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  1. Pat I think people take football too serious. I haven't watched a football game since 1987 when dallas cowboys went on strike mid season.
  2. I have heard good things about comodo but it won't run on winme.
  3. very good chappy. I've waited since 1987 for these chips so I could upgrade. I suppose I can wait another 2 years.
  4. bearskin

    New To Me

    how come mine's littlern than y'alls?
  5. yea...I watched that video about twenty times and I still laugh....good one.
  6. whoooooaaaaaaa. I hope they don't sell those tests in a six pack.
  7. bearskin

    Bottle Stages

    I just happen to be between the 3rd. and 4th. stage.
  8. bearskin


    both are aka maltese.
  9. nice story...if I remember right Ted Turner has the largest bufflo herd in the us.
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    one of my grandsons.
  11. bearskin

    Full Of Ink

    Hey bearskin: I get my ink cartridges from here: Databazaar I have been dealing with them for about 5 yrs. Very good service. They are located in Florida. I have been recommended from other users to use original cartridges, not refills or remanufactured. My printer is 5yrs old and works like new. Some have used refills with no problem, that I know of, but I prefer to use original cartridges. Just my opinion. Barb bar5 I ordered 2 cartridges from databazaar. saved about $2 per cartridge and shipping was free. I have to drive 50 miles to wallyworld just for ink and it made more sense to order them. they are canon original cartridges. thanks.
  12. terrorist...when I was younger and drove older cars I loved to browse the junk yards. the parts were cheaper if you pulled the part yourself. I've kept cars running for years with junk yard parts. we had about 8-9 yards where I lived and there was never a lack for parts. it seemed that radiators were always the highest at $30 each but a lot cheaper than new.
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    while this may not be of interest to most, I found out today I'm a proud grandpa of 3 boys and a girl. my dog and his girlfriend had a few babies.
  14. bearskin

    Full Of Ink

    thanks barb..I will look into that site. have a good day.
  15. bearskin

    Full Of Ink

    thanks JDoors...I appreciate your opinion. the price for my printer is half price but I don't know about their quality. have a good day.
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    I have a pick-up and 60 country music cds. my IQ is 124 no brag...just fact. have a good day y'all
  17. I always thought norton ghost was ebanezzar scrooge's character in the movie 'A Christmas Carol'
  18. bearskin

    Full Of Ink

    has anyone used this site? do you reccommend?
  19. well I have a phillips screwdriver, air crompressor for blowing out the dirt, needle nose pliers....never needed anything else.
  20. well I've never had that happen with winme so I just took a wild guess...wrong again bear.
  21. well with those pictures who could find a difference...too busy looking at other things.
  22. have you tried refreshing your desktop? just a thought as I know nothing about xp.
  23. well all of jeff's followers are 1337...have a good day y'all.
  24. thanks honda boy. I found it. I just didn't delve deep enough into the mystic. agp it is.