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  1. Used to run Fedora Core 4 with 600MHz PIII with 384 MB of RAM on eMachine. Now I run it on a 800MHz PIII wih 512MB of RAM on a Gateway.
  2. i've heard ubuntu is a good one for beginners. i use Fedora Core 4. I'm actually still new to linux and i actually learned and am still learning on FC4. Both my PIII systems run it fine one's the cow box in my sig and the other when I actually did run it was an eMachine eMonster 600 with a 600MHz slot1 Pentium III and a 100MHz FSB, 384MB PC133 RAM, 32MB GeForce2 MX200, SB Live! and first on a 3GB hard drive then a 20GB, a 40X CD-ROM, and an 8X DVD-ROM. some of the memory, the sound card, both 20GB hard drives, and CD drives that i used in thing went back into the gateway once i got it running again. FC4 uses a graphical installer and is very easy to make partitions. i chose to make mine manually in fear that the auto partion would mess up my primary hard drive. It installs a lot like Windows and looks like Gnome while installing it.
  3. ahh scuse me didn't know that. it wasn't too hard for me to remove the hard drive and floppy from a coupla old IBM laptops so i don't suppose this will all that hard but to be honest i have almost no experience with hardware in newer laptops. both these laptops were old 486's one with OS/2 Warp and the other with originally Windows 3.1 Upgraded to 95.
  4. usaully if it supports an athlon xp it usually supports a Duron. windows has trouble when you change mobo's or if you move the hard drive to a new system. windows says "HEY, this ain't my home." you'll have to reinstall windows. It's cool how FC4 doesn't care when moving from system to system. i moved the hard drive from one pc to another and FC4 didn't care. it just ran like normal.
  5. i have a dog that is just a dog. have no clue what she is. some kinda hounda mixed with some kinda terrior. she's got the rib cage like a grey hound but has the markings of a Jack russel terrior and a head kinda like a labs. she weighs bout 40 pounds. lovable once she gets to know ya otherwise she just howls and barks at ya. she don't bite though she's kind of a wuss. softest and smoothest fur you'll ever pet. ultra powerdul jaws. most dogs chew on a big rawhide bone for a long while. she downed one in a couple of minutes. her name is Mille (pronounced Mill-ē) dad and co worker named her when co-worker found her. based off a name of project called Millenium. I also have a cat. she looks like a silver haired tabby and is the sweetest and friendliest cat on earth. wraps around legs and purs constanly. she don't care who you are she just wants to get love and give love. hops up in your lap and waits for a good head scratchin'. her name is Kitty. mom named her. she was being kind of a smart ass but the name stayed and other nicknames for her as well. i like my cat a little more cause the dog was supposed to be mine, but she kinda disowned me for my mom. the cat absolutely loves me. she loves me more than anyone therefore she's mine.
  6. have you tried going to HP's or Mitsumi's driver download sites and looking up the drivers for the said drive? it says there is a driver error so I am assuming you need to repair or reinstall the driver.
  7. it don't take much. remove the panel covering the side of the drive then unscrew the screws if needed then unhook the cables and yank her right on out. i have an old eMachine eMonster 600 and it is real easy to remove the drives.
  8. sry a tad on the late side but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. me and my bro have been workin on his 4Runner for the last couple of hours. hope your b-day was rockin and you got some kickin gifts.
  9. hmmm my cow box never needed a CD key with the OS it came with (ME). but now i use 98se. mine also had the serial number of windows aka the Key, on the side, but i never needed it
  10. are your speakers plugged in? i've made that mistake on more than one occasion. make sure that in windows that your volume is turned up and that your audigy is set as the primary card.
  11. c'mon somebody be a pal. my teacher's face is turnin red with all the blocks they have put up. she can't even give the assignments she needs to.
  12. i use twin 512mb sticks of PQI's cheap stuff running in dual channel. PQI expensive ram or cheap ram is good unless you get the cheap stuff with elixir chips instead of PQI chips. Luckily both of mine are have PQI chips so i'm rockin'. pretty much use twin sticks and put them in the board correctly and you got dual channel. mine was slot1 stick1 slot2 nothing slot 3 stick2 slot4 nothing
  13. well folks, me and even my teacher are gettin mad about the insane blocks they are putting on all the websites at school. they are blockin newegg tigerdirect and even gateway and HPshopping. we are doing a project are pc and parts price comparison. and other classes she's doing business projects and they've most of the websites she was wanting to use. please help me figure out this switch proxy program.
  14. I created it with gimp on The Cow Box in Linux. Original concept IamJacksAlias back from G$ days then Modified by Rhema7 then nearly completely redone by me about 5 or 6 times due to all the changes. The black and white background and the sidewinder pic were done by Rhema7 then i went in and put the pic of the gateway in (same case as the last comp in the sig back when i called it franky and it had an eMachine mobo in it, it has since gotten it's old board and parts back) and i also did the text and the drop shadowing on the text and i resized the pic to get rid of a lot of unused space. Hope ya'll like my amatuer pic. and yes i know the gateway pic was kind of crudely cut out put my hand is very unsteady. *edit* whoops just noticed a mistake on it i'll have to fix. where the video card is it used to say 32MB Gateway GeForce2 MX200 i changed most of it but forgot to remove the gateway part. the mx400 is a Jaton not a gateway. and yes the mx200 was actually made by gateway believe it or not.
  15. if i go to the run box and try and run it i get nothing i even removed wine and nothing happened, but when i open up the terminal and try to run it i at least get to see my ip address. tell why ain't this file running corrextly when either gnome or KDE.
  16. will wine interfere with ifconfig i tried runnin it, but nothing happened. i saw the the program but it had the same icon as .exe's that i use wine to run.
  17. mexicans ,yes but hwhere i am arabs not so. but FRICKIN FUNNY AS ALL GET OUT MAN.
  18. i kinda wish i had known about unbuntu before i got FC4 though it isn't a huge pain in the butt, i just think i shoulda researched more before installing so i could find an easy to learn on distro but i've figured a lot. still tryin to get the dern thing on the internet but other than that i'm alright. let's just say this. don't start with FC4.
  19. i got it to work and i like it KDE has a lot more stuff and is more customizable and just looks a lot better to me than Gnome did. Thanks a lot ya'll.
  20. here's a big question. Am I the only one that uses Fedora Core 4. Seems like no one else uses it. I'll try the login thing when I go back up to my room. Lets hope i figure it out i would really like to see the others this thing came with,( whole dang OS came with 4 gb of stuff geez)
  21. no router (probably will be soon) and i don't know what ifconfig is. I've opened the network settings if that's what you mean. I eventually found something within that that said IP address, gateway etc. but all the lines were blank but i had it set to retrieve my IP automatically when doin it. the weird thing is i try and do this in windows (system is a dual boot of 98se and FC4) it works just fine but i wanna update linux and download somethings directly to it. unfortunately neither OS can access the hard drive that the other is installed on. i wouldn't be able to update but i could at least get the files i wanted without goin through the trouble of usin the cd burner on the sidewinder constantly.
  22. 1. I suck at physical sports. 2. I'm pretty good in FPS's. 3. I'm good with PC's. 4. I'm a fairly good driver and better with a 5 speed than most at my school.
  23. I've tried with 2 different network cards. It saw both, created a new connection on both, i activated the connections, and when i open any browser (frickin OS came with 4 or 5) it says it can't find any of the sites. WHat do you have to do?