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  1. nah...sorry than safe.. cause why be on the sidelines and do nothing when you can actually or lose..your playing.
  2. Ok, here's my problem. I have a old 80GIG Westeren Digital HD laying around, and i want to make my slave drive. However, long time ago, I used this hardrive and well something went wrong and I couldnt boot it no more so I bought a new one. Is there any programs that I can burn to like a cd or something to like check the hardrive for any problems or something?
  3. What forum software you using? I'm guessing one the popular ones like IPB or phpBB. IPB and phpBB uses an SQL database to store content. Only thing you have to do is dumb the sql content and save it to your pc. Ok, for example, if your using phpBB, it has an option in the adminCP for you to do a backup. 1. Do the back up and save the file to your pc. 2. Get the same version of the phpBB your using now (sometimes newer versions have new tables and stuff). 3. Install phpBB like you normally would. 4. run the query that you got from the sql dumb. *You can run queries with like mySQLCC or like phpMyAdmin*
  4. Your running windows XP...XP doesnt have DOS. also, post your system specs.
  5. ...well my system isint that good to start with. Celeron 2.6 768 MB of RAM Intrgrated Graphics and Sound ....and I run a lot of stuff. Like Photoshop CS...Dreamweaver..I play Counter Strike 1.6 a lot. Is McAfee...really a system resource hogger?
  6. when using opera..the mySQL server was down..then it came up again before you used IE.
  7. Well, ya, I recently discovered that I can get Mcafee Virus scan and firewall free. (I got Comcast as my ISP, they give it away for free), well anyways, yall think I should get it? Right now I'm using Avast Free..with Ad-Aware...Spyware Guard...Spyware Blaster...with router/windows xp sp2 firewall.
  8. Just wondering what media player do you use and how is the "hearing" quality on it. Post away!
  9. Lol IEatHardRives..Tripe AGP that much better than little old PCI... *DAMN YOU eMachines*
  10. Well, The only gaming I will do is Counter Strike, and maybe just maybe some CS Source (Steam), and maybe some AOE3. My Other specs are a Intel Celeron 2.6ghz and 768MB Of ram, I'm on intrgrated graphics right now. Yes..I know that card is PCI...I dont have AGP slot yet alone a PCI Express
  11. thanks! any other programs/plugins?
  12. Whats up guys... I have a question. I use both Winamp and WMP 10, and it seems like Winamp offers better sound quality, but I prefer to use Windows Media Player, is there a plugin for WMP that improves the sound quality? Thanks and G'nite!
  13. Ah...thanks a lot Danny, really thankyou!
  14. Ok, I did everything HOWEVER some stuff went "wrong", lol. I download and clicked update on CWShredder (nothing updated), I put it in its own folder in /Program Files/ and I booted into safe mode, ran CWShredder.exe, but it found nothing. I then restarted my PC, ran the HiJackThis Log, and followed your directions, but some stuff wasnt there anymore, I guess thats a good thing lol, and...the 0wso0x0s.dll, couldnt be found, I did start then went to search and under "search for files / folder " i put 0wso0x0s.dll but nothing came up. I am restarting my computer now, and will post a new log in like 4 more minutes
  15. Ok heres the new HiJackThis Log Ok ya, When doing this HIJackThis, avast popup up and said I had a virus, it was located in C:\Windows\srcv.exe or something
  16. After running l2mx.bat again here is my log again
  17. Ah! Sorry for late reply again, been away from the PC. Anyways, I'm running Kaspersky scan right now, and I'll post the log here, I will run the l2mx.bat after I post Kaspersky scan and after you post again thx for ur help
  18. Sorry for such a late reply but I been busy, ok here is the log from the l2mfix.bat I will run the Kasperesky scan asap.
  19. Crap..I dont know what happened today, I came back from school to see my computer is raveged with viruses, (avast is going off every 5 seconds), and I'm getting pop-ups and shit.. Please check my Log
  20. I think I'm pretty good with webdesign. Pm Me and i'll help ya.