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  1. thanks wife even laughed at this one...
  2. I know this has been in the experimental stage for some time: Looks good
  3. but I'm still ticked off that you didn't name him Bearskin....LOL
  4. OMG...what a resemblance...he's the splitting image of you tictoc....congrats.
  5. I can't tell you how old I am but I will give you a little hint...Oct 27, 1941
  6. hmmm..I didn't feel so stupid when I invented the wheel...or was it the paper sack?
  7. marty I worry about you. sometimes I think you have too much time on your hands. LOL have a good day.
  8. bearskin

    Pc Iq Test

    and I thought PCI E would replace ISA.
  9. opening song from the Paul Winchell, Jerry Mahoney show. what's the secret password? scotty wotty doo da scotty wotty do0 da scotty wotty doo doo daaaaaaaaaaaaaa. oh, and this one: beam me up scotty.
  10. OMG...TT is 51 years old. I'm going to the "other board" and spread the news. happy birthday TT
  11. I'm not sure home users would buy into something like least I won't...that's one reason I'm still using WIN ME.
  12. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Bubba're not from ozark missouri are you? LOL
  13. well thank you sir..I will try this again
  14. hahahaha...I just read the complete list of nominees for the greatest american...these people are completely nuts...where the F----do they come up with people like tom cruise? get real. these people must be off their rocker...kermit the frog wasn't even on the list.
  15. IMHO?? Any one of several thousand men and women(civilian or military) who are serving their country. Thanks too these younger(in most cases)people the rest of us can rest safely and enjoy our freedom. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> agreed, I am not one to get involved in a political debate, as a former Marine, that was an option we were not afforded. We were to carry out the duties appointed to us by the President without prejudice. For me that President was Ronald Reagan. How anyone like oprah could be included on the same list with the Man who ended the Cold War, and dissolved the USSR, wiped communism off the map in Europe, I could go on forever.... Anyway, he also is responsible for one of my favorite quotes. "Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem." President Ronald Reagan Crap,I'm gettin' way out of control so I'm gonna let this one go but, one more thing, when I got out of the Corps I was serving under George Bush (the 1st one), and all was well. I often thought later though how hard would it be to serve under a President such as Bill Clinton, and take my job seriously. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I served under kennedy...he tried to send me to cuba and get me killed.
  16. I feel your rage. I vote for buddy holley as the greatest american.
  17. well I'm a redneck and working the scroll wheel on my mouse is as athletic as I want to get.
  18. if canadians have birthdays then....HAPPY BORNDAY TYME.
  19. good show matt..the wife and I sang along..(if you can call us singing)
  20. I don't know if this will help you because I have flash player is in C:\windows\application's not in my firefox's working fine in firefox...there may be a conflict.
  21. rant? I'm going to pi$$ a lot of you guys off. "SPORTS" back when my kids were in school. the discontinued their automotive mechanics program because the money was needed for the football team. they discontinued the shop program because the money was needed for the football team. the football team only went to state once in 100 years. not one player ever went pro. football and baseball teams go on strike in the middle of the season. dallas cowboys footlball players were charged with murder, rape, drugs, and various other crimes but I have never heard of one being prosecuted. the last football game I watched was back in the late 80's when dallas cowboys walked out in the middle of the season. I won't start on the basketball players because they make me throw up. I won't buy t shirts with sports on it or even caps with the names on it. NO sporting event will ever get another cent from me. sorry if I pi$$ you off but that is the way it is.
  22. ok bozodog...I use firefox and solved the problem. I went to tools-saved passwords..I deleted the password and log in again, save password...that seems to have fixed it. have a good day.
  23. to hell with those guys. buddy holley is my favorite. I like john lennon "imagine" and don mcclean's "american pie." that's why I have cd's so I can listen to what I want. souds like china where they are stifiling the internet.