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  1. Well I'm currently installing Ubuntu to my old rig on an old spare hard drive. After I finish that, I believe I'll install....... Windows 7 :P I just got the Windows 7 Beta and I'll be installing it on my main rig on another spare drive. I think I'm just finally gonna trash my old XP install since I'll probably never use it again.

    I hope I like Ubuntu more than Kubuntu cause honestly, I HATED Kubuntu.

  2. No ABS on a 96 Civic CX. Still though, typically discs provide better braking power. I plan to eventually swap the front brakes to Integra brakes as well since they are bigger. Stock CX discs are really small.

  3. No kiddin, I had no idea how bad my ride had been getting (except at 65+, my wheels were so out of balance that it'd shake a ton) but after the new tires and an alignment, it was like night and day. The ride was smoother, stickier (as in it gripped better), and quieter.

    One guy is offering me some Integra rear brakes off of a 92. I'd rather have 94+ but a complete setup for $100 is a good price.

  4. And I'm now pricing out a complete suspension overhaul to do after all the other stuff. I just want a new suspension bad. I did want another laptop real bad after I sold the one I didn't like but now that these little problems are popping up, my interest has switched out of computer mode and back into car mode and I'm gonna focus that laptop money into the suspension. Thing is, I still have a functioning laptop but my suspension is a bit of a mess. It's practically all stock with mild lowering springs and it's drivin me nuts that that's all it is. I want this stinkin car on a track and what I have now ain't gonna cut it.

    So far:

    KYB GR2 Shocks + Neuspeed Sport Spring Combo - $391

    BLOX Rear Lower Control Arms - $115

    BLOX Rear Sway Bar Kit - $160

    Neuspeed Rear Lower Tie Bar - $117

    Password JDM Front Strut Tower Bar $150

    I'm gonna start it all off with just the Shock/Spring Combo. That'll do wonders by itself. I'm amazed at the combo price that InLineFour is offering on that considering separated, it'd be like $500+. I was amazed I could find this whole load of parts sub $1000. Problem is installation. I could either take it to Jimmy and have him charge me an arm and a leg for each part or buy a case of beer and ask some TennSpeed/Honda-Tech members to help me. Seriously, that's all it takes. Free beer. Sometimes pizza or soda. The reason why I'm considering this option is because it's been done before a lot with good results. People do that quite often on TennSpeed to get good but cheap work done. Also when I had Jimmy put my H&R Springs in, the installation cost more than the springs. He's an ASE Certified pro and runs a business though. He's also given me deals on work before that would have cost more at other shops and has given me parts before so it's a hard decision.

  5. My right rear drum is going bad now too. I'm lookin to do a rear disc conversion. Luckily, my Civic can use rear brakes from any 92-00 Civic (and I mean ANY, I can even use 5 lug JDM Type R brakes), any 90-01 Integra, any RSX, I'm sure even 01+ Civic brakes work too. There's other honda brakes that also work I think.

    I'll take care of the brakes next, then change the TPS. After that, I think I'll knock out the timing belt, water pump, and belt tensioner.

  6. I think this chain's been doin nitrogen for a while but I never heard of filling tires with nitrogen until I heard the GTR rolls out of the factory with nitrogen.

    Also, I did mild launch on the way to work today and it dug in pretty well. I'm likin my new tires.

  7. Oh man. Just got my new tires finally today along with an alignment. Got 4 brand new Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires, mounted and balanced, filled with nitrogen with free rotation, balance, flat repair, and nitrogen refill, AND an alignment for under $450. When I got those old BF Goodrichs at another place, it cost almost $500 for just the tires, mount, and balance.

    I know it's kinda dumb but I need to do a few test launches and see how well it digs in cause my old tires had seriously lost their grip towards the end wet or dry. I had traction issues takin off kinda hard from a red light one day (runnin late for work) in dry weather.

    Oh and to answer your question, Nitrogen is supposed to retain its pressure for longer, provide longer tire life, and improve fuel economy.

  8. Well, here I am again. I kinda wanna try Linux again but I don't quite know which distro I should go with. I've had experience with Fedora Core 4, Fedora Core 6, and Kubuntu. Lets see, I hated FC6, couldn't do anything with Kubuntu, actually used FC4 for a coupla months but did nothing more than use the GIMP and OpenOffice on it. I did once install Wine in FC4 and got a Windows based Super Nintendo emulator to work and played a game on it. Other than that, I'm practically linux retarded.

    I was thinkin maybe I should give Ubuntu a shot instead of Kubuntu. But there are others I've seen that sparked my interest.

    In all honesty, I probably will have NO practical use for Linux, but it's good to be familiar with it I think. I've learned pieces about it in Networking I and Programming I but nothing significant. For a gamer/anime watcher like me, Windows is the main choice but you never know if I might wind up at a job where I need to at least know some about Linux.

    Thanks for suggestions.

  9. I agree, VLC player is excellent, however there is a full codec for classic, hold on let me find it. kk I got it.

    K-Lite Codec pack (full)

    Give CCCP a shot. It's typically the choice of most fansubbed anime viewers (and others) on Windows (there are no Mac or Linux versions). According to most of what I read, it is considered a better pack (I never actually used it cause I was already using CCCP by the time I had heard of it). I had friends on Honda-Tech (in the Anime Megathread) that were complaining that they couldn't get some of their videos to play right and we asked what they were using. They said K-Lite, we instructed them to use CCCP and problem solved. It's also on AnimeSuki's homepage as the recommended Codec Pack for fansubs as well.

  10. Linux:-)

    Lol do you want an OS war? I'm willing to fully defend Windows XP

    And I'm willing to defend Vista :P Actually for all my older systems XP is great, but my latest build hated XP. It refused to run right with XP but under Vista x64 it's great. Go figure.

    Anywho, I noticed you had Media Player Classic up there. I'll do ya one better:

    Combined Community Codec Pack. Comes with every codec you'll ever need for video plus it comes with Media Player Classic Homecinema and the free version of Zoom Player. I personally prefer Zoom Player. I like its interface more. Basically the CCCP will allow you to watch almost any type of video (though it's main purpose is H.264 playback) but works for most players as well. It'll work in WMP, DivX, Winamp and naturally the players it comes with but again, I prefer Zoom. In my opinion, DivX is too unstable, I don't like how Winamp handles video (I only use it for audio), and I just flatout don't like WMP at all.

    There's also:

    VLC Media Player. It too offers H.264 playback but doesn't function as well as the CCCP does in that task BUT it does play DVD's and takes screenshots and that's why I have it too.

  11. Sounds as if the hard drive might be dying. When I had a hard drive die on me, it got to where it'd take forEVER to load anything. Windows took 10 minutes to start towards the end. I quickly froze the drive (literally, stuck it in a freezer for a few hours), then slaved it to another and backed up all that I could (about eight 150+ MB videos didn't transfer out of 300-400 or so).

    Just how long is it taking to load Windows exactly?

    You say a games can load but are unplayable so that leads to lean more towards overheating though. Once the game is loaded, it's in Memory so the performance would be more impacted by heat than a failing hard drive. Be sure to check all the temperatures.

  12. Well, turns out my car is going to be riding on Falken Ziex ZE-912 tires. Called the tire places today, the one I went to last time was going to take too long to get the tires I wanted plus it was going to be too expensive for the tires. It was going to cost, if I bought from them, somewhere around $450 to buy, mount, and balance the KUMHOS. That's ridiculously high. I called another place that was listed as a Tire Rack recommended installer. They said if I bought from them instead of Tire Rack, I could get free rotation and balance and free flat repair AND they offered me a discount. The price with purchase, mount, and balance of the Falken's was $414. If I ordered the Kumho's from Tire Rack and had them installed at the same place it would be about $350 but I wouldn't get free rotation and balances or the free flat repair. They even said they'd fill the Falkens with Nitrogen. That's what the do for the Nissan GT-R! And to top it off, they said I could even return the tires if I didn't like them. Man, they sounded determined to get me to buy from them. Now, just gotta wait till Friday for when they come in.

    Oh, and the Falkens are V rated All-Season Performance Touring tires with a 40000 Mile warranty. Sweet.

    Oh, here's the tire:

  13. I think I'm just gonna call the place I got BF Goodrich tires from and see how much the Kumhos will cost from them (they are an authorized Kumho dealer as well) and then call another place that is a Yokohama dealer and maybe ask them about some Toyos too since that is their main brand.

  14. Well, it got warmer and all signs of the problem disappeared. We'll see what happens when it gets colder again. I don't think it's really temp related though cause the first time it happened was in June 2007.

    Anyway, since I'm gonna have a little extra cash, new rubber is going on. I debating between Yokohama S.Drives or Kumho Ecsta ASX's. The S.Drives have better traction in both wet and dry conditions but are summer tires with no mileage warranty and are more expesive, while the ASX's are all season (though most complain that the snow traction sucks anyway) and cheaper with a 40,000 mile warranty. Thing is I think I'd rather have the S.Drives for the sake of grip but the Kumho's are cheaper with a mileage warranty. I could care less about the snow traction cause there's barely any snow around here and even with my all season tires, I parked my car when it snowed.

    I'd most likely get away with only spending about $300-350 or so installed with the Kumho's but closer to $400 with Yokohama's.