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  1. me well DERRRRRRRRRRRRR. I love Hondas. Before I matured though I used to be a huge fan of Mobile Suit Gundam (actually still am but to a lesser extent) and all my names had something to do with that like Wing Zero or RX-78 or GP-01 or Burning Gundam crap like that. By the way Gundam Seed sucks but the rest are great. Gundam Seed was too generic and the voicing was horrid. The original which had the same animation quality but better styling than Lupin the 3rd kicked the crap out of seed. I kinda miss being a Gundam Head. Man I wasted a LOAD of money on those action figures . P.S. Preston you know I am a Titans fan but even more GO VOLS!!!! GO BIG ORANGE!!!! GO UT!!!!! I like college football. But also GO LIONS!!!!! (not the crappy NFL team my high school's team ) and go Tigers (my Middle school's team but i really don't care about them any more i'm a senior in high school.)
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    i don't like Fords but hey
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    Ad Fot Bts

    i left my comment on there Great recruiting tactic man awesome
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    yeah i like a little coffee with my sugar and creme.
  5. hmm i think i'll get a moderator to lock or delte this shouldn't have started this thread i was just being my usual stupid self just wanted to see what people thought but flared something up. sry
  6. actually i've never had it either, but i've heard it is good and a 45 minute drive to the CompUSA in Cool Springs and i can get some OR i could just order some off the internet. they do it.
  7. it's not really that i am super PO'ed it's more of the fact that i am a smart butt, but i'm not gonna do anything. like i said before, i was just thinking "What if?" I'll help maybe but I don't see the kinda questions i used to always see and give advice too anymore so i wandered over here and found stuff for exactly what I like to talk about ..........computers not "my PS2 won't connect to the internet" or stuff like that. I'm a 17 year old High school senior and i don't own a single next gen console or portable. I got an SNES, Genisis, PS/X, N64, the old school gameboy from the 80's, and the forgotten game gear. I like PC's now..... and cars.....I love my car......'s fun to drive...... i'm rambleing.......
  8. Well i say don't just beat the living crap outta the guy just grab his throat lift him off the ground and tell him "what you'll do to him" if he doesn't cut the crap. Or if all else fails get an airsoft pistol or rifle paint the orange ring black and scare the bajeebies out of him.
  9. I'm only 17 and I love to drive and game soooooooooooo gimme a Bawls........... I hope to god ya'll know what that is or else I look like an idiot to a lot of ya'll
  10. ok i'll keep quite and stay nice that was what i was leanin towards buti was just thinking "what if?" i'll be good
  11. the only drawback of a PCI vs AGp card each with same GPU and memory is the slower bus speed will slow response times Example: My grandad's PC Athlon XP 2000+ originally had a 64mb GeForce 4 MX 420 PCI well for a short time i removed it and put in a 64MB GeForce2 MX400 AGP. Lower frame rates in bf1942 BUT when moving the mouse the moving images on the screen were smoother and the there wasn't any mouse lag like there was with PCI GeForce4. But now i don't worry about that at all. For folks that know me from G4. POINTLESS BUT STILL RELATED STORY TIME!!!!! This is why i said that card was in it a sort time. I thought my 5700 Ultra died so I ordered a 6600GT to replace it. While in the midst of using my friends GeForce4 Ti4200 temporarily i decided to give my 5700 Ultra another chance and it worked, but you know I ain't returnin that 6600GT so i crammed that old 5700 ultra beast into my grandad's pc. now games are worth playing on his PC. to bad his AGP is only 4X i can't max bfv like i could on mine.
  12. I was just about to post something on there to "help" somebody but it was something kinda stupid but then I stopped and said to myself "screw G4". So I thought should I just do something stupid. I may or may not. It's totally up to me but, I was just wonderin' what ya'll think. If I do get banned maybe I'll sneak back in and see if they can figure me out.
  13. take a look at some things on my sig and look them up and find what you need i started off with a case+psu, mouse, and mobo for xmas and a left over keyboard, video and sound card, speakers, and cd drives, then took 400 bucks and bought 512MB PC3200 RAM since upgraded to 1gb, bought an athlon xp3000+ 400MHz FSB version (warning in my experience the 400MHz FSB version tends to run hot i'm not sure why, sucky hsf i think, stay away from speeze and masscool) and i bought a new hard drive and OS. This was my system's original specs. Mobo= Same as sig CPU= same Memory= 512MB VC= Jaton 3DForce2 64 (64MBDDR GeForce2 MX400 Upgraded to eVGA 5700 Ultra) SC= Sounblaster Live 5.1! CD1=LG 40x CD-ROM CD2= same harddrive= same Keyboard=same mouse= same Monitor= 8year old 17" CTX VL700 speakers= Logitech Z-640 5.1 (actually just replaced them 3 days ago they died ) Edit* The Gigabyte GA-7N400-L is no longer made if you go for the closest thing it'll be the GA-7N400S-L basically the same just with added firewire and SATA
  14. i would swing more towards an eVGA video card and motherboard other than that i'd say ok for a budget setup. that ram is good just look at my sig, i use it but just hope you get the ones with PQI chips on them like i did. i've heard some folks got some with elixer chips that weren't all that great.
  15. Logitech Elite Cheap (or least they used to be), Reliable, and all around great keyboards. they gotta be good or else Logitech wouldn't have been makin them and basing other keyboards off it's design for years.
  16. What is that extension, all the proxy sites are blocked too. Last year we spent about week looking for a proxy that wasn't blocked. I already keep a firefox install in the unfrozen partition on the computer (on the computer I had last year I had the Half-Life Uplink demo in there and I think it is still there ).
  17. I think I'll spend more time here because I can access this site at school. They blocked G4 (probably my fault accessed everday for 2 weeks straight). Probably won't be long till they block this site. They've even blocked Tom's Hardware and Newegg. I think taht was my fault too.
  18. i might check back from time to time, and brett I am really an old friend from g4 cool yeah i have seen a few familiar "faces" here but i am too lazy to list everyone