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  1. OMG, vonage is amazing. Great service, cheap and international calls are cheap. I'm indian, and my dad calls india a lot to talk to family. With ATT our phone bill gets around $200-$300 but with Vonage..its around $80.
  2. Apperently, my sister (a really stupid person, if you ever met her in real life), clicked on those aim link. You know those viruses where like it sends out a message to click here for a picture or something. Ya..and my sister clicked on it and it downloaded a file called picture75.pif... Gah..I hate her so much (no..not just download downloding this shit...but other shit too..gah i hate her)..
  3. Your favicon is a .ico right?
  4. I never used Itunes, But with Winamp If you want to just see songs in the Specific folder do this. 1. Make a folder called Music or something. 2. In the music folder, make two folders. Parents Music and My Music. 3. Now add the Whole Music folder to the Winamp Library. 4. Now go to Media library, and Search for "My Music". I will show only the songs in that folder. It works with WMP 10, I dont know about Itunes.
  5. 8MB down 768KB Up...from comcast for 50 a month Love iT!!
  6. I like my extensions. So Far, I got I use about twice the extensions, have about 10 tabs open constantly and am almost always downloading something. I am running at 227MB right now for FF. I have 1.5gb of RAM though so I don't care. Check tools/ options/ privacy/ cache see how much memory you have allocated to caching web pages etc. 76.8 MB
  7. I think an Atholon 64 would be better for his gaming needs.
  8. Compare there haha, I guarantee, the original poster is Indian (from India) and I also guarantee, he is from north india, somewhere in the Gugirath area? hheheh im pysicinc.
  9. If used wrong it can disable your system. I been using this program for couple of weeks, and I wanted to know what you meant by it can "disable" your system
  10. I think all the uploaded files in that script goes to a folder called "uploads" if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'], "uploads/{$_FILES['upload']['name']}"))
  11. Hey guys, I'm building my new PC in march (since money aint flowin' good now, we still gotta sell our old house). Anyways, I'm guessing by March AMD will release their new socket, so I can prolly afford a Socket 939/940 Socket build. But I'm wondering, which one is better for my needs? I'm a semi advid gamer (Counter Strike, America's Army, AOE 3) I'm guessing the Socket 939 mobo is fine for me, since I think the 940 is for heavy duty machines. I'm planning on spending $800 or even less.
  12. Check it out... My system specs are Windows XP Home 2 80 GIG HD's Celeron 2.6 ghz Using Firefox 1.5 768 MB of pc2100 Ram I was downloading two big files..Thats prolly why its so big. Anyways..still aint it kinda too big?
  13. You get banned for a reason. Mods, please lock this thread, this dumbass deserves to banned from the internet.
  14. All is well now guys. Thanks for the help. The problem was the ribbon that connests mobo to hd was kinda "broken"
  15. @iccaros 1. The thing is my other HD (my main one) doesnt need jumpers. So why would this one need it? Remember, I'm only connecting one HD at a time. I'm not doing Master and Slave just yet. 2. Ubuntu did boot couple of times, but then after I installed my new vid card, sound card, and speakers. I had an error after that, then I didn't boot into that HD for couple of days. and today, I get the "No Operating System Found" error.
  16. No I'm not hooking them up at the same time. Ok, first I thought it was a master/slave issue SO, I just hooked up the hardrive im having problems with to the motherboard. Just that drive. So, now, Only one drive is present, and it has no jumpers on it, but I still have that "Operating System Not Found error".
  17. I see, Alrighty, I'm about to test it now. EDIT Sorry it took me a while (Sister used PC). Anyways, I thought about it and I don't think you need the jumpers. Cause my current drive (Primary drive). Has no jumpers in it and it boots perfectly fine.
  18. See, I thought that was the problem but its not. I already tried just plugging in the "slave" (the drive im having problems witH)
  19. I recently installed Ubutu on a spare PC and ..meh got bored of it. Anyways, So I wanted to just make that PC my slave drive just for storage. Now, this is my problem. When I put my Westeren Digital CD in my dvd drive and reboot my pc, it should automatically go to the WD Format screen, but it doesnt. It says Operting System not found. So I thought..meh its prolly a BIOS problem. So I went into my BIOS..and it doesnt even show this hardrive. ...and When I remove this hardrive and put in my other one (my main WD one), everything boots fine. You guys got any idea whats going on?
  20. Just upload the file there and just post the link