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  1. A decade since we lost our friend, Ronald Kelly
  2. Nine years ago we lost our friend, Ronald Kelly.
  3. Eight years ago we lost our friend, Ronald Kelly.
  4. Seven years ago we lost our friend, Ronald Kelly.
  5. Six years ago we lost our friend, Ronald Kelly.
  6. Five years ago we lost our friend, Ronald Kelly.
  7. You can also get it free for 3 PCs after rebate here:
  8. Was a manual and driver CD included with the board? Read thru the manual before proceeding with the build...
  9. One thing that'd help is if the people who MAKE the laws, had to abide by them. Guess who has their own post office, with their own postage meters, pricing, special handling, etc. And guess who won't have to use the health care system being foisted upon us. Or social security. Or, well, practically any laws whatsoever. If they HAD to abide by the laws they pass, things'd be very, very different. Health care is a prime example. Why can't the rest of us get the same package the law makers get? My aches and pains are no different then theirs.
  10. And, from the NASCAR side of life comes....... "Great news for Pres Obama. He watched football all weekend and tomorrow he will receive the Heisman trophy. Next week he's going to watch NASCAR. Move over, Jimmie Johnson!" -Michael Waltrip via Twitter At least there's some humor coming via the White House.....
  11. The default gateway for most linksys routers is I am sure you knew that, but made a typo. So right you are. Sorry for the above bum scoop.......
  12. When in doubt, I always hold in the red button on the router for 10 seconds to reset the unit and then start an install from scratch. Make sure the router is connected to your PC and use to get into the setup of the router. The name and password will default to ADMIN upon reset of the unit. Once set up, re-download the latest firmware and upload it to the router via the program within the router settings.
  13. This Prez is good, real good. The Prez......
  14. Lets not forget to give a shout out to the nominating committee who saw the potential in Obama only two weeks after his inauguration. With their foresight, shouldn't they be picking lotto numbers on the side?
  15. I hope Sultan wins the award next year for being a Proud American. His life long accomplishments towards Peace have garnered the same results as the Prez, so far.
  16. Huh, huh, Sultan said commies....
  17. Any help here? Bonnie/Heath Picture
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    It appears that only the home page is up......
  19. Leader???? More dictator than leader. Do as he says and don't do what his appointees do.
  20. Would it be too UnAmerican to herd the terrorist prisoners into an abondoned building and crashing a surplus airplane into it?
  21. Somewhere, Mary Jo Kopechne is smiling.
  22. If Kennedy is really concerned about having 2 votes down the road from Mass., he needs to resign now. That will give the state more time to hold the required election. It's not like he's performing daily activities that go with the job now.
  23. Marsh posted over at G4 earlier if you are interested in his present status. He posted on a recent thread about netbooks, which should be near the top of the order.
  24. Overview of cards.... Monthly cost of a card is around $60.