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  1. the battery on the mamaboard also hold the bios setup..although pentium boards usually have a round silver battery...the old 286-386-486 boards sometimes had the long oval battery that was soldered to wires.
  2. I'm pretty sure that Spybot, Ad Aware, Avg can if it's installed to that drive...not so sure about HJT. I'm sure you can install the first 3 to any drive but not HJT.
  3. bearskin

    Which Is Faster

    I think Einstien therorized that light didn't move at a constant spped in outer know his theroies are still being found correct. he theroized quantam physics but questioned himself about it..dam, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
  4. bearskin

    Which Is Faster

    the speed of light is faster but going by your therory neither light would reach you as both would fizzle out...laser would dissipate ...just as a test hook up a power drill to an 14 ga. electrical cord that is 100 yards long and turn on the power...anyway superman is faster than either.
  5. is it really Crow's birthday? well, well, well.....happy born day to you Crow. I'm not gonna mention your age..(oh yes I am)'re old...hahahaha
  6. well if it was WIN 3.1 I would just delete that line from the file and that should fix it.
  7. ok...let me put it this way. I have been using win me for almost 5 years now. I have never had to reinstall except once when the wife downloaded a virus. no problems with win me except for the fact I have to reboot once a day to refresh the resources. I simply can't understand why people are having so much trouble with win me. I have had no driver problems contrary to what I have heard. I have only 128 ram therefore the daily reboot. my system has been running almost flawlessly for almost 5 years. and still running explorer 5.50 with no updates. having said that you can make your own decision. my opinion probably doesn't count for much but given the choice I preferred win 3.1 or win nt 4.0.
  8. I'm not sure that MS still supports win 98 with updates...I'll go look around and get back to you . try here:
  9. those 3 disks are or "were" your recovery disks. if you only had one partition and you formatted it then the recovery disk won't work because you deleted the mirror files. if that is the case then you will need a full install disk.
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    Im New Here!

    welcome aboard will take a little while to learn to ignore macmarauder. we are all used to his shenanigans.
  11. everything in this world was designed to run at peak proficiency at a certain temperature including the human I am wondering, is there is an instance where the processor can be too cool to operate effeciently?
  12. I used to dream frequently of falling off tall buildings and thought it was fun so I would go back up and do it again...
  13. well to my notion if MS could have refined WIN 3.1 that would have satisfied me....I despise bloated opsys thewrefore I will probably never upgrade to WIN XP. I was interested in linux but with so many versions it was just too confusing...I have better things to do than learn another opsys. in my opinion the last good opsys was WINNT 4.0
  14. ok here's the dark truth. I knew no one locally that interested me. the ones I liked didn't like me. I started talking to a lady on ICQ in 2000. we were straight with each other. we have now been married for 3 years. I'm not saying that we're not without problems but who is? it worked for me.
  15. well I realize this is just my opinion but I have restore turned off. I just back up frequently. anyway I'm only using 1.34 gig on a 40 gig hard drive so reinstalling is no big deal and gets rid of a lot of junk also.
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY..( even tho it's been a while since I've seen you here.)
  17. well scatter my molecules and call me shorty...don't that beat all. next thing you know they'll be cancelling GET SMART.
  18. looks like a pretty hefty far do you think we could fling him/ hahahahaha (trebuchet)
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    well I see nothing wrong with using win98 or winnt 4.0 I have to admit one nt 4.0 is hard to crash. it almost has to be deliberate. I think you would be surprised by the number of people still using win 98.
  20. SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- A teenager was sentenced Friday to 11/2 years in prison for unleashing a variant of the "Blaster" Internet worm that crippled 48,000 computers in 2003. Jeffrey Lee Parson, 19, of Hopkins, Minnesota, will serve his time at a low-security prison and must perform 10 months of community service. He had faced up to 10 years in prison, but the judge took pity on the teen, saying his neglectful parents were to blame for the psychological troubles that led to his actions. I'm so mad I could puke on my monitor.....that's right....BLAME THE PARENTS.
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    you think there's problems now just wait til Longhorn is released. you will have to call and ask MS every time you shut down or restart your computer. being mostly a lurker on this and other boards I can't understand why everyone has to jump on the MS bandwagon and install the latest and the greatest. from what I have seen on these boards WIN XP has some serious problems that will probably never be fixed. things are really gonna get interesting if Longhorn comes bundled with AOL as our only option. I like to place WIN XP and AOL in the same catagory..trash. so when Longhord is released let's all jump on board and let MS control other facets of our lives. I have already seen instances of people asking for the longhorn beta. thanks for letting me vent...............
  22. #5 sounds pretty good to me shadow...