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    Mount St. Helens

    well people told me I was crazy when i bought beachfront property 40 years ago. I'm gonna be rich. hahahahaha now if that swampland in florida would go up in price....I think all of florida now is swampland.
  2. TROLLS!!!!!!!!!! are you talking about dopey, grumpy, happy, bashful, sneezy, sleepy, doc, and supyall? count 'em...there's 8
  3. I've never sent a fax but I assume you know you have to be on dialup to do that....I have needed to send faxes but I'm S.O.L. because of this satellite thing.
  4. I'm using dos 5 with windows 1.01....I have no serial mouse so I'm navagating windows using the keyboard. I need a site that tells me how to do that.......thnak you.
  5. ok...I'm running dos 7.10 with wfwg 3.11 dos 7.1 supports long file names but I can't seem to get it to work in windows. do I need win32.dll for this to work or do I have to have a permanent swap file? anyone got andwers???
  6. oh come on know GREEN BAY PACKERS are the bestest. and they are gooder.
  7. well I don't know if microsoft is brave or stupid....recon they will find out soon enough.
  8. this may work....I'm not sure because I've never tried it.
  9. vcd is a virtual cd image file. use a software program like virtualdrive to use these files.
  10. OH MY GOD!!!!! you mean to tell me people can see your birthday on the calendar? er....uh....ehhh....uhmm.... can I take the fifth ammendment? ok, I got it, B made a mistake. yea, that's error...
  11. I'm running win me and that happens to me, very rare tho. I use regseeker for cleaning my registry and it has a thing to refresh the icon cache. I don't know if this works with XP but you can delete the desktop icons to the recycle bin then restore them.
  12. hey I got dos 7.10 and WFWG 3.11. how do I get my file manager to show long file names? dos 7.10 supports it but I couldn't get it to work.
  13. well all that info about kerry's beloved spouse ....there was a link but it didn't work for me. I will try it again. thanks.
  14. this just came about in the last 2 years Our family was looking around in an old indian graveyard. we spotted something that looked like the remains of a dead bear. just a lot of skin and fur lying around. we argued over whether it was bearskin or buffalo skin. I said it was bearskin. I didn't like the sound of buffalo skin...LOL
  15. hey cowsgonemadd3 where did you get that info on mrs. kerry?...the link didn't work for me.
  16. I don't know much about XP but I would think you could use your 98 setup floppy to do an fdisk and delete the partition. maybe not with nfts.
  17. VOTE? Do we get to vote? goody, goody. uh......what's the catch? is this a trick question?
  18. policeman questioning man involved in a bar brawl: sir, did you strike this man in the excitement? man: no officer, I struck him in the stomach.
  19. thanks marty....I will pm pete.
  20. Nerelda.....I have searched for the DOS 6 disks but I understand that's it's not open software yet. If it's not legal I don't want it. I'll wait since I'll be going back to texas pretty soon anyway
  21. thanks for the input Nerelda. I know that under DOS 6 you could add the line WIN as the last line in autoexec.bat and go straight into windows but I'm new to DOS 7.10. But alas, when I moved here from Texas I left my DOS 6 disks. Maybe I should drive 325 miles to get them....LOL have a nice day.
  22. the way, I just moved up to WFWG 3.11 so I'll probably have some question concerning that. DOS RULES hahahahahahahah EDIT: I'm running dos 7.10. when I go to file manager I have an autoexec.bat there and when I go to the dos 7.10 directory I also have an autoexec.bat. do I need both of these? which one can I delete? another question.... when I reboot my system it boots to dos 7.10. then I have to type in WIN to load windows. is there a way to make windows load withpout stopping in dos 7.10? in the old win 3.1 I could add WIN as the last line in my autoexec.bat and windows would automatically load. I tried this with dos 7.10 and it doesn't work like that. should I ask one question at a time so as not to confuse anyone?
  23. ALLLLLLRIGHT.....good place to ask all my win 3.1 questions. hahaha. ya''ll have a good day now.