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  1. I thought win 3.1 explains this so easy.. when you use "undelete" the program asks you for the first letter of the file that was had to tell it where to look...the silly part is, if you gave it a wrong letter it would still undelete...go figure.
  2. platinum is a better conducter of signal...expensive, and can handle high temps without breaking down...platinum ink is used in oxygen sensors in automobiles for that very reason.
  3. go into device manager, sound, and remove any drivers...then reboot...xp should see you sound card and look for new drivers...the drivers should be on the windows disk or the driver disk if you have them...otherwise you'll have to go to the product website and download them..I'm sorry that I can't be of much help as I don't use xp...please wait for some of the xp guys..they will help you more than I can...have a good day.
  4. mine does that sometimes..I think it holds stuff in a temp file...should be no big deal hopefully.
  5. did you do updates...this seems to be a common problem when you the drivers and reinstall.
  6. well I don't remember the circumstances but I'm sure it was bozodog that led me to this forum a year ago...I guess I'm just the board mascot but try to learn from lurking...this sure is a friendly and helpful place...anyway I'm happy to be here and wish all the best to jeff...happy birth besttechie...
  7. yea I remember when all the little 7-11 stores had a machine where you could test your tv or radio vacuum tubes....that was before tv's came out with transistors.
  8. win 3.1 will run on 2 megs ram.
  9. rhema...I started to use MP3 Directcut but at the bottom it said I needed this codec "Requires MP3 ACM Codec ormpglib.dll" and I never could find the codec. does it work without that dll?
  10. and I promise not to get upset when il_wiccan call me Ursus americanus.
  11. I love can speed up the songs and make it sound like can also change keys like from a to can also record a complete cd and cut it into individual can also add special effects like echo and wah can capture audio from a microphone or capture music from a cassette player..there I said it and I'm glad I did.
  12. il_wiccan if you're like me, you're too old and onery to worry about this political correctness..that's the problem with the world today...chicken poop is chicken poop any way you look at it. master-slave in no way refers to discrimination except in computer language.. my wife told me to refer to my "hard drive" as a "storage disk". hahahaha BY THE WAY: in the future you will refer to me as "the long furry outer coating of a large black forest carivore"
  13. well I don't have much but a cd burner they came with the drive and my cheapie video doesn't have video input...I appreciate all you guys suggestions but I guess I will have to spend some money and buy a good vcr-dvd player...y'all have a good day now.
  14. thanks screi that will give me some reading to do.
  15. that is good news chappy even if you don't go back there...maybe you did make a mistake but it was with good intentions and I think they could have worked something out with you...there are still some good people there but I think they lost the best with you and pete. I think this is a much happier place anyway and this board will really benefit from you and pete. the best to you.
  16. my turn to ask a question...I have some old home videos on vcr and I need to put them on cd. my vcr has a video output on the back and I guess I would need some kind of adapter. can I capture this thru my video and sound card? can I put this on cd-rom or do I have to use dvd? I don't have a dvd player cause I'm too cheap to buy one. actually I'm on a fixed income. maybe it would be easier if I got a player that records vcr to dvd but they cost like $150. any ideas on this mess? thanks for any suggestions.
  17. yea and HP takes their own special chips.
  18. are you talking about the yahoo briefcase? what does it say in properties?
  19. me tinks off the top of me head this is power supply related..underpowered.
  20. I use drivers user= drivers password=all
  21. you're gonna have to get a windows install cd....nothing less... and windows 98 doesn't have ntldr unless you have tried to upgrade to win2000 or xp. windows uses the fat32 not the nt.
  22. you're out at night in a crowd of do you recognize macmarauder? scroll down. he glows green in the dark.
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    cafe latte from starbucks....hahahahah
  24. beware of macmarauder...he glows in the dark.....