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  1. bearskin

    Come On.....admit It!

    1. I like animals better than I like people. 2. underneath it all I'm really a sweet guy. 3. I really like Neralda's signature. ( I can't believe I said that.)
  2. bearskin

    Happy Birthday Bozodog

    thank you JSKY....hope I'm smart enough to figure this out....
  3. bearskin

    Happy Birthday Bozodog

    hey jsky....how you do that? all the little fancy graphics.....
  4. bearskin

    Jibjab's Christmas Ditty

    thesidekickcat...that was good...took 3 minutes to load on my satellite net.
  5. bearskin

    Im Top On Demonic Defense!

    yes Darrenkook...he is bragging
  6. bearskin

    Happy Birthday Bozodog

    Bozodog.....is this your birthday? not showing on my calemdar. I guess dknoppix knows more than I do. well happy birthday anyway. (even if it's not)
  7. bearskin


    am I confused? my television freaked out the other day..a sign appeared on the screen that said "network problems, your picture will return momentarily." now I'm asking myself will my picture return FOR a few moments or will my picture return IN a few moments? what is the proper use of thie word "momentarily?" my idea is this word is misused a lot. am I right or wrong.
  8. bearskin


    well according to that definition my picture will return briefly and then leave again. anyway I want to thank you Jaspossum for trying to mess up....I mean straighten out my mind...
  9. bearskin

    Hi, Another New Guy Here

    welcome kipp...just ignore me....I'm from oklahoma and I just roam the boards saying things that make no sense to anyone.
  10. bearskin

    Happy Birthday

    don't mean to hijack your thread tictoc but I have a question. did you write the music? I listened to it and thought it was good. FORGOT TO SAY....HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIMPI
  11. bearskin

    The Good Old Days

    I agree with you. buddy holley was truely the "KING OF ROCK AND ROLL' I have all of his songs on cd.
  12. bearskin

    Internet Slowdown

    this is sure to slow things down a bit: Lycos screen saver attacks spammers At the risk of breaching Internet civility, Lycos Europe is offering computer-users a weapon against spam-spewing servers: a screen-saver program that automatically hits the offenders with data to slow them down.
  13. bearskin

    Cnn News

    saw this on cnn this morning: 'Godzilla' gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  14. bearskin

    Cnn News

    I watched it and they couldn't use his footprint because it was too big....so they did a facsimile or something like that.
  15. bearskin

    Our Friends The Britts

    thanks to the sidekickcat....bout time someone stood on the soapbox.
  16. bearskin

    Einstein Was Right

    yes...forgive me for being in error.....it was "bones"
  17. bearskin

    Einstein Was Right

    capt. kirk was also uncomfortable with this therory even after scotty explained how it worked.
  18. bearskin

    About U?

    I'm boring...63...retired construction worker...USMC 1959-1963...6 kids...14 grandkids...2 great grandkids...built my own ultralite plane...crashed it...survived it...I like animals more than I like people...don't ask me a question if you can handle an honest answer...live in clayton, oklahoma, population 200...choctaw injun and dam proud of it...don't drink, don't do drugs but smoke like crazy...in my 63 years of living I have made my guardian angels work overtime....I know enough about computers to keep the techs busy...ya'll have a good day now.
  19. bearskin

    Happy Birthday

    happy happy happy tictoc...tictoc...tictoc.........BIRTHDAY.
  20. in IE you can put custom icons with your bookmarks...can you do this with firefox?
  21. bearskin

    Windows And Hard Drive Problems

    thanks il_wiccan...it's too late for that. I'll loan him my old win 98 disk and he can use his key numbers...his numbers are legal.
  22. my friend's hard drive is about to bite the dust. all he has is restore disks. is there a way to get this on a new hard drive? you think microsoft will provide new disks?
  23. bearskin

    Firefox 1.0 Icons

    thanks tictoc...have a great day. went to your baby page....real nice...bearskin isn't a bad name (if it's a boy) hahahah
  24. bearskin

    Windows And Hard Drive Problems

    that's fine B....I did have a problem deciding where this belonged....have a nice day..
  25. bearskin

    Windows And Hard Drive Problems

    I think he bought it off ebay or something like that.