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  1. Hey bearskin, Do you know what model toshiba your brother-in-law has? I was able to install Vista on my toshiba laptop with no problems here. So I'd be curious to know. B when I talk to him again I will find out all the info....he just asked me to try and find vista mb drivers...didn't tell me exactly what the problem was.
  2. you say these are used cartridges that came with the printer? could be ink has dried or empty. if you know the model of your printer go to the site and look for a tech manual. this should tell you how to remove the print heads...if in fact they can be removed without special tools. if you can remove the print head, take a can of compressed air and blow down thru the little holes...(carefully) then take some wd-40 and clean off all the old ink. this worked on my canon....not sure about other models.
  3. oem cartridges or generic? generic won't work on some printers. did you take the tape off the new cartridges? (stupid question I know) can you clean the print head and the ink jets?
  4. my brother-in-law tried to install vista on his go. seems toshiba doesn't have al the required mb drivers and/or we couldn't find them. well it worked somewhat...can't remember what the problem was. anyway he tried to go back to xp...nada...nien...nil....gonna have to format and reinstall xp.
  5. reckon this is for real?
  6. ok what is a blog? what is it for?
  8. Whew! ! ! ! for a minute there I thought I was at the wrong place...... good to go
  9. ok...what happened to my forum colors? I just logged in and the colors are different.
  10. I assumed he was talking about hard copy photos that he wanted to get onto a cd. how does xp do that?
  11. marty a scanner will do it but I don't know about the quality. if you have a store like walmart I would take them there. any photo store can do it cheaply. I took mine to walmart and I think it was about 10 cents each for original size copy.
  12. ok...go ahead and make fun of my hard drive. it runs winme pretty well.
  13. probably AOL....hahahahahahahahahahaha what's up my friend?
  14. se oklahoma...32 when I got up this morning...50 gonna be the high. pretty normal for this time of the year.
  15. actually that little tidbit came from the department of defense.
  16. just a little tidbit I picked up off the internet. don't ask where it came from...I can't tell you. "Another move that greatly reduced break-ins was outlawing the use of Microsofts much compromised Outlook email program. Lots of other software is being closely watched to make sure it is patched to deal with current threats, or too dangerous to use at all"
  17. Hell, Bearskin. I'm still trying to figure out your signature Mark simple...injin slang for indian...I put this signature on all the furniture I build.
  18. have a look at this marty. also you should print a small txt file daily to keep the ink jets from drying up.
  19. thanks jeff. that confused me for a while. the pics were on top now they're at the bottom. good to
  20. if it has removable print heads take the heads out and clean them. then using a can of compressed air blow thru the little holes where the ink goes. be careful as you will get ink all over you. I just fixed a canon this way. I used wd40 to clean the heads.
  21. no studies because there's no big profit for drug companies...that is SOP.
  22. ok...what's that new stuff upon the top? 5 little pictures there.
  23. happy birthday my friend
  24. bearskin

    Hijack Logs

    maybe it's just me...because I'm old and cranky. I have read hijack logs on several forums where people go to extremes to help someone fix a problem and a lot of people never respond with a "thank you" does it take that much effort to show appreciation? I will take this time to thank eveyone that has helped me with any problems.