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  1. Drews_World

    Sharing Dial Up

    Sorry for the delayed response, the suggestions in the second link you added worked great, it was primarily turning off the dhcp on the router and assigning IP's... Thankyou!
  2. Drews_World

    Sharing Dial Up

    thankyou TT, but I have done that numerous times and still nothing...
  3. Drews_World

    Sharing Dial Up

    hello friends, for the life of me I cannot get this dial up connection to share over a wireless network... I have been through all of the wizards, settings according to M$, ect. it just wont work... am I missing something? any help would be GREAT because this is driving me nuts! xp pro on both boxes, laptop on wireless...
  4. Drews_World

    Act Your Age

    that was all really good! :D
  5. Drews_World

    Italian Boy At Confession

    good one tOc!
  6. Drews_World

    The Sea By Kindergartners

    4/27 sounds good!
  7. Drews_World

    The Sea By Kindergartners

    sounds like something my son would say too!!! hey darlene! been a while, I'm doing some ketchup... err... catchup... heh hows things?
  8. Drews_World

    Biker Lady

    MARTY!!!!! good one!!! :D
  9. Drews_World

    Howdy Everyone!

    non-virtual... whats that? hey TK!
  10. Drews_World

    Happy Birthday Novi

    HAPPY B-DAY NOVI!!! a little late I know, but best wishes anyways! p.s. hope it was better than mine...
  11. Drews_World

    Tranny Keeps Slipping Out Of O/d

    Actually... In most cases it takes alot more then 2 min. to actually DIAGNOSE the problem... you can goto any local "autozone" and they will just scan it for free and tell you what the computer says... but if now you know that there is: misfire cyl 4, camsen ckt opn sht, and H02 B1S2 ckt opn sht do you really have any idea on how to fix it properly instead of just throwing a cam sensor, an 02 sensor AND a tune-up at it? MOST dealerships (and full service shops) will actually diagnose the problem so you only have to replace the ONE part that is causing all the problems /me clears throat
  12. Drews_World

    Happy Birthday To Drews_world

    MY goodness... Thank you everyone!
  13. Drews_World

    Happy Birthday Jsky

  14. Drews_World

    For Sale

    AWW MAN... NOW what am I to do?