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    well back when I went to school there was only 1 grade....there was no history and everyone counted with their fingers.....we drew pictures on cave walls..."AND I STILL FAILED."
  2. bearskin

    Missing Someone

    thanks all...I found her thread on the "other" board.
  3. bearskin

    Missing Someone

    has anyone heard from missy51633?....I did a search and her last post was oct. 10
  4. bearskin

    Help Me... Avitars

    did you go to controls- edit signature-image?
  5. bearskin

    Help Me... Avitars

    hey flash...that's called a signature. google free animated gifs...upload it to imageshack...go to controls and download it to you sig.
  6. bearskin

    Signs That You Are To Darn Drunk.

    JSKY....more like 40 years ago for me.....
  7. bearskin

    The "other" Board

    jeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzz....I was just snooping around on the other board and almost regurgitated. seems like all that's going on over there are people bragging about their computers. 1. is my computer ok? 2. just got new computer. 3. my computer is faster than yours. 4. I can run all these games. don't people use computers for word processing, spreadsheets, databases anymore? some of those computers cost more than my car. guess I'm getting too old for all this bull$h1t.
  8. bearskin

    I'm Gonna Be A Daddy

    tictoc.....congratulations to you and the missus. I guess we won't be seeing ou on the board anymore...hahahah. don't forget to stock up on zoloft.
  9. bearskin


    well from what I understand this is in the browser cache...guess it goes away when you clean the cache...ran all the scans again and it seems to be gone.
  10. does anyone know what this is? we ran across this last night at the "other" board. I ran every scan in the world and mcafee was the only one that shows it. HJT doesn't show anything.
  11. bearskin

    Growing Up

    I jumped over age 12...having friends age 35...having money age 50...having money so I guess I just worry about peeing my pants, drivers license, and sex.........
  12. bearskin

    The "other" Board

    marty I really try to be nice at the "other" board simply because of a lot of good people over ther like Pete, Tyme, hell, too many to name but some people there have a lot of talent.......even il_wiccan...hahahahaha
  13. bearskin

    The "other" Board

    JSKY.....now that's what I call bragging rights.....better than my old IBM with windows 1.01..........hahahahaha
  14. bearskin


    when did this happen? I went to my hotmail account today and it said I 250Mb of storage...I almost mess my pants...shoot I don't even use the 2Mb I had before...what am I supposed to do with all this storage?
  15. bearskin


    seems like it's been at least 3 months since I've seen anything from her.
  16. bearskin

    Need Opinion On My New Computer

    PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Big Blue has brought the title of the world's fastest supercomputer back to the United States for the first time in three years. International Business Machine Corp.'s still incomplete Blue Gene/L system was officially named the fastest in the world Monday by the Top500 project, an independent group of university computer scientists who release supercomputer rankings every six months. The system was clocked at 70.72 trillion calculations per second, almost double the performance of the reigning leader, Japan's Earth Simulator, which can sustain 35.86 trillion calculations a second.
  17. bearskin


    I might use Gmail if I had a gig of stuff to store but personally I find it useless.
  18. bearskin

    Happy Birthday Coyote`

    happy to birthday you berthday......burthday.......
  19. bearskin

    Need Opinion On My New Computer

    only 2500 sq. ft. but they say it will take about a million a year for electricity.....I don't think my s.s. check will cover that.
  20. bearskin


    hey Nerelda...I give you my hotmail info. you can use mine til you get your's upgraded...if you promise not to read my mail...hahahahaha
  21. bearskin

    Word Of Warning

    sorry to hear about your problem marty. I don't use ccleaner. I too am very leary of programs that are recommended. I try to wait at lease 3 months before I jump on the program.
  22. bearskin

    New Wallpaper Decision

  23. bearskin

    Happy Birthday, Shadow_thomas

    happy birthday shadow...and if you're worried about the beer going bad send it to me and I test it for you....41? hmmmmmm?
  24. bearskin

    Question About Government

    my wife asked me this question tonight...if the president and the vice president are killed, who takes over? I told her the secretary of state...can you answer this for us?
  25. bearskin


    mikex....well, well, weep not my son. let he who is without sin cast the first pecan. I will tell you where to go to get help. collin st. bakery in corsicana, texas makes the best. they are shipped all over the world. now go and sin some more.