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  1. you must remember I have winme. I am on dsl running thru a modem and plugged into a phone line I need to fax some things. is there a free program to do this and can I do this or will I need a fax modem. maybe I will need to ask my ISP if I can fax thru the modem. I will do as my president and do the google while I'm waiting for an answer. thank you.
  2. thank god I don't wear hats. I don't have to worry where I left it.
  3. my only experience with transmissions is with the 350 chevy turbo. the best way I know to really get all the junk out of the torque converter is to drill a hole in it and and tap it for a drain plug. back in my younger days I would cut the converter apart, take out some of the fins, weld it back together and make a stall converter. depending how how much of the fins you take out would make it to where the converter wouldn't kick in til you got the engine up to 3,000 rpm. in my opinion you're just wasting your time if you don't drop the pan and clean the filter and screens.
  4. wisdom of the bear: 65 isn't old if you plan on living to be 380.
  5. or you could borrow a winme disk from has 5.5
  7. yessssssssssssssssssssss we're in the big time now. look out we come.
  8. marty the rules here say you cannot post this without pictures.
  9. yes that is annoying. I see they found a t-rex skeleton 70 million years old that still has soft tissue in the bones. t-rex clone anyone?
  10. thanks's working for me now. must have been some gremlins... *me casts a suspicious eye at macmarauder*
  11. can someone go to drew' world and try to post there? I've just come from there. I can view the posts but when I click on a post all I get is the number 54 in the top left corner of my screen. this just started in the last 2 hours. thanks.
  12. bearskin

    Party Time...

    hey guys...I just found out chappy will be gone for a few days. are y'all ready to party? the ladies can bring the booze and sultan is gonna bring one of his camels. he will take us on camel rides. mac and google can let the spiders out of the basement. irregularjoe can do the cooking. I will bring the tom toms and the native dancers. pat and liz can run amuck now don't let chappy get wind of this. when he gets back we'll pretend we were as good as gold. have a good day
  13. jeff at the risk of seeming mental incompotent (which I am but I don't like everyone to know it) can you explain to me why the posts aren't deleted? and where is the trash bin? is that just future reference for the mods? oh dam, now I sound so mentally incompotent.
  14. in se oklahoma we have carhops on roller skates at sonic and we still have a drive in theatre which is very popular.
  15. seems like I remember the going rate is 15%. if the wife and I go to a local for eggs and bacon I usually leave 2 bucks. if we go for something like steak, salad, potato, and with trimmings I usually leave a fiver. we don't drink so I don't worry about a bar tip.
  16. I always tip generously for good service...nothing for bad service. before I tip anyone I always ask if they have to share tips..if they share tips I slide the tip in their little apron and we are the only ones who know about it. I found out there is a sonic here in our area that pays minimum wage and the management gets all the tips.
  17. it seems to stop responding. did you try waiting a while to see?
  18. happy birthday il_wiccan. on these boards we get to know people and they become just like family. then one day they are gone and we are left wondering. even though we've never really met them it is like losing family. it's funny how simple things like words typed in a forum can bring people close yet the leaders of the world cannot get along. I've always believed if you can sit and talk to someone over a cup of coffee you could never be hostile to that person.
  19. there are some amazing fact about girls and boys. have you ever laughed at how a girls throws a ball? their elbows are at a different angle than boys. girl's center of gravity is below the waist. boys center of gravity is above the waist. girls tend to mature mentally and physically quicker than boys. many more facts but can't remember them. we are equal but not the same.
  20. well I saw an ad with some fool trying to sell drugs about an hour ago but now it's gone. maybe I was dreaming.
  21. thank you to whomever removed that stupid ad from the modding topics.
  22. geeeez....that sucker really knows how to chow down.