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  1. What I've always found funny is that the reason why Windows has all the Malware and crap is cause it's the most commonly used OS. If Mac's user base increases (well actually it already has), then more people are gonna start writing more malware for it. Then all the people that got suckered in by those retarded ads will be pissed to find out malware DOES exist on Macs. Don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on Macs per se, but I am sick of all the misconceptions people have about either. And I hate the snob factor it creates in most people (no offense to anyone on here). I've come across too many people thinking they are so cool and better than me cause they own a Mac (and even funnier, half of them don't know jack about them or computers in general). "I've got a MacBook and you've got some Windows HP pile of junk"..... cram it. My HP's got Blu-Ray and I have a desktop I FRICKIN BUILT. ...... Sorry. Rant over now.
  2. Wow, discovered this song with one of my new singles: KOTOKO - Message I have to say it's well done and not like KOTOKO's other stuff. It doesn't have that typical Jpop sound so much. The guitar work is really good and sounds kinda like Rush. Drums don't sound like it though I don't think anyone can sound like Neil Peart.
  3. Just downloaded some new anime singles. And I'm in love with one. I started watching a series called Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (kinda of a redundant name if you ask me but the series is great so far) the first opening song is GREAT. KOKIA - Karma it's a powerful and beautiful sounding song. Bee Train is the studio that animated the series and they always get some spectacular music for their shows. I was kinda bummed to find out that FictionJunction/Kajiura Yuuki wasn't doing any of the music (she worked on MADLAX and El Cazador de la Bruja which were both Bee Train series) but the music is still great. There's a second song of course on the single: KOKIA - Insonnia it's a quiet but very pretty sounding song. It put me in a very relaxed state listening to it. The ending theme however is done by Ali Project, which I've gotten tired of. All of her stuff is very repetitious and sounds the same. She doesn't even have to sing for me to figure out it's her. It only takes a coupla seconds cause all her stuff sounds the same. I liked some of her stuff back a coupla years ago. Really, the openings for Rozen Maiden and Rozen Maiden Traumend were about the only ones by her I really liked, and the song Coppelia no Hitsugi that she did for the opening of Noir (another Bee Train series) was alright too cause it was different than the rest of her stuff.
  4. I use Thunderbird to access both my Gmail and ISP accounts at the same time. Wanna talk about simple. I enter one password, 3 accounts get checked at once. Which reminds me, I need to add my Comcast one to it (the ISP one I have in it is mine from my parents' ISP back home).
  5. Why use either? They are both pretty awful.
  6. Yeah, just had to show my Student ID. A lot of places do that here. Man nobody gave C-State students discounts though other than places that gave ANY college student discounts.
  7. I'm running 7 at work. So far I really like it. The only thing I've noticed is that Windows 7 takes a lot longer to copy files. For example, when I was running Debian 5.0 Linux on my office computer and I wanted to copy files from my thumb drive onto my HD it would take less than a minute. Now with 7 it takes at least 4X as long. All in all I have not encountered any deal breakers yet with 7. Wasn't that how Vista was at first? I remember my old Laptop when I first got it, it was early in Vista's life (pre-SP1) and it took it's sweet time to copy anything or Unzip anything. I used to use Winrar to unzip .zips on it cause of how long Vista's took but I think after SP1 or just some update, they changed how it handled copying and it became much quicker and even Vista's unzipping became faster (Winrar was no longer any faster).
  8. And if I don't work there, it's still good food that I get 10% off for being an MTSU student.
  9. Another promising job opportunity. Chile's. Guy told me to come back about 2-4 on Monday or Tuesday, fill out and app and ask to hand it to a manager. The guy said they were hiring.
  10. Not sure but the way it worked was if you ran uTorrent or whatever and added a torrent to the list it would see how many seeds and peers there were but would not make any connections.
  11. Well, after going three times, the Help Desk finally got it sorted out. They first had to reset my wireless account then set a 64-bit exception. Once they did that, it was even recognizing avast. BUT I was rejected again temporarily because I had uTorrent installed. First off, the network should block torrent activity anyway (that's the way CSCC worked). It seems stupid that I should have to uninstall it to use their wireless network. I just did it anyway since I mostly only use torrents on my desktop.
  12. I walked to school today. Not that bad. Takes about 20-25 minutes to get there. Just so happened to meet a girl that was in MTSU's anime club today. It seems they may be set up just a bit better than CSCC's but I still think I'll stay out of it. I'm weird in the fact that I love anime but hate most of the stuff that people who join these clubs like (cosplay, conventions, etc.). I met her while waiting to get help at Network Services. They took so long that I had to just leave and go to my next class. I can't believe how poorly setup their wireless network is. Let me explain how CSCC's worked. Turn on laptop, get wireless signal (it was saved so it connected automatically), open browser, CSCC login page loads, enter student account and password, use the frickin internet. MTSU, NOOOOOO can't do it the easy way. You have to install some stupid ass network access software that determines if your computer is compatible...... CSCC basically said, if your computer has a wireless card, it's compatible (didn't matter what hardware or OS you had). Mine got rejected at MTSU for three reasons and was denied access to the network. 1. It said I had a registry entry that was incorrect. AMD64. Only x86 platforms are allowed...... WHAT!?!?!?!? Practically every PC sold now runs on a 64-bit platform, and over half come preinstalled with Vista x64 now. Reason number 2. No anti-virus. What the hell do you think avast ANTI-VIRUS is? Reason 3. I'm so PO'ed I can't even remember anymore. Everyone I talked to waiting in line said the colleges they came from were all like CSCC's. Log-in and be on your merry way. Who on earth thought this crap at MTSU would be a good idea? And who set that crap to reject 64-bit platforms? That right there is a severe case of mental retardation if you ask me. They think it's securing their network but it's actually doing nothing but pissing off a bunch of people. Here's the kicker, CSCC and MTSU are sister schools both run by the Tennessee Board of Regents. OH, and I think the parking issue stems from the fact that they have record enrollment this year (I think about 3,000 more students) at 24,000 students and no one expanded the parking to accommodate the extra students.
  13. I may be able to get my dad to get me a bike. I'll try walking first. My roommate just took me to class today. I emailed my teacher for my first class that I missed. He seems pretty cool. He let me know what I missed which apparently wasn't much. OK, if I can get transport worked out, I may like it. I made it to my Media Writing class which seems like another Comp class but Sight, Sound, and Motion was pretty cool. I get to work with classmates on photo and Video projects. The class I missed was Surveying new Media Communications I think. Tomorrow I have American Media and Social Institutions and then Intro to Philosophy. Fun. I just think Sight, Sound, and Motion will be cool. It seems I already have project partners, one who is an aspiring director who already edits video, and the other despite being younger than me, owns 2 small production companies. One supports the other by being the makeup side. I.... well, I guess I can manipulate images in Photoshop to some degree. Apparently I'm one of the the oldest excluding one dude in his late 30's or 40's in both the classes I went to with me being 21 and most of the others being 19-20. I am a little behind but still I was one of only 2 or 3 Juniors in each class which is weird cause I thought these were all higher level classes. Apparently I was wrong.
  14. I have the sneaking suspicion that if I leave early and drive, i still won't find a spot. I went to 6 different parking lots looking for a spot.
  15. I hate MTSU already and I haven't even been to my first class.... cause I missed it. There is NOWHERE to park there. Every frickin lot FULL. HOW!? They really need to rethink the parking situation there. I'm walking to my next class. I'm just gonna leave the car here, step out the door about 45 minutes to an hour before class and walk. I'm not trying to find a spot again. Screw that.
  16. Recently found something. Rhapsody, now known as Rhapsody of Fire. They sound kinda like DragonForce.... only better. After hearing Rhapsody, I don't even really care for DragonForce anymore. Rhapsody likes to incorporate orchestral pieces into into their stuff. Kinda like TSO on crack without the Christmas theme. They are classified as Power metal, symphonic metal, progressive metal, neo-classical metal I think.
  17. No I did that to correct a spelling error (I'm anal like that). I said it was onboard from the beginning. Besides, look at when I posted. I made the last post before the edit.
  18. That's what I just said. It's probably onboard.
  19. It's Realtek so it's likely onboard. I'm willing to bet that either a setting was unknowingly changed or the Mic jack is wore out.
  20. Listening to the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Soundtrack. Or rather I'm just going into the program files to listen to songs. Awesome orchestral arrangements. Kinda like listening to John Williams stuff, only it's it's Michael Giacchino.
  21. Yeah, no kiddin'. When my wardrobe consists mostly of black/dark green/dark blue novelty T-shirts, blue jeans and khaki shorts, I'm pretty sure Men's Wearhouse ain't for me.
  22. And no go on that job but it's a good thing. I realized in the interview that working there probably would have been worse than my old restaurant job. OK, from now on, clothing stores are out. I'm gonna bug OfficeMax relentlessly now, Best Buy too.
  23. That sounds like Microsoft's or the cable provider's problem. Try doing a manual guide update and see if that fixes it.
  24. Got my first Job interview tomorrow and thank God, it's not a restaurant. Men's Wearhouse.