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  1. thanks to all for your input. sultan you gave me more info than my little brain can handle.
  2. does anyone use this SUPERantispyware? opinions please.......................
  3. I must be really old. our telephone didn't have numbers just 2 longs and a short ring. outhouses with a half moon on the door. army combat boots with 2 buckles on the top half. no television...just a radio with a 6 volt battery. no locks on the doors...just a button and a hook to keep it closed. kerosene lamps to do our homework. lash la rue and tom mix at the movies. nickel movies on Saturday. yes we did have a covered wagon before we bought our first car in 1949. I was 6 weeks old when japan bombed pearl harbor
  4. Which clearly isn't quite good at all... B I suppose I'll have to take my rope and my trusty horse and round up all our members that have strayed over there.
  5. Which clearly isn't quite good at all... B
  6. this was my texas street rod. rear end '61 chevy pickup front end '64 chevy nova motor rebuilt 327 /67 chevy.
  7. well, I for one, would never spread a story about chicken little and the sky is falling. or the little pig and his house of straw. is the word "pig" politically correct?
  8. bearskin

    Slick Roads

    here in s.e. oklahoma 98% just lock in their front hubs and head across country with their favorite hunting dog. the other 2% ar housewives going to wally world.
  9. my, my certainly have changed. plastic surgery? hope you are well my friend.
  10. well what I actually wanted to record are vcr movies that I have purchased from amazon. they are not home movies or tivo. is this possible? .....are there converters for this? thanks for the input.
  11. I have about 50 old vhs movies I would like to put on dvd. I want to use a stand alone converter since my wife won't let me use the computer that long. I need some opinions on brand name converters and some good tips. anyone have experience with this kind of stuff?
  12. oh I'm not really complaining. I just hope 2008 is a better year. I did have some good stuff happen to me this year. I found out I didn't have cancer of the esophagus. and we haven't gotten any freezes or snow yet. have a good day y'all oh...garmanma, I still got winme....LOL and my wife is mad. I wasn't trying to quit smoking. I just got up in the morning, had my coffee and didn't light up. it was actually that simple.
  13. FEBRUARY 4th......quit smoking after 50 years. keep this date in is important a week later I found out I had the flu bug. MARCH....found out I had h-pylori had to take the series to eleminate that APRIL....cost me $1461 for new only had 56,000 miles MAY.....had EGD....found out I had barret's esophagus JUNE......ex wife passed away....I had to finance the funeral 2 weeks later my father in law passed away. bored and went back to work. AUGUST....was quiet month SEPTEMBER.....rolled my truck and total it out. OCTOBER....had to have upper g.i. on my 66th. birthday NOVEMBER....finally got my concealed carry license after 6 months. doc said no surgery because I don't have enough stomach left to operate on. quit...had to build another. remember february when I quit smoking? I have been sick almost everyday since. sorry I haven't been on line much lately. I sure hope 2008 is a much better year
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    this has been a lousy year but I just wanted to stop in and say howdy to you all. I will try to get on more often.
  15. you're kidding...right chappy? just when I got win 98 reloaded and got anothe win 2000 pro disk. sorry...I'm not moving up to xp.
  16. well as some of you have suggested I'm kinda looking at the motherboard thingy. rule out ram. rule out power supply rule out power cord rule out switch. rule out video card (onboard) rule out cooling fans rule out processor I think as when it runs, it runs perfectly for a couple of days. motherboard is not worth replacing as it is older computer. I will keep it for a couple of days just in case someone comes up with something new. thanks guys.
  17. hey guys I got a small problem here. maybe someone is familiar with this problem. machine dies on me. well sometimes... when I turn on the power switch the little fans spin for about one second and then dies. I have tried another power supply...another fan...another switch but no solution. now this problem happened suddenly without warning. I had it runing perfectly for a couple of days but it died again. hopefully you may have ideas....thanks.
  18. actually I lied to you. it is a compaq deskpro 2000 no hard disk 0.....yeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh keyboard error.....auuuuuugggghhhh no floppy disk.....oh bleeeeeeeeehhhhhhh flashing cursor.....chit...chit...chit but....I tried all your suggestions and nothing worked. I finally got the stupid thing running anyway. piece of junk compaq. I hope the power supply burns out. thanks guys.
  19. RING...RING...HELLO "welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline if you are obsessive- compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly if you are co-dependant, please ask someone to press 2 if you have multiple personalities please press 3, 4, 5, and 6 if you are paranoid- delusional we know who you are and what you want. just stay on the line so we can trace your call. if you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. if you are manic-depressive it doesn't matter which number you press. no one will answer."
  20. okkkkkkkkk. I'm working on an older computer compaq presario 1998 or 1999 model I have rebooted and tried just about every key to get to the way I unplugged the keyboard and rebooted and it just says keyboard error. I unhooked the hard drive and it said drive 0 not detected. I unplugged the ploppy and it said floppy drive not present. still won't let me access the bios setup. any one have any ideas other than junkng the compaq? I would appreciate any and all input on this matter.
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    JDoors....what os are you running? I had to shut down Tea Timer in winme to get it to run without crashing my system.
  22. ok bear...don't say it...keep your mouth shut. whew..that was close.
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    Eagle Cam

    as far as I know these laws are still in effect.
  24. bearskin

    Eagle Cam

    just a little more info on bald eagles. there is a $10,000 fine for people that have feathers, feet, or other parts of the eagle...except for native americans. If I want eagle feathers I have to send a form to the chief and request an amount of feathers and maybe they will send them to me if they are available. actually it's not the chief...I forgot where I have to send the's been too long.
  25. he has a toshiba Qosmio f25-rv205 about a year old. nvidia geforce 6 go 6600 multimedia card. everything works except for media player and sound. seems they are not quite up to date with the drivers.