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  1. Hi ya'll. I've been tyin to figure this out from day 1. How do you switch. I wanna see the others that came with it. Thanks for any help.
  2. Currently the most powerful card on the market is eVGA's e-GeForce 7800GTX KO Edition. It's like 600 Bucks though.
  3. yeah i meant to put that they are both 98se and so is every computer i have other than my sidewinder
  4. I'm workin on a friend's Compaq Presario 5304 and it uses the SiS 530 Integrated Video Chip. Well I installed the drivers from HP/Compaq's website. I can get up to 32 bit color but it won't let me get out of 640x480. I have a an even older Compaq that is much weaker that can even run in 1024x768. Specs on this thing: Cyrix MII (don't know the speed at least 233Mhz The far more stable K6-2 in the older system is 233MHz) 64MB of RAM 4GB Hard Drive SiS 530 Video chip using 4 MB of system memory. My Compaq AMD K6-2 233MHz 32MB RAM 3GB Hard Drive Integraed Video (Intel or something) Please Help me with this. Am I gonna have to put in a seperate video card to get around this. I Already planned to give him a 64 mb ram upgrade and a 500MHz K6-2 Upgrade for about 20 bucks. Cyrix's suck i had one once. Thanks
  6. hmmmm i don't suppose anyone will take a stab at it ah well my background believe it or not is a 3D Render made by the Forgotten Hope Team. Forgotten Hope is my favorite BF1942 mod. The planes are B-17's. It was pretty much the only background me and my dad could agree on. (It's my PC but it's the main PC that everyone uses) We both like the B-17. Forgotten Hope Homepage You can find the wallpapers in the Media section.
  7. if this is real that dude is an F'ING MORON the pic looks shopped though and also if my memory serves me right Bestbuy only sells PNY and BFG or at least the one's i've been too. the one in the pic is an XFX
  8. is BF2 your one and only prob. have you had any major issues out of other games. could be your video card over heating. check the temps on it if you can. used too back when i had a GeForce FX5700 Ultra and it was F'ed up it would overheat and the game would crash (i later fixed it with some artic silver and it never overheated again but my 6600GT has no probs at all). BF2 was the only game i really had probs with that cause it was the most demanding game i had.(swat4 despite having lower requirements is also real demanding i bought it after i had the 6600gt though) *Edit* guess i shouda posted this in your BF2 thread but whatever
  9. don't know crappy HSF i guess. either that or the oils from my hand keep gettin on it every time put artic silver on it but i use articlean and once i wore latex gloves the whole time and that's the shortest the stuff lasted.
  10. story behind the planes here i'll give you a hint look through my icons and then the logo in the corner of my screen. most of my icons are grouped together on what kind of game and what series (demos are all together too even).
  11. I was wonderin, is it safe to let speed fan to lower my clock speeds for low usage to keep it cool? I just discovered this feature but is it safe to use? I wanna keep my system from idleing at 60 Celsius. Using this feauture at what i currently have it set at i'm idleing at 54. Also if you have any suggestions on how to utilize this utility better, It would be much appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  12. hey at least yours don't idle at 60 with artic silver 5 like mine actually most AMD's are rated to operate up till like 80 BUT my game performance goes to crap at around 65. oddly enough there is barely any rise to my system temps when a game starts but it is still insanely high.
  13. hey nice wood working junky monitor shoot dude i had an 8 year old 17 inch CTX on this thing for the first six months i had it. bout a month or 2 ago I bought a used black Dell M991 to replace it. That 8 year old CTX replaced an 8 year 17" Magitronic in my room which was supposed to be replaced by a 17" Sceptre X7 Iguana LCD but the dern thing don't work right. at least your cool system is in your room the 3 that are in my room are 5, 6, and 8 years old. (yes i have 3 in my room 8 year old one is in the closet) my 800mhz gateway's my main room PC and my 600mhz eMachine is my kick around comp in the corner. kinda wish my handy work went beyond computers. i usually mutilate things. I got a C in art. good luck with the drivin test man. had my liscense fer a year and a half now. i got an 85 sunbird fastback i'll sell ya for $500 if ya want it.
  14. Yeah mine is pretty freakin cluttered especially cause I run at 800x600 (my family's been usin that res for 7 years so were kinda used to it) I have a load of games and that is not even all that are installed (there's like 2 you can't see) and nowhere near all the games I own (some are just insults to my sidewinder's power)
  15. ok lurkers the perimeter is being secured with a coupla .50 M2's and some .223 M249's. I've got my .30 M1 Garand and .45 M1918 Colt ready. Watch out. Just wait till the M1A1 Abrahams and AH-64 Apaches get here.
  16. My Rig My Setup My Ride Small changes to the car since this picture was taken. Solid amber JDM Corner lights. No more fuzzy dice (string broke). Parking tag this year is purple instead of yellow.
  17. some one taught me this trick for the mac that may work in linux. install the game in windows. take that install and write it do disc. then copy it to your linux setup. ( isuggest doing the same with directX). i tried to install a game with Wine( fedora core 3 version worked fine by the way got an emulator to work just fine) but the only game that would tell me the error was Swat4 and it noticed that it wasn't windows. i figured just do this trick this guy taught me for Call of Duty (this was back before the Mac version came out). I'm guessin you have to do this for direct X also. If anyone wants to try this be my guest.
  18. Well there's this guy jogging through the park. He spots a women with no arms or legs on a bench crying. He goes up to her and asks her why she's crying. She says "I've never been hugged before." So the guy hugs her and continues his jog. The next day, he's jogging and sees her again and she's crying again. He asks her why she's cryin this time. She says "I've never been kissed before." Well the guy kisses her and continues on. Then the next she's there cying again. The guy asks her why she is crying this time. She says "I've never been screwed before." So the guy carries her to the beach then throws her in the ocean. He then hollers out "You're screwed now."
  19. This is a joke my dad told me a LONG time ago. I do not mean to offend but it's funny you can actually slap any state name you want on it i've just always heard Alabama. M R ducks. M R not. O S A R. C M wangs. L I B. M R ducks. M R mice. M R not. O S A R. C M E T B T feet. L I B. M R mice. M R farmers. M R not. O S A R. C M M T pockets. L I B. M R farmers.
  20. I'm 17. I'm tech support for most folks i know. i've been paid to repair systems. Hope to soon be paid to build them. Yet I'm not A+ certified. I want to be. My brother is an ASE certified Automotive Parts Specialist but that has nothing to do with me. Basically, screw Geek Squad. Call the neirborhood techie, Honda Boy. He's cheaper and a 30 second walk away. Edit* My first comp. 1997. A POS Localy built PC with a Cyrix 233MHz (worlds worst processor 98se was unstable on that thing) with originally Windows 95, and 64 MB of ram. My next system (2000) where i did most of my hardware learnin on was a Gateway Performance 800 originally an 800MHz PIII with 64mb ram, 16Gb harddrive, Sounblaster 128 and an nVidia Riva TNT2 video card (awful card there was conflict between it and that particular mobo model) it now has 512mb Ram, twin WD 20GB drives, SOunblaster Live! 5.1, and a 64mb nVidia GeForce2 MX400. Then earlier this year i built my current system.
  21. if ya have a 20 going to a 24 mobo buy an adapter. other way around.... buy an adapter.
  22. uh yeah. the card is 7.1 CAPABLE not 7.1 only. you can use any speaker configuration that that's jack fits in the card
  23. what's the full specs including your PSU make sure you used the latest drivers for your video card and not the ones that came with it. an also since your runnin that card i'd suggest running the game in the lowest settings. My 6600GT handles it OK in medium but before the game would ever let me play though it made me update drivers (that was back when i had a 5700ultra) it made all nVidia users do that cause it came with the latest nVidia drivers at the time.
  24. 60% Southern 40%REDNECK!!!!!!! GIT-R-DONE!!!!!
  25. uhhhhh uh oh. i got mine in about february and it's a 160gb. is this Prob mostly in Dells? what kinda manufacturing defect its it are OEM drives in deep doo doo. man you are worrying me man. i have 80 gb of this drive taken up. knowing my luck luck recntly it don't look good. i'm glad you said SATA and keyword here SOME IDE cause mine is IDE maybe i'm safe. i'd much rather loose my mobo or cpu (not my video card though cause i have too many layin around thus harder to convince my parents to buy a new one).