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  1. bearskin

    Happy Birthday Sultan!

    happy birthday my friend
  2. bearskin

    Hijack Logs

    maybe it's just me...because I'm old and cranky. I have read hijack logs on several forums where people go to extremes to help someone fix a problem and a lot of people never respond with a "thank you" does it take that much effort to show appreciation? I will take this time to thank eveyone that has helped me with any problems.
  3. bearskin

    Re: Price Of Printer Ink

    I have heard of a couple of tricks to stop the Canons from looking for the chip. I'll be testing this as soon as the ink runs low on my Pixma iP1600. I did locate the spots to refill the the color ink cartridge by tearing an old one apart. I am also working on making the printer recognize the oversize cartridges that fit in the printer. good going terrorist....please keep us informed of your progress as I'm planning to buy a printer.
  4. bearskin

    Re: Price Of Printer Ink

    canon pixma ip1700 new printer.....$50 2 ink carts......$45 can't use generic carts with this printer as new canons have a computer chip that won't allow.
  5. bearskin

    Web Page

    thanks guys...life is so confusing....so many decisions...so little time.
  6. bearskin

    Web Page

    thank you terrorist. I downloaded the software you suggested. there's no hurry so I will look around for a while.
  7. bearskin


    I think windows vista is coming out this month. I was just wondering how many are gonna make the switch. I might have to find a place to hide for a few months til the shock wears off. people are gonna be begging me for a copy of winme. have a good day y'all.
  8. bearskin

    New Printer

    ok...I wasn't sure where to put this since it will be strictly opinionated. after 4 years my printer died. I like canon but understand that they will no longer accept 3rd. party cartridges so maybe I will have to change brands. http://forums.g4tv.com/messageview.cfm?cat...threadid=688081 I would like opinions on good printers below the $100 mark that has cheap cartridges. perferrably only 2 cartridgers...black...color. usb and winme compatible. this printer will be used 99.9% text.....not too concerned about photo printers. I sure would appreciate any help on this as my wife prints a lot of recipes. thank you.
  9. bearskin

    Saints Vs Bears

    GOOOOOOO GREENBAY...........................
  10. bearskin

    Weather Tips

    this is true believe it or not but I thought it belonged in the comedy section. there are weather tips fom our loal paper. "If you must travel try to stay off the highways." "always carry a container of DRY matches." so I will flap my arms and fly where I want to go. I will leave my box of wet matches at home. have a good day.
  11. bearskin

    Oklahoma Weather

    15 deaths blamed on ice storms 122,000 without electricity. trees on home and highways. bearskin without internet for 2 days. I understand it's headed your way yankees. have a good day.
  12. hey I got a question. up on top where the little boxes are ..where it says BestTechie.net...IPB portal...Terms of use...etc. why does my little calendar box drop down in the lower box? is this because I'm using 800 x 600 resolution? do I need to post a screen shot?
  13. bearskin

    Forum Question

    thanks jeff..I will change my resolution and see if that works. ok...changing to higher resolution fixed it. I'll live with it because I want to use 800x 600 resolution.
  14. bearskin

    What Song Is It?

  15. bearskin

    Bubba's New Ride

    interesting reading here. now I'm not saying the guy is right or wrong but he has done a thorough study. http://minimopar.knizefamily.net/oilfilters.html#avoid
  16. bearskin

    No Shopping For Me Today.

    this is where I have to go to walmart, lowes, and computer parts. http://www.cnn.com/2007/WEATHER/01/17/wint...t.ap/index.html
  17. bearskin

    Weather Tips

    marty...I can't speak for the rest of the country but the weather pattern in s.e. oklahoma is about normal for this time of the year. our coldest month is usually january and we get ice storms about every 4-6 years. the rest of the seasons are pretty much normal. we did have a very dry summer but that also happens occassionally.
  18. bearskin

    Oklahoma Weather

    well all us rednecks are prepared for this stuff and everyone uses propane for heat so no problem. 4 1/2 inches of rain before it started freezing. 7 of those killed were illegals from mexico so they don't know any better. the older people are the ones we have to watch out for..they are most helpless and usually can't afford propane.
  19. bearskin

    Bubba's New Ride

    I see "dune buggy material" written all over that truck. hmmm, let's see...first strip off the body...then shorten the frame 18" put some big "mudders" on the rear...get rid of the auto tranny..............yessssssssssssss
  20. woe is me....woe is me. the only thing that passed is my sound card and cd rom. looks like I'll have to stck with winme. I don't think that program works...it advised me to downgrade to win 3.1.
  21. bearskin

    Clickable Link

    ok...I need someone to tell me how to add a clickable link to my web site. obviously just typing in the web address just don't work. I will give you my first born son for help.
  22. bearskin

    Clickable Link

    thanks jsbowen.....I been working on that thing 5 years. with your help I finally got it. have a good day.
  23. bearskin

    Clickable Link

    well my page is supplied by Homestead.com. I downloaded their page maker and it has several forms..like textbox, picture, stuff like that for us non teckies. you place these on the page and move them where you want them. suppose to be easy but it won't let me add html....or maybe it's just me...
  24. bearskin

    Clickable Link

    The address isn't properly formatted. It should be: <a href=''http://www.firstpeople.us/''>first people</a> sorry about the typing error jsbowen. that's the way I typed it on the page...just like you did...I left out the// in this post. I just typed it in a text box..does that matter?
  25. bearskin

    Clickable Link

    ok.....this is what I wrote: <a href="http.www.firstpeople.us/">first people</a> where did I go wrong? <a href=''http.www.firstpeople.us/''>first people</a>