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  1. i put the proper amount on the stuff burns away my fan doesn't spinfast enough and i have been told i could have contaminated it with oils from my hand which I very well could have BUT i have used articlean everytime.
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    I love stupid flash stuff i have loads on my pc. if law will allow it i could give you some stuff.
  3. ok as some of ya'll that know me from the other place already know i have been having a recurring problem of overheating and i've used artic silver5, 5-6 times. so i need a new HSF. i'd appreciate suggestions on a new one that isn't too expensive and will keep my Athlon XP 3000+ 400MHz FSB under 55 degrees C Thanks in advanced **** How I fixed it. I went to my local computer computer store and bought this cheapo Cooloer Master HSF , used articlean on my CPU and then attached this HSF (had a thermal pad), whooppee temps dropped from 60 idle 63-65 load to 50 idle 52-53 load. i'm thinkin of askin for a Zalman for Xmas though, just to make sure we stay icy. Games performance has improved especially SWAT4 and BF2. it had a strange copper slab bolted to the bottom of the hsf rather than having just a small exposed area. it also has a 60mm fan fan spinning at 3500 rpms and it is whisper quiet. man I love that store. didn't go in there to buy it. went in to ask for a job . ****
  4. i have an HP Photosmart 7760v that makes beautiful photos. just be sure to use good paper. i have printed some great 4x6's with it
  5. what gets me is he also dropped off a 10 year old 17 inch CRT with a mutilated VGA cable that works prfectly fine. i think he said his dad found them in a closet at his office. i am sure it is the back light cause i have to use a flashlight to see the menu on the blasted thing. i've tried every setting. the back light just flashes once every time it gets a signal. Ex. Boot the computer the Video card bios is visible for 1 second then same thing with the gateway log. then a quick flash of the bootloader. then a quick flash of the Windows 98 logo then a quick flash of green (background color) and then nothing unless i use a flashlight to see what i'm doing and change resolutions then guess what, a quick flash of my car (wallpaper). There what it does in a nut shell. Maybe i should take video of what it does then link it to ya'll but i'll call my friend and ask if he has another or call a repair place and ask a quote
  6. when my computer doesn't overheat playing BF2 or SWAT4 when driving my car when my room computer doesn't crap out when the speedometer actually works in my car
  7. i don't know if this makes any difference but the monitor is a Sceptre X7 Iguana
  8. everythin in the monitor works except the light. even when it isn't hooked p to anything it has the split second light i then hold the flash light to it and yep it still says no signal. and i have it hooked up to the sidewinder right now along with my Dell M991 in a clone output. I can hold the flashlight up to it and see the website right now and run the scroll wheel and see it scrollin.
  9. eBay you can get a pIII 800mhz for cheap you can get a 800mhz CPU alone for 20-30 bucks
  10. no i've tried 2 different cards and it does the exact same thing when not hooked up to anything when it says no signal I can put the flash light up to it and see the so signal text
  11. Ok it isn't the VGA cable. I removed it from the monitor all together and did the flashlight thing and sure enough I could see the no signal text. So it is defiantely not the cable . so what's wrong why is the back light not working right?
  12. Ok I just got an LCD monitor from my friend and I finally got a VGA cable for it but for some reason the backlight won't stay on for any more than 1 second. When I boot any computer I have it hooked up to it'll come on for one second then go "black" and anytime it recieves a new signal like when the windows logo comes up and when it actaully gets into windows it does it again. It'll light up for one second. Well I noticed if there is no light on it (took a bed cover put it on the monitor and over my head) and stuck a flash light right up on it and turned it on i could see the screen some so I know it works. I bought the cheap $9 Belkin cable. It's thin. If I bought the $40 cable that is basically the same as all my CRT monitors just with 2 ends, would it work? The one i bought is real thin and beige. Pease Help!
  13. Happy Birthday Man. How old are ya? Lemme take a stab at it. Sweet 16? Cause if it is, my B-Day gift to you is ........ a 1985 Pontiac Sunbird 2Dr FastHatch (Hatchback/FastBack)
  14. you can make fun of my mom's PT Cruisr the best it has ever gotten is 24mpg my parents have started to car pool to work in my dad's truck: 98 Toyota Tacoma 2WD that thing gets 28 in the city the cruiser only gets about 22 mine on average gets about 34
  15. sry tenmm I'm at school right now i can't look at those links and why do people here keep making fun of my small, light, fuel effecient, fun to drive, reliable, 5-speed, sound thumpin, fast, and loud ( but not that crappy beehive sound most tuners give, mine gives a deep menacing growl) 95 Honda Civic EX with VTEC tuning
  16. Well to add to my day my 15 year old nerdy friend gave me 2 monitors and i handed off my dead Logitech Z-640 5.1 speakers as a trade maybe he can fix or have someone fix them. By the way the 2 monitors he gave me, a 17 inch CRT, gonna use that one as a spare cause it's 10 years old, and he gave me a 17 inch Sceptre X7 LCD monitor. HECK YEAH!!! I'm gonna use that one on my room computer as soon as a I get a VGA cable for it. MAN what a day.
  17. Well first things first I was baptized today. Yay! Then I changed the oil in my car with the aid of my brother. After that we hauled the old oil from my car and all the rest in the basement to O'Reily's where my bro works and recycled the oil then bought some soft drinks. After that I got after my cars windows inside and out with some RainX Window Cleaner and sweated up a storm in that greenhouse I call a car. Man what a day. I'll have to go to O'Reil's again tommorrow (3rd day in a row) to get me a new hat. my Ameican Eagle one is 2 1/2 years old and has never been washed. It's about had it. And I ain't gettin another one cause I don't like to bled in with those preps at my school. I wear novelty t-shirts and the hat I'm gettin has the O'Reily's Logo and flames.
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    late 60's, 70's, 80's, early 90's, and very little modern Rock in all forms just about, progessive, hard, metal, arena, etc. Most of the stuff that The Rock at 105.9 plays. Rhema7 would know this station. "Classic rock that really rocks. The Rock at 105.9." But recently I have become addicted to the album Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche. Rush and Queensryche are to 2 favorite bands right now By the way: Rush= 70's to Present Day Progressive Queensryche= 80's to Present Day Metal
  19. click on the My Assistant thing at the top of he page there should be a link to mods and admins there that's howw i found it.
  20. I hate MGE. Their front USB connections broke!!!!! The case is sweet, but the fact I lost my USB connections ticks me off. The whole daggone piece inside came out when I unplugged one of my USB devices, I had to frickin use tweezers to get it out - it was all bent up. Ok I'm done ranting. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ya know what........SAME DANG THING HAPPENED TO ME.... but other than that the case is pretty bitchin. Good thing my mobo came with a backup rear USB panel just incase your case doesn't have front USB or if you bought an MGE
  21. YAY the crap place let you back.
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    Conquer Mmorg

    no thanks the only any kind of RPG i really liked was Chrono Trigger (and i mean really liked in fact i loved that game). Me I am a Realistic FPS guy. No fantastical crap. (and that includes Doom and Half-Life) I guess i say that because i love WWII history and I love the weapons used then and now. Tanks too. I just love that old Tiger, T-34-85, and the great Sherman.