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  1. Whenever i start my laptop it shows that a critical error has been detected.Here are the details of the errors: BCCode-10000050,BCP1:9CC36A48,BCP2:0000000, BCP3:897DA184, BCP4:0000000 I searched one of forums and it said that it could be error due to a HP drive trying to update itself.In fact i have a HP Printer drive,so i tried to delete it from control panel.But in the process my computer crashed.So,please tell me what should i do. Here are certain error which i found by going through eventvwr.msc 1. Error code 1000007e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 897e31da, parameter3 a4a7982c, parameter4 a4a79528. 2. Device\ACPIEC: The embedded controller (EC) hardware didn't respond within the timeout period. This may indicate an error in the EC hardware or firmware, or possibly a poorly designed BIOS which accesses the EC in an unsafe manner. The EC driver will retry the failed transaction if possible. Please help me fast as i don't know if my computer will ever start again.