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  1. i think i'll just install a fedora core 3 one. I don't have the time or patients to develop something myself. (I'm new to the linux world myself. only been usin it for a month and it's on my old computer anyway.) If there was a way to make all windows games to work flawlessly under linux i would drop M$ in a heartbeat but right now XP stays cause of games and my mom. she probably wouldn't like linux.
  2. is there a version of this wine dealy for Fedora Core 4. Latest one I saw was for 3
  3. wrong. nVidia makes the drivers not the card makers. the card makers offer extra software like overclocking utilities. but personally i prefer nVidia's Coolbits overclocking utility All nVidia GeForce Series and TNT2 Series Chipsets run off nVidia Forceware Drivers nVidia's driver page
  4. actually if ya wanna know my name is honda_boy cause i love hondas not because i drive a honda tuner. I take more pride in my home built Sidewinder PC. It's my pride and joy.
  5. mine's paid for too only probs i have outta it is the fenderwall (splashguard) on the front left fell out the other day (i knew it was gonna happen but i'm a slacker) the speedometer doesn't work right along with the lights on those crappy custom gauge faces my bro put in. him and his doo-dads. those stupid things are comin out tommorrow. i wonder what's gonna end up on the 97 civic he's tradin his 98 4Runner for. oh yeah, the horn don't work but that is cause the owner before my brother wrecked the poor car 3 times. (that's why the paint on the front of the car is slightly darker , it's newer!!!)
  6. actually my car is none of that it looks stock yes i have the stock wheels BUT with the stock covers and not either coverless or Wal-Mart covers i used to have 17 inch Enkei RSE with Kumho Supra Z-Rated tires. they rode like a bread wagon so i sold them to an idiot friend of mine was gonna pt them on a trashed CRX when he "fixes" it he's got a long way my car has been lowered but that was to compensate for the rims my brother just had to have and that i sold. i kept it that way cause i like the stance. under the hood i have an APC Mass air no big whoop i looks nice and gives a small performance gain. i have an APC strut tower bar that brother put in for all those twists and turns while racing....... riiiigghhhhtttt i have performance springs but i don't really care I have JDM styled Corner lights (solid amber not clear) but they are starting to fog so i'm gonna order the real thing soon something broke on the orignals so i need new ones no matter what kind i have an APC muffler cheap but the best soundin cheap muffler you'll ever hear. all the rest in my town sound like bee hives. mine has a deep menacing growl and it improves performance a little as for sound I have a Pioneer Premier 50x4 no amp Pioneer premier 220w 4 ways in the rear and Pyle 180w 2 ways in the front along with the factory acoustic research tweeters and no sub works fine for me. i can blast QueensrŸche just fine from it. and here's a joke some one said they'd put a potato in my tailpipe and i just laughed and laughed at them
  7. You know you drive a J-Body GM (85-87 and also earlier Sunbirds, Cavaliers, Skylarks, etc.) when most of the crap you have said. the check engine light means you're goin up a hill the Pontiac sign gets knocked off by a hose while washin the car (happenin to my 85 fastback and my bro's 86 sedan) your altenator is so week that with blown a cell in your battery the car won't even run without the jumpers cables still attached (happened earlier today bro was tryin to blow some crap out of my old 85 but the car wouldn't stay on with out being attached to my civic, unhooked the ground and the car started to die) random parts go missing under the hood and inside the car you have to remove a giant panel that covers the gauges and everything to work on the radio it's majorily rusted out (except mine still looks like crap but the best lookin j-body around here you'll find) replacement GT,SE, and Fastback tail lens are impossible to find you have a factory turbo and still only have a 130 HP when you go in reverse the speedometer starts going backwards when you turn the headlights own the front left amber light won't turn own but still blinks with turn signals you hold up the hatch with a clothes rod the speedometer only goes to 85 on a GT car when the car is worse than an 84-88 Pontiac Fiero 4 banger (v-6 GT's were pretty awesome)
  8. ok i fixed turns out there was a missing file in system32 but there was a copy in a floder in C:\windows\repair i just copied the missing file and BAM the program loaded that MS trouble shoot page did have what i needed but pointed me in the right direction. it helped me find the missing file preventing the game from installing
  9. well what's pissin me off is i installed it on my old gateway and the dern computer freezes everytime i get to the player profile screen i installed the game on 2Kpro once it just didn't play cause i didn't have the patch according to the website it should install fine why isn't mine
  10. he's talkin the plain X800 vs the plain 6800 go with 6800 (cause i like nvidia x800 could be better but i like the green chips not the red ones) man if i had the cash i'd build me an SLI setup with dual eVGA e-Geforce 7800GTX KO Editions (most powerful version of 7800 and most powerful homemarket card right now i think)
  11. Well I have this old game Gearhead Garage and I wanna install it on the Sidewinder. But i keep getting an erroe message. I wanna play on this system because of load times. If I'm gonna add 200 cars to the game again I don't want to wait 5 minutes for it to load on my Gateway and i also don't wanna keep burning the add-ons to CD-RW and running up and down stairs to transfer files. (hopefully I'll have a wireless network going within a month). Here's a pic of the error. i get this whether the CD autoplays or I go in and try and open the install. it even gives me this when i put the disc in the tray and close it.
  12. thank god prices dropped back to 2.99
  13. it was 3.29 on my way home from work. I may park my Civic in favor of a moped either that or i'm gonna buy a Chevette Diesel and make some biodiesel outta used vegetable oil methanol and lye
  14. i've never been an advocate of wireless keyboards an mice for gaming. whether you are recharging or replacing, batteries are just a pain. I just hate that the dern thing will die in the middle of a game or worse when i'm kickin serious butt online. Why do you want wireless? I'll give you a wired suggestion. Logitech Elite Keyboard and a Logitech MX518 Mouse or an MX510 if you want red or blue instead of grey. If you are dead set on wireless anything on the higher end scale in Logitech
  15. it is one of those round based ones with the LCD monitor coming up from the base it's an 800MHz G4 with 256MB RAM and an integrated 32MB GeForce4 MX420 he got it back in 02 or 03, i think 03 it's pretty low end.
  16. it cost me nearly 30 bucks today to fill up my little civic i'm used to paying only around $17
  17. how bout this unplug the keyboard,mouse, monitor, and anything else hooked and throw the thing out the window and put a new one in it's place. Actually i had extreme issues with ME back when it was on my gateway. i ended downgrading to 98se and had very few probs since only prob i had that i've recently figured out, Call of Duty ran slower but bf1942 ran better. Turns out my AGP drivers were missing so windows thought it was PCI i've since fixed that using my fx5700 ultra's driver disk. Just put 98 or XP on it if you can and trough in some more ram. The previously mentioned gateway originally had 64mb. It's amazing the thing even ran. it now has 512mb (PIII 800MHz 64mb GeForce2MX400) the thing can even hold it's own in swat 4 now.
  18. would anyone advise against this one Foxconn WLL-3350 IEEE 802.11b/g PCI Wireless Adapter up to 54Mbps Data Rates 64/128-bit WEP, TKIP, WPA - Retail This so far is the only one i've found with linux compatibility and seems like 98 friendly.
  19. Which do ya'll think will be reliable enough for my bro not to get po'ed by the signal constanly dropping off Thanks Edit: since this thread was still on the first page i just decided to use it. I need one that is compatible with Panther. My brother and I were looking around on newegg for one but all the ones that display requirements don't say mac compatible. the rest just don't even give requirements. Again i need a reliable one but now I need to know of one that will work with my bro's G4 iMac. Thanks for any help.
  20. Well folks cause we have 4 computers setup at my house and 2 need a connection, my bro's iMac and my Sidewinder, and I also want my old Gateway hooked up so I need a cheap but good wireless network card. It also wouldn't hurt to hookup the eMachine to keep it updated and probably use the same card for when i have to fix my grandad's system or other people's. I need a card that works well with Windows 98SE and Fedora Core 4. Unfortunately my bro has an iMac so it has to be hard wired unless someone can prove me wrong. I'm thinkin i'll just run a line to both his Mac and My rig cause i ain't playin games wirelessly. My gateway isn't goin to see much use other than general surfing and updating and ditto on the eMachine. I've already picked a router. Thanks for any help. P.S. yeah i know linux and mac is in this question too but it is mainly a windows question.
  21. get a an eVGA e-GeForce 7800GTX KO Edition with ACS3 the most powerful homemarket video card out there get this one if you have the cash in all honesty it is overkill but with it you can laugh at yur friends piss ant video cards
  22. Well the other day my brother wanted me to copy a cd for him and so i said alright. when i tried Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 while trying to check the media i stopped on track 9. well i thought it was the CD so i ripped the music then burned it. WELLLLLLL a friend of mine wanted me to copy a CD for his girlfriend and guess what? same thing track 9. so i ripped then burned. well i noticed that these were the 1st 2 copies i've tried to do since i put in the DVD-ROM. (used to have an old 40x CD-ROM). This ain't the first prob i've had with this DVD-ROM. It tends to not want to autoplay. (Finally got BF2 to autoplay but i just leave it in there cause it is my only DVD game). OK my DVD-ROM is a Lite-On SOHD-19SP or something like that (got it from Wally world) and my CD-RW is also a Lite-On but i have never had probs outta it.(and it also 2 years old) this ain't a serious prob but it is extremely annoying. could it be cause the drive is too new for the software. When i forst got the CD-RW for my last comp the Adaptec Easy CD creator 4 wouldn't work but did with roxio 5 it did. thanks for any help ya'll.
  23. thanks i'll keep those in mind. i had the silent boost bookmarked from newegg so i woulndn't forget it but the link you gave me is way cheaper. i think hell just froze over.
  24. under $25 there was a Gigabyte (same brand as mobo) that was perfect. it was cheap and highly praised by consumers but unfortunately newegg has stopped selling it and no other HSF has caught my eye yet.
  25. the fan works but is advertised at 2500-2700 rpms mine spins at 2200 and i have followed artic silvers instructions i know what i'm doin. This fan worked good for about the first 2 months i had it then it just went down hill from there. i just would like to know a good socket A HSF rated for my 3000+ yeah and i'm thinkin under $25