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  1. Hey guys, anyone in here have XP Pro? If yall do yall mind going to your system32 folder and copying a file called systeminfo.exe and uploading it and send it to me? Why? I really like the feature, but I'm stuck with XP Home. Btw, No Offenece to some of yall, but I want it form trusted besttechie members
  2. Hey guys, I played BF2 at my friends house, and he told me how he hates playing full screen. *he is a CS 1.6 player and in that game you can play in Windowed Mode*. I was wondering, if its possible to make a program run in a window? I was thinking it can be done with a batch file or something?
  3. If you mean drivers, then ya, I installed them.
  4. Ok, heres the thing. I bought some new speaker set (Logitech X-530) and a new sound card (Creative PCI 24 bit) The speaker set came with 1 Subwoofer and 5 speakers. Now, my sound is amazing, but one thing that worries me. Now my subwoofer plays, the main speaker(the one with the volume and on/off), and one other speakers play. The others dont. Is it speakers fault? Btw, the sound card support 5.1/6.1/and 7.1 my Speakers are 5.1 (Surround Sound)
  5. IE is a bitch with CSS.. a lot of stuff with firefox works fine with firefox..but IE..and sometimes Opera..just pisses me off
  6. Alrighty guys, heres my question. I had a spare HD, and I was like hell, I'll just install Ubuntu on it. So..ya Installing is pretty easy and things, but since I am a new Ubuntu user, I dont need the whole 80 GIG's of space on the hardrive. I was thinking of paritioning it. (20 GB's for Ubuntu, rest for Backup and Storage). ...but I have no idea how to parition with Ubuntu. I'm guessing I can use the installer CD I made, but won't it install ubuntu again? Is there any programs for Ubuntu, that can make a Fat32 Parition? One more thing. When I installed Ubuntu, I only had One hardrive hooked up to it, (took out the connector for my XP hardrive). When I buy a new a jumper (I lost my other one). I am going to make the Hardrive with Windows XP my master HD and the hardrive with Ubuntu my Slave one. Would I encounter any problems If I do this? Again, Right now, I only got the Ubuntu Hardrive hooked up to the mobo/power supply. Thanks Guys
  7. Ok, one extra question. Why are the jumpers used? Is it to identify which is master and which is slave? I was reading about master and slave drives, and it seems like, there is not much of a difference. The master is the drive that boots first. So do I need jumpers to differientce the difference between master and slave? Can I just set in the bios, the drive I want to boot first?
  8. So Storage Partition on the Slave Drive = Fat 32 See, thats what I used to do, I set the master drive to boot first. However, It's a pain cause if I wanted to let teh slave drive boot, I first had to get in bios and set it so slave drive boots first.
  9. I got two Hardrives, both Westeren Digital 80 GIG's (One is on 7200 RPM, the other 5200 RPM) Anyways, I want to make one of the HD's as a slave and one the master. On my Slave HD, I'm going to make two partitions (20 GB for Ubuntu, and the rest for just storage). Now, I know how to make a slave drive and all. (I would of already did it, if it wasnt for me loosing a jumper). Basically, I want to know, dose master and slave drives work like parition. Like can I install a bootloader, and I can boot into which drive I want? I also want to know what format, I should make my slave partition for storage. If your confused, let me put it like this: ------------------------------------------- 1) Two Hardrives 2) 1 80 HD at 7200 RPM (Westeren Digital) 3) 2 80 HD at 5200 RPM (Westeren Digital) 4) The 7200 RPM is going to me my master drive. It's what i'm using now, and it's on Windows XP Home. 5) I want to partion the 5200 RPM drive into two partitions. One 20 GB for linux and the rest for Storage or Backup's. ----Questions---- 1) How would I access my slave drive from when I'm booted into my master drive? Specificly, I wan't to access my storage parttion my slave drive. I'm guessing I have to make the storage partion in NTFS format? 2) On bootup, what drive does my automatically boot into? Slave Or Master? I'm guessing Master. But is there a way I can choose what drive I can boot into?
  10. I dont get what you mean by sidebars.. Maybe an example would help. Anyways, try Dreamweaver 8.
  11. If you want it exactly to your liking, dont use a templete.
  12. thats what I ordered. It will come tmrw/tuesday. I'll tell you if its any good after I pop it in. I also did buy some new Logitech x530 speakers from newegg to. * I currently have intergrated sound with 7 year old speakers*
  13. basically, I install vid card, start up my delete to get to my bios, disable onboard video. btw, same thing for sound right?
  14. Hey, I just got my self a new PCI vid card, to replace my intergrated one. Now I have a question. I know how to install the video card and things, but my question is, do I have to disable my intergrated one? or does the pc just use the PCI card I bought Win XP home
  15. Like I said in my OP..I only got PCI... No AGP..and definitly no PCI X just good ol' PCI
  16. While searching, I came upon this one Looks pretty nice
  17. Yo whats up peeps. I'm just wondering, If yall know of any decent video cards under $60 Dollars. heh..I only play CS 1.6 so its all good. I was thinking of getting the GeForce FX 5200 from tigerdirect. But doenst hurt to see yall's input in it. btw, I need a PCI card (hehe no agp slot )
  18. Check out that speakers? After reading the looks really good. What yall think of it?
  19. Ya, Weird things have been happening to my computer. But these things only happen once. Like, my computer shut off randomly, firefox closed randomly..etc.. wanna make sure nothing is wrong. Windows XP Home Intel celeron 2.6 INtergrated graphics and sound
  20. Bump, due to new information being posted.
  21. sup peeps well here's my "problem". Right now, I have intergrated sound on my system with some crappy 7 year old speakers (literally). So..I was thinking of buying new speakers (this one and I was wondering, would i see any big improvement if I buy a sound card? this one ? My current system specs are: windows xp home 80 gig HD Intrgrated Video (bought a video card last thursday) Intragrated sound *eMachine t2682* I'm prolly gonna wait like January to buy it, cause now Shipping is outragous on most websites like newegg, zipzoomfly, and tigerdirect. I dont know much about sound cards, but anyone recomand me a good one under 35 dollars? I was reading some reviewes on the speakers in newegg, and wow, lots of problems. Can Yall recomand any other speakers under 55 dollars? ------------ Let me sumarize my questions. 1. Is a sound card worth it? 2. Whats a good PCI sound card under 35 dollars. 3. Whats a good speaker set (inluding subwoofer) under 55 dollars.
  22. Just a get a cheap monitor from wal mart.