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  1. Whats up guys My mobo went out..gah! So, I need a new mobo, which means new CPU, which means new/better power supply, which means new case. Anyone can help me finding the best yet with small price tag? Maybe under $250 for everthing.
  2. If you need a host for your website, just PM, and I'll give you the info. Basically, you connect/transfer files via FTP. There is no cpanel/file manager, etc..Just pure FTP. Your url would be like PHP Enabled, mySQL database upon request.
  3. lol alright. As for your ?, igot no idea.
  4. if you want, i'll let you have an ftp account with my host uhh, free of course. hell, you can even host your website on it just PM me if your interested
  5. Martint


    Umm...Any way an admin can change my name from sixpacgenius to martint?
  6. Photoshop. Well, that's the most common way to do it. (sp?) File>Save it for Web> and BAM!
  7. Gah, I'm using the .htaccess method. Anyways, this worked in apache 1.3 but not in apache 2.0. Can yall tell me what's wrong with it? RewriteEngine On Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !trinity/ RewriteRule ^(.*)$ trinity/$1 [L] Basically, I want to go to Any help is werlcomed.
  8. Rhema, just curious. Can you explain to me why running in root in linux and admin in windows is more of a security risk?
  9. Well, when I had 256MB of ram, Photoshop ran perfectly.
  10. Hey I'm getting better then! Cause the first I did in Decemember and the second I did couple of days ago
  11. I leave mines on 24/7 nothing bad happens I never get infested with spyware/virus
  12. Well, I'm wondering, I know most of yall use Windows and I know that yall tweak windows a lot. Like, tweaks from Can yall post the tweaks yall did? I'm curious. Meh, my Windows is tweaked as hell but I still want more
  13. or
  14. Anyways, some of yall know that I am indian (from INDIA). Ok, Anyways, Yesterday my family drove to Augusta,GA (6 hour drive total) for my Cousin's Baby's babtisim, I'm the godfather . Ok, upon entering the church, this WHITE person, slowly whisper "Where are these from". ..meh, I'm used to those comments by now, so I wasn't mad. Anyways, then my sister told me when they sat down, this WHITE person just got up and move. Then came back as though he felt guilty, and gave my family a lot of "Peace be with you" thing. If your catholic, you know what I'm talking about. Anyways, my my sister's and my cousin and every other girl my cousin's invited were wering Sarees (sp?). and the men, including my self was wering suits. and the REAL funny part is that, my cousin's husband is WHITE, lol, but he and his family is cool. Anyways, The church is full of white people except for my cousin and the priest (yes, the priest is Koreon) Weird.. K, I'm done.
  15. Everything goin good. Btw, I do use Trillian, but my sisters use AIM.
  16. There ya go! btw, I had some files that I think were related to this virus. I deleted them. All the the files in here are from my C:\ and the folder was in my C:\Program Files.
  17. India = 17 cents per minute Pakistan = 27 cents per minute
  18. Well, I ran the AIMFIX and HJT 10 miutes ago. I already posted the HJT LOg Here is the AimFIX log
  19. Thanks besttechie, well Ya, I ran the aim thingy, it deleted some files. But now, I think the virus "came out" today. I got whole bunch of Virus Found!! from alert..etc.. ha, some of those things are obvious crap, but I don't want to delete anything until a professioanl tell me to do so.
  20. Lol, wow your like me. Hmm, I'm not sure about this but have you tried Ashton Shell? It's supposedly takes up less memory than explorer.exe
  21. Wel the thing was that, I wasnt here when clicked the link (I was at school, something she needs to go to). So, I don't know if Avast checked up on it or now. Remember, it's a pif file and when I was reading about them, they can do some nasy shit.