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  1. Are you this works for XP Regular theme? I was reading up on it and it seems as though it only works for XP classic theme.
  2. Off Topic, sorry. Hey! It's my second favorite mexican second to Ceaser Chavez
  3. Is there anyway to change the color of the toolbar from the current whiteish/grey to another color? Here's the screenshot Anyways, yes I'm also showing of my desktop
  4. for a small site, don't worry about paid hosting. Alot of companies will give you ad-free, decent hosting for free. Hell, even I'll give you it. For a domain, I would go with godaddy. Their support is amazing.
  5. For your weather issues, check out, and FOR css, check out
  6. Yesterday, I manually edited the ID3v2 Tag's for all my music files (all 1500 I want a program that will copy my ID3v2 tags to the ID3v1 tags in the file. Is there any program that will do it?
  7. Googles custom pages. I have mines on dynamic.. I'm using Session Saver.
  8. What would you recomand for a good font size?
  9. you sure? It's working for me. can you try again?
  10. I know was down for a while (dns issues), anyways everything is fixed now so its all good. I made a new design while the domain was down, so check it out. also, tell me if it's better than and thanks again
  11. Well, I got a amd 3000 + (venice core), at 1800mhz I'm thinking about overclocking, but I dont know yet. I only got the psu fan and the cpu fan. Should I overclock? Maybe to at least 2.0ghz?
  12. Martint


    old people are alright... but the late 80's early 90's generation..are just amazing.
  13. I wish I installed all my programs in one parititons so I can just take a screenshot of it. but..i didnt. some of these programs..well let's say it was "free" Adobe photoshop cs Adobe Illustrator cs Adone imageready cs AIM (not that shitty tritton) CC Cleaner Daemon Tools Free Download Manager Ragnarok Online (kRO) Hide IP Platinum HiJackThis IE KCEasy Everest Corporaate Ad-Aware Dreamweaver 8 Media Player Classic MSN messnager live beta Microsoft OFfice (word, power point etc..) firefox mysql apache php pixie partition magic 8 real player smart ftp spyware blaster steam street fighter style xp trillian unlocker utorrent vlc visual boy advanced winamp windwos media player
  14. thx for the post, but after I installed VLC , mpegs play in firefox now, so its all good.
  15. sometimes I like to watch some videos online (maily from but anyways, is there any way for the media to open in tehh browser. I had .mov files and .mpg files to open in firefox when I click on a link BEFORE I reformatted. Now, I just got .mov files to work. Any help is good thanks again
  16. Was I even born when the released dos (1990)
  17. Only 10 bucks after rebate
  18. got damn, lol, I would never thought that microsoft will be well that *cant get the word *
  19. Er, I think thats for MSSQL, I need a tutorial for MYSQL Thanks for the link though
  20. Well, this doesnt really belong in the webdesign section so I i'll just post it here. Ok heres my issue. My friend has a dedicated server at host A. He also have a web server at host B. He wants to connect to the mySQL server in his host A with php from host B. BUT he cant do this until he allows the host A's IP to connect to host B. But he doesnt know how to do it. It's on a Windows Server 2003 OS so no cpanel. He also don't have Plesk. Any idea how to do this? I'm guessing we have to do something with my.ini?
  21. Well, thanks for the answers guys. *sigh* this will be a
  22. my NEW HD (current slave) is D and E (partitioned) I tried Ubtunu install, and Ubuntu didnt recongize my on board lan. so no internet How do you install drivers via recovery console?
  23. Well, Nothing is at fault with my Windows. It's a Driver issue, now I am very positive. But I cant install the drivers to my NEW HD, cause the driver CD and the driver zip's from the website both dont give me an option to install it anywhere. It automatically installs.
  24. Yupp..and it just restarts my computer infinite loop
  25. Ok, well my mobo recently got fried so I had to beg my parents to buy a new one, which means new Ok, now when everything was setup, and when i turned on the pc..a screen came up (start windows in safe mode, safe...with command promt or start windows normaly. i click start windows normally, but it willl just reboot and take me to the same options again. So i thought it was a driver issue. But the thing is..I cant install my new drivers unless I boot into Windows, but I cant boot into windows unless I install my drivers. Ok.. So..I got a friends XP cd, and installed XP on my OLD HD and everything is good. But's my problem. I have all my programs on my NEW HD. Now, heres my issue. Is there any way I can install the drivers into my NEW HD, although i'm using my OLD HD? the Driver CD automatically installs to C:\..yuck