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  1. 1. Don't ask me to google it, I wan't this by user opinion. 2. Must be free 3. I tried cmailserver and free smtp server, both, I don't like.
  2. Best Rappers Jay Z Kanye West tupac
  3. Well, here are mines. 1074 by 768 800 by 600
  5. , I don't think any smart people are that stupid to flood a guestbook to have "fun". Just trying to stop those 10 year olds..
  6. .... I know html, php, and photoshop...... what did i insist on? i was against using the premade stuff..... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Or a Portal from IPB or PHPBB
  7. Look who it is? edited by robroy IMP..Cannon Powershot ALL the way!
  8. I suggest, you learn html, php, and get better with photoshop. PHP Nuke, and all those other thingies, doesnt teach anything usefull. But if if you insisit, you can try Samba
  9. sixpacgenius: I have a sixpac and I am a genius.
  10. Martint


    Right Now, I'm Lisenting to Roc-A-Fella Records Presents Tiarra Mari - Tiarra Mari Thug Motivation 101 - Young Jeezy Urban Ledgend - T.I No Daddy remix is crunk as hell
  11. Don't know about SBC, but...restart your modem, and if your IP doesnt change, then try to talk to your ISP.
  12. So, It's a compressing utility for large forums and large websites?
  13. About 99% webdesigns/people I talk to said that splash pages are boring and plain out pointless.
  14. IMO, Cpanel is overrated. If you know what your doing you don't need cpanel. Jeez, most of the stuff in Cpanel you can do with htacess
  15. I thought I had it. Ok, I recently litterly found a spare drive in my room. It's a 80 GIG Westeren Digitel, and I installed as a slave drive. (I know I installed it correctly, because i checked my Bios and it lists both my Primary Master and Primary Slave drive). Now, What I do with it? Lol.. Ya, I installed and now I need to know whats so good about it. and How do I acess my slave drive?
  16. I alwaysed wondered that, I think it's some type of databsae compression utility..
  17. Ya, I looked at the source..and It gave me the <img src blah blah. But, when I use it on this forum and replace the tag with the bbcode, i get hte same thing too
  18. well guess this doesnt work Maybe This one will work:
  19. 1. 2. 3. MUST READ BOTH OF THEM!!!
  20. Lol, Ya, the content is old, just a made a new design. I'll add when I get home (at school) now. @JSBowen, What browser are you using? I didnt see any "text jumping" with IE 6.0 and the latest Firefox.. Yes, I am going to fix the guestbook. Will try to get some more work done this weekened.
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  22. mirrored..