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  1. Does anyone know what hiberfil.sys file is suppose to do? I googled it, but I think it gave me some german language forum or something. It's 2 gigs! http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/7097/asdhf7.jpg I'm using windows XP home sp2 btw.
  2. Martint

    Car Help!

    So,I went to advanced auto parts today. And asked for a free fuse check. the lady told me, she don't even know what that is and they don't even offer the service.
  3. Martint

    Car Help!

    oh wow, its that easy? alright, i'll drop by advanced auto parts tmrw after school. If it is a bad fuse, how much are new ones?
  4. Martint

    Car Help!

    Hey guys, I just bought a car (used 2002 mazda protege). But, theres a problem. See, the radio doesnt even turn on (so, I cant even see the time nor can i even play CD). and the lights on top of the car doesnt work. (the ones that come on when ur door is open) I know i'm not knowledgeable enuff to fix it, so, I was wondering what kind of store should I go to? My zipcode is 30126 and I Know i have advanced auto parts near my house.
  5. Well, she's heading off in the next couple of days lol. No time to teach her. She ain't really that stupid...but, at the same time..she does make mistakes lol. well, she's gonna get a condo so, I don't know if she's gonna have residential or the college internet. bah...I might as well put in a firewall too i guess.
  6. WebRoot SpySweeper? So you think I should just dump SpywareGuard? I thought it had real-time protection.
  7. Yo guys whats up. I got another question today Okay, so my sister was complaining about her laptop being slow and crashes often. So, I took a look at it and it was full of...like junk. So, I just backed up her pics and docs and Reformatted. So, now, I got a question. What programs should I use to protect her laptop from.....spyware and other crap. She's going to University soon (in florida) so I wont there to help her out. Right now, I got. -Nod32 as the Antivirus -Installed and Updated Spyware Blaster -Spyware Guard is constantly running & updated. -Windows Firewall is on. I also set Firefox as her Default Browser. So, what else can I do to protect her laptop from other crap. I also uninstalled all the junk that came with Recovery CD's (AOL, and other crap) Maybe a real firewall? Any suggestions are welcomed.
  8. Hey guys, I have A LOT of fonts on in my computer. But, I don't even use 80% of them. Is there a program, that can open the font file, and let me preview the font, and maybe give me an option to delete it? (im fine with deleting it manually too). I just need a simple program....or would I have to just open up photoshop and do it that way?
  9. How would I remove this bar? http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/9871/untitledlt7.jpg
  10. I'll try this when I get the laptop back, hopefully this will work.
  11. Okay, I finally had time to play with it. here's some info! Cable Modem: SBG100 - http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-Surfboard-S...m/dp/B00008Y1BX Router/Voice Terminal: Vt1000 - http://broadband.motorola.com/noflash/vt1000.html Router #2: VT2442 - http://www.gadgetchick.com/internet-phone-...or-with-router/ Wireless Router: La Fonera - http://www.engadget.com/2007/06/04/fons-ne...onera-hits-fcc/ Now, as you can see from the pictures, the Wireless router (fonera) has to be Last and the Voice Termain/Router (Vt1000) has to be first...
  12. Sorry for double posting. But after some searching...i think i found a fix here.. http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread43291.html I'll try it and see how it goes. EDIT: I just went ahead and reinstalled Vista... now everything works perfectly.
  13. Hmm, so I found a 1GB of ram stick that i bought couple of months ago (thought it was DOA)... So I put in my PC just to see if it will work again...and surprisingly it worked.. Now, i dual boot with Vista and XP (32bit) and on Vista, sometimes (like when I start Counter Strike) or as soon as I start like AIM or Windows Live messanger, I get this blue screen (the blue screen of death lol)..and it says DRIVER_IRQL _NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Now, weird part is....in XP I never get this. I ran CS perfectly and was on the PC (on XP) for hours and no bluescreen... So, I'm guessing this is a Vista problem. Any idea whats causing it? I can always reformat...I hate to..but,..if I got no choice then I'm fine wit it.
  14. ha, well I'm only using it on my seconadry PC. no important docs there!
  15. I got this video card (agp 4x) from my bro in law couple of days ago. I want to see if it still works , but I'm kind scared to use it. Right now, my secondary PC has intergrated graphics. (never installed a video card on a mobo with intergrated) So, here are the steps that I think I have to do. 1) install video card 2) boot computer (vga cord in the intergrated graphics port) 3) go to bios and disable onboard video 4) reboot, but place vga cord in the video card slot Now...what I fear is that, the agp video card will not work...and therefore I will get no display. and since I won't get any display, how would I enable onboard video again in the bios!
  16. So, today, while I was using the computer, I get a message (Disk space running low), so I checked and was amazed to see I only had 50Megabytes of space left. (Vista is just on a 20GB parition). so, I googled around and found about this program called CCleaner. Used it, and it cleared around 4 gigs of useless stuff. Amazing Program and it's free! http://www.ccleaner.com/
  17. wow, I feel stupid. thanks man, as always.
  18. I don't know why this happend and don't even know how. I ran ad-aware and just some cookies came up . Why can't I see the menu for my task manager? http://img511.imageshack.us/img511/4010/tskls2.jpg
  19. Guys, I figured out the problem. In my raid card, on the first IDE slot, one of the small pins is missing. ...I put my third HD on the second IDE slot and all is working. lol, time to steal a pin from my old broken motherboards!
  20. weird, the raid card is not detecting the hardrive. It says, "looking for devices", 0 devices found. then under it says, Bios is Disabled weird. Maybe I have to do something in Bios to enable raid card?
  21. Have you tried reinstalling Flash? Just redownload and install.
  22. Okay guys, heres the situation. I want to put three 80GB hardrives in my PC. (all IDE) (two WD and one maxtor) Right now, I'm running two perfectly fine (master and slave), but I don't know how to add the other one. I do have a RAID Card and one of the IDE ports for my motherboard is broken. So, my current plan is. Use the working IDE port in the motherboard for the master and and slave. Use the First slot in the Raid card for the third hardive (which jumper setting do I put it as?..master , slave or cs) and the second slot for DVD Drive. thanks guys
  23. Well, I'll try the suggestion soon. Finals week, very busy this week!