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  1. ad-aware and Spybot along with Norton Internet Security 2003 (Anti virus, firewall, ad blockers and other crap, it came with the mobo so i used it, ad blocker is nice) work great for me. i like to use both ad-aware and spybot in conjuction cause one catches some things while the other catche other things and norton prevents half this crap from comeing in anyway.
  2. brick wall whether i have entered the root password or not it will not let me open the file it says i don't have proper permissions. do i have to open up the file properties amd say that the owner or all users can modify it or is that even possible.
  3. thank you i'll try that. ya know for such an evil cartoon character your pretty helpful.
  4. i wanna set my FC4 as the primary boot cause windows never works right and i always boot into linux anyway. i set Windows as the primary boot at first but now i want linux priamry. It uses whatever version of GRUB that came with FC4. HTanks for any help. PS this is on my gateway not the sidewinder in my sig. older 800MHz PIII system with 98se
  5. whoa hangon you have a 160 gig harddrive. and you said there is a 158 gig partition. your system almost never registers all of what is advertised. are you sure there is another partition?
  6. Honda_Boy

    Egg Project

    mine bout 2 years ago, dug a hole inside a foam flower holder (for those fake flowers for graves) and attached a make shift parachute and threw from about 2 stories up and it didn't break. i used a jumbo egg i think.
  7. a good ole' 98 or Me boot disk can get rid of your partition and the XP install disk can create the new one
  8. actually i think i'll dump this idea. not enough boards for sell. he'll either have to settle for a PC made by me or save his cash.
  9. his protools or mbox or some of his other hardware and software (he has a LOT of stuff) causes the sytem to crash cause it can't handle it. the CPU is the biggest prob (plus it'd be nice to have a system more upgradable than his current one)
  10. Honda_Boy

    Snows A Coming

    keep that crap away from me. tennessee no need that man. i'm all for gettin out of school but i'm on fall break and don't go back for 2 weeks. by the way amp i'm in real red neck country dad's from nashville mom's from howenwald (90% old people which family's date back 150 years in that same area). I DON"T WANT NO FICKIN COLD. i like the temps right now not too hot but plenty warm enough.
  11. I wanna find a Mac Dual G5 mobo and a couple of G5 processors from eBay and buy the rest from newegg. i seem to remember something on TSS 2-3 years ago about building your own macs and it not being legal. my brother needs to upgrade from his woefully underpowered G4 iMac for his audio software (256mb pc2100 ram 800mhz CPU) but he is kinda low on cash and dual G5 Macs are expensive (they overcharge for things like displays ram and others and not just upgrades but the basic system itself). Also is this even doable are their specail PSU's or case configurations. Will regual drives like Lite-On's work. will a video card like a regular GeForce 6200 or 6600 work (i've seen some Mac versions of a few cards but i'm not sure what is different AGP is AGP). Thanks for any help.
  12. turn caps lock off i've done that on many occasions
  13. HAHAHAHAHA didn't expect the very end
  14. Honda_Boy

    Snows A Coming

    snow????!!!!??!?!?!?!??!??!?!!!???!?................................................................ still in the 80's-90's here in the middle of Big Orange Country (Tennessee for you non NCAA inclined folks out there)
  15. sounds like maybe your PSU is set to 230v. you need to set it to 115v in america. people at my school would mess with those switches in one of my classes and the lights would flash and the fans would flip and everything would turn off. flip that switch back to 115v and voila it worked fine.
  16. Honda_Boy

    New User Name

    on the old keyboard on the gateway i had a problem with the left shift not working all the time and W key didn't always pick up and it stuck to. it too was a nasty keyboard and can any of ya'll guess why it was the W key...........................FPS's that's right. knowing what happened to it I wonder how long my Elite will go before screwing up like that.
  17. actaully he does drink a Boost at every meal. Similiar to ensure. I think as long as he drinks these it will extend his life a little.
  18. Here's an add-on Qwerty Face-When you fall asleep on the keyboard. Old I'm sure if I learned it from my dad.
  19. i've decided to to visit him everyday and keep his spirits so he will feel good enough to eat. I hope he'll pull through.
  20. Call of Duty 2 comes out october 26th Battlfield 2 is out now and pretty awesome. there are a lot of mods in the works for it too. BF2 is gonna be like bf1942. ya buy the one game you actually bought 50
  21. :( :( :( My parents told me he won't be around long. He's just too weak and doesn't want to eat. It was just supposed to be a short 1-2 week stay. It's been 5 weeks. He had some kinda tear in his intestine's from something he had in him from his cancer treatment about 1 1/2-2 years back. I pray he finds the will to start eating and get better. :( :( :(
  22. 98se sees all cd drives as CD-ROM. only software like roxio or nero will distinguish wheter it is a burner or not. XP on the other hand, recognizes whether a cd drive is rom or rw or dvd-rom or rw. Just install some burning software and it'll be fine.
  23. There's a movie called Daultry Calhoun, with Johnny Knoxville that is supposed to take place in.... Knoxville, but oddly enough a lot of it was filmed in here in Columbia, TN. They chose to film here cause they liked our court house. This is pretty cool we're gonna go see it as soon as we can.
  24. well guess i'll just refomat all my discs with nero and maybe i'll figure somethin' out. unfortunately i have the OEM version. i don't feel the need in buying retail versions of burning software if the OEM gets the job done.
  25. Well i finally have my old burner back in the gateway and i would like to have a program that has a drag and drop utility for CD-RW's that can work with a disc already formatted with Adaptec (Roxio now) Easy CD Creator 4 and discs formatted with Roxio Easy CD Creator 5. It would nice if it was compatible with discs that have been formatted with nero (use it now but don't know what version exactly just got it 2 days ago with my new DVD burner for my other system) Thanks for any help ya'll.