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  1. That's what I thought but I tried everything under the sun to get it to play the videos right. Now in VLC, the video could keep up (the video lagged behind the audio real bad in CCCP) but was not smooth and sometimes would get so choppy they were unwatchable. It only did it with HD H.264 video. SD H.264 video played fine on either. Oh well. It's gone tomorrow and I'm gonna have some extra cash. I may have to end up spending it on tires though :( . I want a new one so I can have a warranty and my dad can have a laptop (I'm gonna give him the old one when I get a new one).

    Oh well, maybe I'll pull one of my Honda_Boy damn sure gets what he wants tricks. IE, don't spend a frickin dime until I can afford the expensive item I want. That's how I got my 24" LCD for my desktop.

  2. Yeah it is weird. I went on AMD's forums and asked why in the world it couldn't handle it and they kept trying to blame it on other things that I had already checked.

    Anyway, just wanted to also mention, the whole point of this thread is get ya'll to try and talk me out of getting that laptop or at least waiting longer cause it is expensive for me but I SOOOO want it.

  3. Well, now that it seems I have got my new laptop sold finally (yes NEW), I'm looking to get yet another one. This time however, I'm saving a few extra $$$ to spend on a higher end model. I'm looking for something that can meet these requirements.

    1. Play at least HD H.264 video at 720p (.mvk and .mp4 format) using the Haali Media Splitter in Zoom Player (in other words, using the Combined Community Codec Pack). My recent experience with a Mobile Athlon X2 QL-62, 2GB of RAM, and a GeForce 8200M has told me to go Intel this time around since apparently it could NOT handle this task despite the fact my older Intel Celeron 440M, 1.5GB RAM, Intel 945G laptop can do this without breaking a sweat.

    2. Lasts at least 2 hours on battery under light load (wireless internet browsing, music through headphones, Word 2007). The new one apparently could only last somewhere around an hour and a half under a light load. My older one with it's older battery lasts around 2 hours and it's even older battery (from my first laptop, trippy that my first 2 had identical batteries and chargers), lasts about an hour and a half and it's 2 1/2 years old. Heck, my old laptop's even been able to play video for over an hour on battery with the screen at full birghtness and still have at least 20 minutes left. I'd prefer something that could last around 3 hours but 2 is plenty considering I mostly use my laptops for school. I usually find a seat close to a plug but I need for it to at least last for 2 hours or more in case I can't find a seat close to a plug.

    3. Play Half-Life 2, Call of Duty 2, or any other not really new but still fun games (maybe even Call of Duty 4). Sometimes when I'm out and got time to kill but don't wanna watch anime (or don't have anime to watch), well, game on. I found it kinda pathetic that the new laptop with a GeForce 8200M had trouble with CoD2 and HL2: Episode One considering neither of these games are new and should've run fine with this GPU. I blame the CPU but I could be wrong. Still I figured if a Sempron 2800, ATI Radeon Express 200M, laptop could run HL2 and Counter Strike: Source (my first laptop) at the lowest setting decently, so could this one but it can't. But what's worse is my older one though good in HD video, sucked at 3D rendering cause it had trouble with the original 10 year old Half Life leaving StepMania as the only game I could play mobily. I love StepMania but it can get old sometimes.

    4. S-Video Out must be present. My old laptop has it, my first one had it, but this new one, nope. No S-Video. Say what? OK, I like to hook my laptops up to the TV every now and then to watch Top Gear or sometimes anime (with HD Widescreen anime, my desktop with a 24" 1080p LCD Monitor is fine) but my TV's are all older CRT's with S-Video.

    5. Size. 15.4" is fine for me. I hate small screens so anything smaller will drive me insane but 16-17" can be bulky and may not fit in my laptop backpack. Weight isn't too much of an issue considering I now have a backpack with a laptop compartment. In a messenger bag type case, my old one could feel kinda heavy but in a backpack, it feels like nothing.

    Now my price range looks like it's gonna be around $800 give or take. If move some money around and wait a coupla weeks, it might be around $900-$1000 at Best Buy (I have a $50 Gift Card to make a tiny little addition). I may though have to consider lower range laptops cause my car might need a few things soon, if not then we're all clear.

    So far this has been the best laptop I've found.

    Toshiba Satellite A305-S6898

    Great specs for the price (Core 2 Duo T5800, 4GB of PC2 6400 RAM, 320GB Hard Drive, Vista Home Premium 64-bit), good looking, great reviews, advertised 2 hour 45 Minute battery life (MobileMark 2007). It looks like it could handle most of my older and less demanding games (believe I won't be playing Crysis on it though :P), and it appears it can easily handle HD H.264 video. I think I'd have to wait a little on so when I bought it, i wouldn't be completely broke but think it'd be worth it.

    If anyone has some suggestions of laptops it different (lower) price points or possibly a laptop with comparable performance to this one at a better value, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

  4. Well, i searched on Honda-Tech and found a recent posting with someone having the exact same problem out of a D16Y7 (1.6L SOHC non-VTEC, the engine that my car originally came with). I posted in it explaining that mine was a completely different engine doing the same thing and I posted the video of my B16A2 doing it (the OP also had vids of his D16 doing it). So far the responses have been mostly things that my boss and I had theorized.

  5. Wow, MIT! Geez way to make me feel dumb. I go to a community college :P But hey, I'm not majoring in tech crap though (anymore that is). Gots me A's in Digital Graphic Arts and Social Problems and B's in Psychology and Networking I. Dumping the CIS major for something more along the lines of either, Mass Comm, Psychology, Sociology, or Art with an emphasis in Digital Graphic Arts. Not sure what yet.

    Hope you aren't majoring in Theoretical Physics. :rolleyes: (It's a Half-Life joke for those of you that don't get it)

  6. I would have no clue if it's throwing a CEL code for something cause my CEL has been blazing from the day I bought the car cause of a Code 91 for a nonexistent FTP Sensor that 96-00 Hatchbacks lacked but 99-00 Si's had (motor/transmission/ECU is out of a 99 Si). I'd need a diagnostic tool to find out most likely.

    My car is gonna take a trip to Jimmy's Automotive (Honda Specialist) after Christmas any way. Gonna save up some money, buy any parts I know I need, do what I can and let Jimmy finish the rest.

  7. Well even after new gas, it's doing it again and it's spread to idle now. It does real mildly at idle then opening the throttle a little makes it worse until you go past a certain point then it revs fine. My boss and I were looking at it yesterday and his theory is something is wrong in the ignition. I think it's something wrong with the fuel delivery or the throttle. I think either a dirty fuel filter, clogged fuel line, dirty injectors, TPS is messed up, idle valve is messed or something is up with the throttle body. My plan is to change the fuel filter and give the car a tune-up and hope it goes away.

    Thing is though, it only starts after the car's been running a while and doesn't always happen. Yesterday, it happened on the way to work but not on the way home. Then after work, I left home and went somewhere with a friend for a little bit. It started doing just as I almost got to where I was going. When I went back home, it didn't do it. What's also strange is, when it starts doing it, the throttle response is weird. Say I'm in gear going down the road, there's like a tiny dead space in the throttle that if I just barely let up on the gas, I lose all throttle and the car kinda jerks like the engine is cutting out. It's really weird and hard to explain.

    Oh well, I'll just order a ton of parts after Christmas and get to work.

  8. Well that's what happened last time. It kept happening till the next fill-up. Plus it wasn't erratic idle. It was bouncing while slightly opening the throttle. In the video you will see me getting out of the car and slightly pressing the throttle from under the hood making it do that. The idle was fine. But now it's not doing anymore so I don't care. I just assume it's bad gas cause both times it's happened, I filled up stations I've never filled up at before and the problem disappeared the first time after I filled back up at a usual station and it appears the same has happened again.

  9. Well, it only did the bouncing revs thing that one day. The next day I never went past 3rd gear trying to burn up that gas quicker. I was purposely doing jack rabbit starts and winding it out. I only did it one day but I certainly wasn't trying to save gas after that. I knocked my fuel mileage down from the typical 26-28 to 23 MPG. Filled it up with fresh Texaco Premium this time. That's what I did last time I had the bouncing revs. I'm sure filling up at my usual Shell would've been fine too but I figured I'd just repeat what I did last time.

  10. "i dont understand why the usa hasent

    gone into alternate fuels "

    Because it's cheep, just filled up tonight $1.57 an gallon when it hits $5 then we'll see alternatives. We had $4 gas this summer and thats all anyone could talk about now fuels under $2 not so much.

    Yeah no kiddin. Right now, I don't care too much cause it only cost $18 to fill my car up with premium today. That's less than when I was last filling my old car with regular over 2 years ago.

  11. According to Top Gear (or more specifically James May), Hydrogen is the future of motoring. It makes sense since it is the most abundant element in the world.

    Note folks that Top Gear is a legitimate automotive show (from Britain) but it's also an entertainment (comedy) show as well so forgive some of the jokes in this cause overall it's a serious review (which is why James May is doing it and not Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Hammond). Also another note, in the same episode a Tesla electric sports car was also tested. That's what he was referring to.

  12. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but I like to use Comodo Firewall. It's incredibly ANNOYING but it's just trying to protect your system. The newer version is less annoying than the old version I used to use but still can be a tad annoying. it's a good firewall and I'll continue to use it.

    And I also use a free CD burning program. I use CDBurnerXP. Despite it's name, it works in Vista as well (I use it on Vista x64). The only problem with it is it does not have support for burning DVD video. I burns Data DVD's though.

    A good CPU/Mobo/Chipset/RAM identifier that's good to put on a thumb drive is CPU-Z. I use it to learn exactly what each computer I work is.

    I used to use the free version of Winamp for music. It has great library and playlist organization. I have since though paid for the full version so I could rip my CD's in MP3 format.

    FRAPs is great for gamers to see what framerates they are getting in their games. I have since paid for the full version of it too so I could record unlimited in game video.

    Audacity is a good freeware audio editing program. I've used it to add effects to audio, cut up songs for ringtones, and other stuff.

    The Combined Community Codec Pack (aka the CCCP) is the one stop codec pack for all your video needs. I use this for watching my anime since it has support for h.264 video with soft subtitles and AAC audio but it works for practically any video format. It comes with 2 free video players too. It comes with Media Player Classic Homecinema and it comes with Zoom Player. I like Zoom Player personally due to it's ease of use. It however is the free version missing a few of the full version features that I don't mind not having.

    VLC Media Player is a good media player that comes with its own codecs that also support H.264 video but it doesn't work quite as well as CCCP (not all .mkv videos work and it occasionally has trouble with soft subtitles) but it does support DVD playback which is my primary use for it. I also use it to take video screen shots.

    the GIMP is a free but powerful image editor much like Photoshop. Personally if I had the cash, I'd much rather have PS CS4 x64 but for free, you can't beat the GIMP.

    Older versions of 3DMark and PCMark are free with limitations but recently the new Vantage line can only be run once on a system without paying. The basic versions are really cheap though and I have paid for basic license of 3DMark Vantage. But again, the first use is free which typically is all you need but since I plan to run on more than one system, more than once, I just went ahead and paid for it.

    Of course, we have good ole Firefox which I'm sure I don't need to mention but guess what, there's also Thunderbird, FireFox's email cousin. It's quite nice. I even have MS Office Outlook and don't use it. I prefer Thunderbird.

    Since I have Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate, I no longer use this but it's still quite nice for the price. OpenOffice. I used it before my school switched to Office 07. The main reason I switched though was that I was able to get the Ultimate version of Office for only $60 through a school program.

    ObjectDock gives a Mac like dock to put icons on. I like to have shortcuts readily available but my desktop was getting cluttered so I moved all my main apps/utilities to it (FF, TB, avast!, CDBurnerXP, Comodo, uTorrent, etc.) and left all my game icons on the desktop.

    uTorrent is one of many torrent programs out there but uTorrent is lightweight and quick. I like it a lot more than BitTorrent.

    And my probably most used free program next to FireFox. StepMania. A fun DDR like game for the PC that you download and add songs too. It's a good time killer.

    There. A list that's probably a little longer than it shoulda been.

  13. Most of the people that slid off the roads here were in Front Engine RWD cars.

    There's still snow on the ground here. I took pictures with my cell of what it looked like yesterday at around 11:30 AM and 3:45 PM and my parents took pictures with the digicam at times later than that I think. I just gotta get em and upload em.

  14. Musta gotten some bad gas again. On my way to work, my revs started to bounce around 1700 RPM's and it jerked real bad takin off at one point. Looks like I'm gonna be driving in lower gears until I get all that crap out of it and get the good stuff back in it. Last time it happened, I filled up at an Exxon. This time it was at a Shell but not one I had ever filled up at before. Usually I either go to the shell outside my neighborhood or I go to Texaco. Last time this problem happened, I put in Texaco and the problem disappeared.

    Here's a video I took last time it happened:

  15. And having said that:

    As of 6:30 or so after the friggin power came back on




    Yeah, it came a flash snow storm causing many to slide off the roads, many wrecks, and me to leave my car at work and ride home with the manager who has a 4WD Jeep. It snowed for good 2 hours HARD. Usually if there's even a hint of snow, road crews have already salted the roads but this was entirely unexpected.

  16. I wouldn't knock consumer models. My older Compaq has been slung around and had the crap knocked out of it, and it still runs like a champ. I broke the LCD by dropping a the metal side panel off a tower on it (corner hit it I think) so I think that'd take out the LCD on any laptop. After replacing the the LCD though, it's still chuggin along.

    And why do you want the little stick mouse. I used to think they were better but really, touch pads to me are the way to go once you get used to them. Plus they can click by just tapping the pad.

  17. I recommend you buy my laptop for $500 :P Nah. I've been trying to get rid of my new one (yes the NEW one) cause it disappointed me some and some other little things. Couldn't decode HD 720p H.264 video using CCCP codecs quickly enough to play video correctly (lagging video), hour and a half battery life, MS Office 2007 Ultimate couldn't be activated (my license limits me to one desktop and one laptop and it was already registered to the old laptop), and the gloss exterior annoyed the living crap outta me (fingerprints EVERYWHERE).

    I've liked my HP/Compaq's just not the newest one. It's biggest faults were due to the processor though(Athlon X2 QL-62). At this point, I will probably not buy nor suggest AMD anymore unless they get their act together. I've heard of better performance and battery life out of newer Turions but still, there just isn't an excuse for that Athlon being outperformed by a Celeron 440M in HD 720p H.264 video decoding. Also, a year and half old laptop getting better battery life with it's OEM battery and an even older battery out of an older laptop (2 and half years old) is also messed up. I just don't see how a lower end processor can get such catastrophically bad battery life (this is reported by more than just me).

    OK rant over

    I suggest either HP/Compaq or Toshiba. The one I'm lookin to get as a replacement for the piece I bought is a Toshiba using an Intel Pentium Dual Core (it's essentially a reworked Core 2 Duo) and it has great ratings on Newegg. Stay away from AMD Athlon X2 QL processors. I would stick with newer Turions if you went AMD but by now, I'm leaning towards Intel as much as it pains me to say that.

    I personally do not like Dells considering the utter piece of garbage my friend's Dell was. It was poorly made, poorly laid out, and the battery lost all ability charge after only 2 years.

    PS, I bought that new Compaq cause I broke my old Compaq's LCD. Spent $633 on it, then turned around and paid $100 for replacement LCD for the old one. Shoulda done that to start but no. I HAD to have a new laptop. <_<

  18. Been a while since I've updated. The clutch pressure problem disappeared ages ago. Guess I didn't bleed it right or something but it's perfect now.

    Recently, my car hasn't been warming up while moving (in this cold weather temps 40 F and less). I could leave it idleing for about 15-20 minutes and it'd warm up but once I got moving the temp would plummet. The temp gauge would drop below the C mark. Now this meant I would FREEZE MY @$$ OFF while driving most places cause the heat wouldn't get going right. While talking to my dad I realized it was thermostat cause my 1985 Pontiac Sunbird had the same problem and my brother and I swapped the thermostat, problem gone. Went to Advance Auto and got a new thermostat and gasket went home, popped off my radiator cap and realized I wasn't working on a 1985 Pontiac Sunbird. The Sunbird, the thermostat was in the radiator cap. The Civic, backside of the block. Crap. So today, my friend came by and helped me swap it out and MAN are those bolts inaccessible and when you get them undone and get the old thermostat out, it makes a hell of a mess. I guess that's why the crap I looked up suggested you drain the radiator. We didn't do that cause the inaccessibility of the drain plug for the radiator (I think I needed to take the front bumper cover off). Still we had a metal pan underneath the car that caught most of it and we poured oil dry on the rest. We refilled the radiator, started the car, let the fluid get into the system, and topped it off.

    My friend left cause he was about to freeze (it was 30-32 out, I have a higher tolerance for cold) and I test drove the car. Not only did the temp stay where it was supposed to, I found out that my car's heater freakin ROCKS!!! You can cook crap with it, it's so hot. I never knew how good it was cause the dern engine would never warm up. Now, I need to get the nerve up to change the oil cause I forgot to do it before it got cold. I also need to after Christmas to buy some tune up parts and do a good tune up. Then I need to take it to Jimmy (my Honda Specialist mechanic) and have the timing belt and water pump changed.