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    It's an oldie, but a goodie
  2. I was wanting to know if anyone knows of a good radio recorder. I have seen the RadioSHARK but I don't want to spend $50 on it. I have seen some cheap one for the $10 - $15 range but they only record FM. I am looking for something that will be able to record AM as well. Any ideas?
  3. The reason I don't want to use the restore partition is because HP has so much junk on there that just bogs down the system. It will not let you do a bare install. It has to all all of their "Features", and I use that term very lightly. And btw, someone told me once that on some pc's that have the restore partition that sometimes part of the bios is stored there. So if you trie to del. the partition it will del. part or all of your bios settings. Anyone ever heard of this?
  4. So, I could install it but I would have to call MS to be able to use it? Sounds simple enough. Knowing my luck it will not go that easy.
  5. OK folks I was just wondering something. I know I can't use my XP disk and key on installing it on 2 or more computers, but what if someone bought a pc with XP pre-installed but no cd? Would I be breaking any laws by using my cd, but using the key that they have with your computer? The computer in question is a fairly new HP with a restore partition on it, but with all of the junk that they load on it, it runs like crap. Would their key work with a fresh install?
  6. bj1

    C++ Or Python

    Hey all, I was just wondering which is better to start with, C++ or python? I have *Very Limited* knowledge of C++, but not really enough to do anything useful. I have seen books on python at local bookstores but haven't really picked one up and looked in it. I have been hearing a lot about python so I was wanting a little info on it. Like do you have to have anything special installed on your computer to run the programs, or will it make a .exe (or something like) that will run on any box? Anyway, thanks for the future help.
  7. It is no longer a problem. I got a new motherboard and cpu and now everything works.
  8. ok, looks like I got my new system up and running. went out and got an amd 64 3000+, with a gig of ram. and well what do you know..... my dvd rom now boots. looks like it was my motherboard after all. thanks for all of your help guys. Now on to another question.... I have been thinking about using Ubuntu, any opinions on if this is a good distro to start with, or should I try something else? bj
  9. I have, seems like this is the place where I got the ini file. I have no clue what to do with that, or where to put it.
  10. I just reinstalled Windows XP and I dont have my driver for my mouse anymore. As of right now I can not use my thumb button because I dont have the right driver for it. I have tried going to Logitech's web site but they dont even have this mouse listed anywhere. I have also tried to google it but, I haven't had much luck. Now I did find an .ini file but I dont know what to do with that. I usually find some .exe file when i look for drivers. Suggestions??? Thanks, bj
  11. Well it looks like it might be a while before I get to do anything. First of all I think my cd-rom went out on me, and that might have been the problem. It started acting kinda flakey lately. And when I went to change it out, my HD died on me. going out today and getting a new one. So lets see how things go after I get the new HD installed.
  12. i downloaded it the other day, but havent had a chance to really play with it. but can you use it to record *any* internet show?
  13. Agreed, shanenin's idea will work very well. What distro were you considering installing? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have a bunch of Ubuntu cds that i wanted to try. and most of the stuff I have read made it sound like you could only make the boot disk only after you have installed. Unless I just misunderstood it.
  14. yes i do have a window cd and no it will not work either. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Have you tried to go into your BIOS settings and set your CD ROM drive as the first bootable device? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah, i have. just skips right over and goes on to the hd, unless i have a floppy in
  15. yes i do have a window cd and no it will not work either.