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  1. heh heh...that was the same thing I was thinking....getting so you can't trust anything anymore....thanks's been working fine.
  2. sorry...I should have said I'm using winme....I don't have a box like that. I also used dxdiag to test and it says everything is working right so I wonder about everest. everest says it is using nvidia drivers in agp but it still says agp is disabled. strange. confused about this. thanks for the very fast reply.
  3. hey guys...I have a question. over's bearskin. I have a agp card... nvidia gforce2/mx400, 64 Mb I downloaded the latest drivers and installed. it's right according to my video setup. but..............everest home tells me that my performance may suffer because the agp is disabled. I went into the bios and enabled everything and accordiong to the bios, agp is my primary graphicsa adapter. I have my apature set at 64 because that's what the memory is on the card. according to the info the agp port is set at 4X now my question is.....could everest be wrong about agp being disabled or do I have my settings wrong? I tried different settings and it is still the same. signed: confused
  4. it's the flop thing that spoils everything...should petaflap....sounds more masculine.
  5. of course I will loan it out to the dept. of enegry for awhile.
  6. goody...y'all just jump right in there..I will stay with winme.
  7. I guess things are a lot different here in s. e. oklahoma. with AARP we have full coverage on 2 vehicles, a car and a tuck, less than $1,000 a year. I was with state farm for over 30 years in texas but when I moved to oklahoma they wanted $200 more than AARP.
  8. now this I can understand:
  9. thanks pete...I just dropped in over there to say zvernmhj.
  10. I'm buying my grandson some music for his birthday but I won't buy those DRM thingys.. does anyone have an updated list of the cds that have copyright protection? I don't want to waste my money.
  11. bearskin

    Drew's World

    is it just me or has drew's world gone out of business. at least the link in mt bookmarks aren't working. can some one check this out?
  12. so it isn't that funny
  13. well I tried it. nice browser for what it does. can't change home page. can't paste. if you want to type in all your urls it is good. it allows printing. just a very simple browser for people who don't want to be tracked.
  14. has anyone ever tried this? not that I'm paranoid but I am cautious
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    Right Stamp

    nice edit there bubba.
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    now this is oxymoron.
  17. first of all I would like to know what makes you the expert on psu? do you have certificates? prior training? don't get me wrong...I'm not saying that you don't know what you're talking about...I just need some verification that I can trust your reccomendations.
  18. some highways in texas have been recently raised to 80...I suppose I'm the only one that does the speed limit.
  19. bearskin thanks everyone for the replies. bozodog...I can scroll like that on a web page but that doesn't work in paint. handplane..yes I have that pics saved and can resize with irfanview but I didn't want to resize. sethook...thanks for the site. my brain must have been asleep (what brain?) I found the only way to do it is hold the left mouse button and use the scroll wheel at the same time.
  20. ok....say I paste a big picture in paint. the pic is too big so I have to scroll to see it all. ok...I want to copy most of the pics to another program. I use the little "select" box in the top corner. I can only drag that box so far down the screen. so my question do I get the pic to scroll while I'm dragging the box?
  21. I wouldn't want their electric bill.
  22. highway patrol in texas use a lot of ford f150 pick-ups and other suvs.
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    I got a message in a bottle from osama that says "y'all can't find me."
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    Papa Drew

    papa drew is running drew's world now. go over and say hi. am I allowed to say this?