall everything? It might fix another small prob or 2 in the process (just minor annoyances that I can live with easily).

    Thanks for any help.

    PS, My Specs:

    Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard (nForce 590 SLI)

    AMD Athlon X2 6000+

    4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 RAM

    EVGA GeForce GTX 275 896MB Superclocked

    SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Profess1onal

    Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2

  10. Well, I've been packing up a lot of my junk. I got some boxes that weigh a ton. Kickin off the move with car maintenance. Washed and cleaned out my car yesterday and am getting ready to change the oil in a little while. Gotta do it now since they don't allow you to do stuff like that in the apartment parking lot.

    Tomorrow is the beginning of the move. I'm not sure if I'll get completely moved in and stay right away tomorrow. I may have to start Friday and finish Saturday. I know my roommate won't be able to move in Friday due to work.

  11. Well, you don't have the newest version yet. Maybe they've fixed it in the new RTM.

    I actually switched from XP over a year ago to Vista when it hit me just how bad XP behaved on my gaming rig. I had the pre-SP1 copy of Vista Home Premium x64 and before SP1, it was actually pretty bad. I had it on for a day or 2 and went back to XP for a little while. Then I realized XP wasn't acting much better (unbearably slow in anything other than a game). SP1 rolls along, I try Vista again, install the SP1 update, and voila. PERFECT. No more slow apps, more stable (that blew me away), better looking, DX10 (that's actually the final reason I switched, to play Crysis in DX10). I loved it. Now it seems to be acting up some but that's partly due to the video drivers after switching from a GeForce 8800GT to a GeForce GTX275 but I think I've got them fixed. I'd say it's pretty good to have the same install for over a year and a half and it still work fairly well despite all the hardware changes.

  12. Card COULD be overheating some. Also do you overclock it cause overclocking can cause that to happen too. My old GeForce FX 5700 Ultra I had years ago on one of my old systems did something similar but I can't remember if overclocking, heat, or both caused it. The whole computer locked up in that situation though. If you overclock too far it can cause serious issues in multiple ways.

    You could also have a driver conflict. Which driver did you have at first? They JUST released a new one. I'm not sure if works for 7 series or if it's just for the 8 series and up. I just downloaded 190.38 for my GTX 275 but haven't installed it yet (still running 186.18). If that wasn't the one you had, give it a whirl and see what happens.

    Also like Pete_C stated, check the refresh rates and resolution both in the nVidia console and in the games' settings. Often times, games will have control of refresh rates as well. I have to make sure to set all my games to 60Hz at 1920x1200 since that's my monitors native settings.

    Also make sure that the card is seated properly in the slot just for good measure.