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    Earth Hour

    Didn't even know when exactly Earth Hour was until today. I was at work and headed home from work during the whole thing I think. But like jcl, we're on Hydroelectricity here. And the Compact Florescent bulbs, they don't seem to last as long as they say, but we use them in our basement and they do last quite a while. It's probably been a couple a years since we last changed them. We also have old school florescent lighting down there too over the washer and dryer and in front of the cars and those bulbs have NEVER been changed since my dad installed them over 14 years ago.
  2. Cool. I've been using VLC Player for DVD's for a while now. It can play a lot of other stuff too but I use different players for different things. CCCP + Zoom Player for video, Winamp for Audio, and VLC For DVD's.
  3. Download and install VLC Player and see if you can get it to play DVD's. It seems to handle DVD's better than some commercial software.
  4. Honda_Boy

    Task Manager Challenge

    60+ processes. I don't really care how many are running when there's 4GB of RAM to play with. My ObjectDock has an option in the Performance Options that says Optimize for Performance: "I paid for this RAM. Use it." and that's what I have it set on
  5. Honda_Boy

    Oil Change Instructions

    Heck I paid Jimmy to do my last oil change while he had my car for the rear disc brake swap. It was too cold outside and he has a giant heated shop. This is funny but really, changing my oil ain't nothin but a thing. I get a little oil a grease on my hands and I smell like oil until a change of clothes but that's it. It does however cost me more but that's cause I use Full Synthetic Mobil 1 and use good oil filters (either Honda or Wix). I do that for peace of mind though. A Lightning Lube royal screwed up on my car when I got it's first oil change after getting it. Lets just say it started with me explaining over and over again what car to lookup and it ended with a broken windshield washer system, missing drain plug washer, and a quart low on oil after a week. Never again. Either me or Jimmy and that's it.
  6. It sounds like you have the SATA set up to run in RAID in which you need 2 or more drives. Disable RAID in your BIOS and then try.
  7. Honda_Boy

    Cut My Hair

    Don't know if any of you knew that I had very long hair but I did. I mean LONG. and Today (well actually since it's 2:30AM, yesterday) I had it cut for the first time in 3 years. Also taking example from 2 of my High School teachers (one who is also my neighbor, and the other was once upon a time my neighbor) and a fella I go to church with, my hair is being donated to Locks of Love. It's a program to make wigs for juvenile cancer patients. It has to be at least 10 inches and I easily met that requirement. There were saying at the hair place (for some reason about 4 or 5 people came back to look) that some kid's gonna be lucky to get my hair cause apparently it is a "pretty" color and very nice hair. I might do it again but not while I'm in college and not until after I get a job after college. To much trouble to deal with. Well I took some pics to show some friends online but unfortunately at the time, I couldn't find my digicam so I had to use my cellphone. Also forgive the retarded look. I honestly didn't realize I was making a look like that. And me afterwards. I have to wash my hair to get that part out. I'm not sure whether I will stick with the part or comb it straight down like in high school.
  8. There should be an option somewhere in the BIOS to do that.
  9. in that image, it should be be where is says OPT1. That will limit it to 150 mode so that motherboard can use it. If the motherboard sees it but the Windows disc doesn't, you may just have to switch the drive over to IDE mode in the BIOS to install windows. I never had to do that with mine when I installed XP home on my last computer and this computer and I certainly didn't have to do it with Vista x64 on Windows 7 x64 on this computer.
  10. My XP Home disc saw my SATA drives without a problem and I didn't have them in IDE mode. No external drivers were required. I still think that he needs set his new drive in 150 mode since that's all his motherboard supports. If the drive is in 300 mode, his motherboard will not see it.
  11. I looked up the board and it appears it supports only SATA150 so you need to move a jumper on the drive to set it into SATA150 mode since it's factory default is SATA300 mode.
  12. Honda_Boy

    Today, I'm Listening To ...

    Every time I start new animes, I wait a few weeks into the season and usually the singles for their OP and ED songs will be out. Since you can't buy them in the US, I have to download them. Normally when I buy CD's that are available in the US, I go to a local CD shop or Best Buy. The local CD shop is a bit pricey though.
  13. How old is the motherboard or better yet, do you know what model the motherboard is? Your motherboard may only support SATA150 while the drive is most likely SATA300. If that's the case, you need to change a jumper on the Hard Drive to set it SATA150 mode. If not, it's possible you have a bad drive. Have you tried the drive in another computer?
  14. Honda_Boy

    Today, I'm Listening To ...

    Just got a few singles today so a few more Kuribayashi Minami - sympathizer Kuribayashi Minami - Sora no Kotae
  15. Honda_Boy

    Today, I'm Listening To ...

    abingdon boys school - Freedom
  16. Are you saying that you are trying to run dual monitors using both your integrated video and a dedicated video card? If so, you can't do that. Onboard video is supposed to be disabled when a dedicated solution is installed though it being a PCI card it may be different. Also are you sure you mean PCI and not PCI Express? Does your system have a PCI Express slot? If so then just buy a PCI Express video card with dual outputs. My last 5 video cards have all had dual outputs (2 AGP and 3 PCI Express cards). I use two monitors on my GeForce 8800GT. I use to have twin GeForce 7600GT's back in the day running in SLI but I used to disable SLI when I wasn't gaming and ran 3 monitors at once. Running dual monitors should be real simple and straight forward. All I did was hook them both up to the GeForce 8800GT, start the system, right click the desktop and click Personalize. From there I would click display settings. Once there you just have to right click the monitor that's grayed out and click Attached. Just set the proper resolution and you are pretty much set.
  17. Been multiple nice dry 70-75 degree days here. It was kinda cloudy yesterday and there was a light sprinkle while my dad and I were out yesterday. It's a sunny no cloud day today too at 78 degrees. Tomorrow appears to be more of the same but Wednesday is lookin like thunderstorms and down into the 50's while there appears to be a chance of rain Thursday and Friday while in the 40's.
  18. Honda_Boy

    Post Your Desktop

    Same girl, same episode of the same anime, and even the same scene.
  19. Honda_Boy

    My Project

    I doubt it. It may have somehow been reset or the oxygen sensor started sending an acceptable signal again. I'm gonna clean out the muffler tip again and see how long it takes to turn black again. Last time I cleaned it, it was thoroughly coated in carbon by the next day. Usually it takes a while for it to get covered in carbon but even then, it doesn't get that thick of a coating so we'll see. I'll clean it out before my usual Friday runabout and see if it stays relatively clean by the end of the day. If it does, it quit running rich, if it's relatively dirty, then it's still not right.
  20. Honda_Boy

    My Project

    OK, now I'm confused. Today, car runs abso-friggin-lutely perfect. It hasn't run this good in a long while. No loss of power, in fact it's power was back up to normal, not weirdo rev problems (every time I'd step on the gas, the revs would drop some then go up, and letting off the gas felt real strange, it's hard to describe), no pops, nothin. It was great. It also appears my fuel economy is back up. So now I'm all confused.
  21. Honda_Boy

    My Project

    Naw, it's a component problem but because the hack wiring job, I can't check to see what's wrong.
  22. Honda_Boy

    My Project

    OK, looked it up. Found out where everything was and how to check the CEL codes properly. I was to look for a green cover in which 2 plugs go into (it's a cover, it doesn't go anywhere, these plugs are for diagnostics) and put the wire in one and run it to the other plug. I found the green cover but nothing was in it. I thought, "cool, it's just not in the cover". I looked for it and couldn't find it. Now granted I did this in the middle of the night but still a flashlight was plenty to find out that the FRICKIN THING HAD BEEN CUT OUT. Whoever wired this thing for the swap did one hell of a hack job. Man I'm pissed now. Here: Not my car. Just showing you. Green thing's there, but that blue plug is missing. I need that blue plug but it's frickin gone.
  23. Honda_Boy

    My Project

    Well my problems from before changing out all the parts has returned. I thought about my dad saying he thought it was running rich and I believe I agree. It is now that I'm reminded of my dad's wisdom. He's no automotive expert, particularly not with OBD2 Hondas, but I asked what he thinks could be causing it to run rich. He said a bad sensor of some kind. He said the Oxygen Sensor would be his guess. Now I had completely blanked on that cause my Check Engine Light is permanently on for the non-existent FTP Sensor. It had not dawned on me that I could have a bad sensor that would be indicated by the CEL. I'm gonna look up the way to check CEL codes and see if I get something other than the Code 91 for the FTP Sensor. You're supposed to unbend a paper clip and stick the 2 ends in 2 different spots on one of the ECU's plugs, turn the key to the ON position and see how many times the CEL blinks (long blink = 10, short = 1). I have to figure out where to stick the paper clip though. I had a Oxygen sensor go bad in my old car but it didn't seem to make a huge difference. I believe the high compression of this motor is why it's so noticeable. My old car had a much lower compression engine.
  24. Honda_Boy

    My Project

    I've always run 93 Octane. I know it's high compression. After double checking some stuff, I don't think the plugs are under torqued. It's probably just some crap that'll work itself out soon. If it doesn't get any better, I'll ask my mechanic when my car goes in for camber kits which I plan to order this Friday when I get paid. The torque wrench I borrowed was too big for any of my sockets anyway.
  25. Honda_Boy

    My Project

    The timing is still right. I just think I have the spark plugs torqued down enough. After class I'm going break out the torque wrench and check it.