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  1. bearskin

    13 Reasons To Smile.

    #5 sounds pretty good to me shadow...
  2. ok...I've never been to chat room so I haven't the faintest idea what it's all about. now awhile ago I tried to enter the chat room and a security thingy popped up about something not being signed. well I had no idea what that was so I denied therefore I was unable to access the chat room. can someone tell me about this security pop up? thank you, thank you, thank you.
  3. bearskin

    Besttechie Chat

    thank you mr. B
  4. bearskin

    Suggestions For Tictoc5150's Baby Name

    if it's a boy: bearskin if it's a girl: JuLee
  5. bearskin

    Log In Question

    ok...when I log in a little box pops up that says something like this: you are now logged in as bearskin please wait while we transfer you if you don't want to wait, click here now my question is, what happens if I "click here"? does my computer emit a radioactive mushroom cloud? do I get directed to "gasp" "the other board?" do I get a nasty message from macmarauder?
  6. bearskin

    Log In Question

  7. bearskin

    Happy B-day Packerfan96

    happy birthday packerfan96....and yes I am pi$$ed that they lost out last sunday.....
  8. bearskin

    Hey Everyone

    welcome Peter...any friend of Matt's is a friend of.........I'll be back later to finish this...LOL
  9. bearskin

    New Ipod Shuffle And Mac Mini Released

    well that just go to show that americans like the taste of Ipod Shuffle. some say it tastes like bologna.
  10. bearskin

    Warning! Warning!

    ok troops...the marauder has returned.....string out the razor wire.....put out the land mines.....set a 30 cal. machine gun in each corner of the forum......THEN PRAY!!!!!!!!!! p. s. sorry about the job.
  11. bearskin

    Other Board

    was just there wayne...woe is me...woe is me.....yea tho I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no G4 for BestTechie is with me....
  12. bearskin

    Question & Answer Thread

    SCO when did you last dream?
  13. bearskin

    To: Tictoc5150

    tictoc...you are a hard-assed slave driving bos....yuk yuk...hahahahah
  14. bearskin

    Hi Gang

    Murphy...bout time you showed up..now get down and give me 20....
  15. bearskin

    Formatting A Pc?

    he needs to make an logical dos partition and make it active before he can format.
  16. bearskin

    Java Files

    while rummaging thru my java files I ran across these places...they are in c:\program files\java\jre1.50\lib\zi\america\ can anyone tell me what these are for and if I need them??????????
  17. bearskin

    Question & Answer Thread

    believe it or not the person I most admire is my ex-wife. there were just some p[roblems that couldn't be worked out. have many time have you been married?
  18. bearskin

    Other Board

    I was there also when it was tech tv....the only reason I go there now is because of some good people there.
  19. bearskin

    Which OS?

    well I liked win 1.01 but I never got the mouse to work so I gave up on that. I think win nt 4.0 is the most stable os.
  20. bearskin

    Other Board

    rules of this forum state that if you mention "the other board" all your kids will be born nekkid yahahahbwhaaaaaaaaa.
  21. bearskin

    Question & Answer Thread

    winnt 4.0 ever use win 3.1?
  22. bearskin

    Question & Answer Thread

    it snowed in texas a week ago. what is your favorite game?
  23. bearskin

    Question & Answer Thread

    because air always rises to the top. who was our worst president?
  24. bearskin

    Merry Xmas

  25. bearskin

    Wallpaper Contest

    whewwwwww...Neralda that remonds me of my younger days of the original woodstock...hahahahaa